"Zombie Boy" Star Of Lady Gaga Video Commits Suicide At 32


The star of a Lady Gaga music video who became known as "Zombie Boy" for his skeletal tattoos has died at age 32. Lady Gaga commented on the death of her friend Rick Genest who apparently commit suicide and said it was "beyond devastating." The singer also urged people to seek mental health in her tweet.

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A degenerate who wracked his body commited suicide?

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Leftism and liberalism is a literal genetic dead end.

If I was forced into contact with "Lady" Gaga I'd kill myself too.

says the guy who never fucks lmao

Makes himself unemployable or approachable with garish total body tats and then gets depressed at how life isn't going well and offs himself. Oh no's! One less stain in the gene pool.


>Talk to a (((doctor))) to prescribe you extremely dangerous, mind altering chemicals that will turn you into a paranoid, authority loving liberal.

Taking pozzed cock up the ass doesn't count, faggot.

Let's have a thread dedicated to the Angels of heaven.

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I saw this guy in the club scene a few times here in LA. He had movie deals, modeling gigs, and a near infinite supply of pussy. Maybe he understood thats the best it would ever be in life?

His last tweet was some kind of invocation to Danballa, the chief spirit of the Voodoo pantheon. Dude might have been heavily invested in occult shit. Maybe he took his nickname more literally than anyone thought.

In Haitian folklore, a Zonbi is an undead slave, beholden to a master that holds their soul through magic. He might have seen himself as a slave to someone or something. Killing himself and praying to a powerful Loa might have been his way of freeing himself from his self-perceived zombieism.

Or he might have been a druggie who posted cryptic voodoo shit and then offed himself on his drug of choice, fuck if I know.

What the hell I didn't even think he looked as bad as most. I mean, it's still disgusting, but passably disgusting.

I have no tats or piercings, went to college 6 years, and NO ONE will hire me…

You're white, aren't you?

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question: WHO CARES???



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Yes, and the time to start is even before the tatoo needle touches the skin. But of course she paraded the nutcase around like a the freak he is, and now that he has eventually broken down she's crying crocodile tears.

Why did his comment compel you to reply? Lmao


>(((God))) of Israel
>rabbi (((Yeshua of Nazareth)))
Good goy.

Ironic coming from a woman who needs to seek mental health the most.

While true, it paints a picture of how this society is just like him. It's funny you can't see it, but scum was never really intelligent in the first place.

Oh my, what a shocker. Kill it with fire.

so many trannies committing suicide, now even guys associated with them commit suicide.

Why even post this?

I really wish plastic surgeons weren't such jews and would say no to obviously crazy shit.

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Not according to his IMDb page.

Is he now a post-surgery trans-corpse?

Was prescribed Prozac at age 11, was on it for 2 months before I took myself off it. Was closer to suicide during those two months than I have ever been in my life. I had a standing prescription till I was 18. Never told to "doctors" I wasn't taking it, when they said I was responding well to the Prozac it was so damn hard to not laugh or chuckle.
And just recently I found out about a corporate study on cold showers. Same positive effects as anti depressants without ANY of the side effects. I really need to look up that study again and see when it was published.
If you're depressed, get a dog and talk to it about the things fucking with you, and get fit. Start producing your own endorphins and don't rely on chemical help if possible (a very small percentage of people do benefit from anti depressants, its just being used as a fucking cure all like antibiotics in the 40-60s.)

Truly a tragedy. But how the fuck does a zombie dies?


Thanks for the advice.

Most would tbh

Diana, I believe you meant to say, "who apparently COMMITTED suicide"


I just wonder if the morticians will paint over all that for the funeral

There's plastic surgeons and there's "body modification specialists".

Christcucks actually believe such deluded bullshit LOL pathetic

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Blame the Jews. I know nothing about this story, but the kikes are behind everything bad.

And not a single tear was shed.

At least he's not saving and posting pictures like that you sick pile of human filth


Civilisation is imploding. Do you agree?

if youre the guy with the MLP resume', then you deserve it. What are you looking for?