UK – Youths Who Attacked Disabled Elderly Woman ‘For Fun’ Receive Police Protection

Four youngsters showered an elderly disabled woman with flour and eggs in a public park in Suffolk last week because she didn’t understand that it was ‘their bench’ she was sitting on. They then posted the pictures on social media for fun.

The UK press reacted in shock with many declaring that the youth have lost their way. Soon the youngsters, who cannot be named for legal reasons, received multiple death threats. They have now all been placed under police protection ‘for their own safety.’

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kek the world is a fuck

If they were Pakistani or some other minority then nobody would even give a damn about this old cock sucker

As shitty as it sounds, I agree. Let them be tried. The mob is not justice. The police should be there to protect everyone, even if "everyone" includes shtiheels with no sense of basic respect or decency.


Nah, pigs hang besides liberals

The Founding Fathers built the U.S. the way they did specifically to stop people like you.


>>>Zig Forums

That's alright
>placed under police protection
That's alright too

But where the fuck is the message to the public that they committed a hideous crime and that they will receive a punishment ?

Was that intended to be a proper sentence?

Do you know the difference between the words "accused" and "convicted"?

"When a photograph says a thousand things, I don't have to say any words"
Also the uncensored pic was floating around yesterday in a "conveniently" deleted thread.

It is when the government is run by kikes

Why are chavs so cancerous?

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Japan got two nukes and the UK got less than 100. This is a grave injustice that someone should correct.

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Those wacky British youth and their moptop antics

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The world will be better off when we all have robot children that are fully developed at once. Children that have to be grown should be abolished by technology. Children are evil and disgusting and annoying, and prevent other people from having rights because we have to ban things in order to protect them.

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All they did was beat up an old hag guy. Beating up women is not a crime. If it was a man then your call would be the right one though.

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A healthy one…yeah but men get old and firm while still contributing to society.


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all of The Turdwater staff seem to have something to hide, to be 'running from something'…

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It is a crime genius….but it shouldn't be.

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I forgot to even ask……

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