Trump repeatedly denied collusion. Now his lawyer Rudy Giuliani says: 'Collusion is not a crime'

President Donald Trump's attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, asserted Monday that "collusion is not a crime," and declared that the president is "absolutely innocent."

"I have been sitting here looking in the federal code trying to find collusion as a crime," Giuliani said in an interview on Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends." "Collusion is not a crime."

Trump has repeatedly denied there was collusion between his campaign and Russia during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. As recently as Sunday, the president took to Twitter to repeat the claim.

"There is No Collusion!" Trump wrote, referring to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's attack on the election.

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That is true, people keep forgetting that it is not a crime.

Finally, definitive proof that drumf colluded with Russia. MAGApedes eternally btfo

Its not Israel is perfectly legal in its collusion

Proves collusion but not with Russia you Kushner kike

>This triggers (((me))) greatly

I'm not 7'2" tall.
Being 7'2" tall is not a crime.

(((Israel is are greatest ally.)))


facts are anti-semetic, you better cool it

you know what was a crime ? 9/11

thousands of people dead

remember the days when people used to trust the american government? no? me either.

But I thought the holocaust was fake and truth doesn't fear investigation :^)

Putting someone on the defensive by asking loaded questions doesn't prove shit. Where's the records, conversations, solid proof? All you've got is CNN whining.

That isn't what I said, nor is it what I implied.
The point was that this (((news article))) DOES imply that Trump IS guilty because it builds off of the implication that those two statements/ideas are mutually exclusive.

Reread the post but this time with less autism.


never mind that every instelligence agency agrees, nevermind that the house intelligence committee agrees, nevermind that there's already been at least a dozen indictments. no collusion here no siree!

Both a true. Collusion didn't happen and collusion is not illegal.

Flumpf just resigned

If that really were the case, Trump wouldn't be president now would he? Seems to me that someone being shameless in their actions would go big or go home and that certainly wasn't the case if that were true.

Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano On Rudy Giuliani: “He Is Utterly Unworthy Of Belief”

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Mueller already said there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians.

But yeah its not a crime anyway.
Its not like a non citizen trying to become the president or something like that.

Hillarys strategy was so bad that she couldnt win even with 1.2 billion dollars to spend and the deep state breaking the rules to help her.
Its very refreshing because it shows you cant automatically win simply by spending more money and by being friends with the people behind the scenes.

Whats good about this russia blaming is the democrats right now are not looking back at their mistakes during the previous campaign to correct them for next time.