Spotify Yanks Alex Jones Podcasts Citing "Hate Speech" Violations

The story of the music streaming company's right-wing policing was broke by New York Times reporter Ben Sisario. Dozens of Jones' podcasts are still available for download, some dating back to June 2017. Jones has been in the hot seat himself quite a bit, especially for comments he made regarding the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting which he called a hoax. He has found himself increasingly the target of Big Tech of late with YouTube taking down some of his videos last week.

YouTube also claimed he was violating their community-standards guidelines along with Facebook who removed four videos and limited his ability to post. Spotify changed their policy in May to prohibit what it called "hate content" and banned artists the company has found guilty of engaging in "hateful conduct" from promoted playlists. Among the artists were R&B singer R. Kelly and Rappers XXXTentacion and Tay-K.

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How much time goes past while that's cool ? While ultimately the bad guys still won't let anyone tell the raw truth ? Isn't that what the goal is ? If he won't take a stand on staged events now when will he ? Never ? IS this the only way it's ever going to be allowed ? With him there, making money ?

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Just like the people who think it was a hoax are waiting for evidence that Adam Lanza shot up that school.
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I'm going to need evidence that perform are waiting for evidence

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This entire thread is 2 shills picking on two people just trying to do their jobs. For real shills, say something constructive or gtfo. Shareblue? CTR? You faggots are glowing in the dark.

I like the Goldwater and have and will continue to read them for years. I dont give a fuck about their personal lives.

Alex Jones is incredibly insightful and has more integrity and credibility in his little finger then the entire fake as fuck mainstream media combined.



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where Alex Jones says "DUMP IT" but then doesn't and says the government didn't stage anything, over and over and over, instead of going over piles of evidence.