World's First Vagina Beer With "Essence Of Hot Underwear Models" Opens For Business

A new kind of beer has hit the market in Poland and its made from the "vaginal lactic acid of hot underwear models." The brewery behind the daring beer is known as "The Order of Yoni" and is located in the Polish capital city of Warsaw. The brewery's unique name Yoni is the Sanskrit word for female genitals which makes this new beer especially fitting.

The beer promises the taste of the "essence" of good looking models who held the beer near their crotches at various bars in Katowice, Poland. The company's website describes the sensations customers could experience while drinking the beer saying "Imagine the woman of your dreams, your object of desire. Her charm, her sensuality, her passion."

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stop it Dmitri

does the cunt mucous beer also include the semen residue of the "hot underwear models" black boyfriends?

Count me out I'm still traumatized for sneaking into a sexshop when I was 13 to look at some titty mags..what caught my eyes instead was bottled up pussy juice.

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You know I've heard of pisswater but this is ridiculous

No, even better, it's made from their cultured cooter yeast. That's right, you get to drink their yeast infections.

Diana, if you bottled your vaginal stench, it would taste like the your feces due to so many of your customers switching back and forth from your asshole to your snatch.


3d pigs go to hell





White people were a mistake.

Have you tried Manhole Micropenis Brew yet?

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No mention of it being run by a jewish (((mann)))? Sage

which one is it?… Is it 'Made From Vaginal Lactic Acid', or is it simply 'held near the crotches' of random bitches in a nightclub?

and… Poland has some of THE NASTIEST WOMEN on Earth, and Poland has absolutely no 'underwear models', and even if they did, beautiful underwear models don't hang out in a shitty tavern, offering to hold beer bottles near their open vagina….

(Even if this was legit, with absolutely gorgeous supermodels from America, contributing actual vaginal excretions, it's the most disgusting fucking concept I've ever heard)

Speaking of disgusting……

one word: Diana

I heard Philip got very curious after hearing about this story, having never actually tasted or smelled a vagina in his life, but Major Burdock became insanely jealous, throwing a hissy fit, and telling Phillip their date to go see the movie Venom was off…

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It gives the name BUSCH BEER a HOLE new meaning

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This as close to vagina as most neets will ever get since their mommies popped them out of theirs.

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Some people are allergic to pussies

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I normally recommend dark beer, but in this case I really wouldn't suggest it……

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Head For The Mountains

Head ANYWHERE…. Just as long as it's not Poland

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Smak Chlamydii Prostytutka Pochwa Piwo…..

(and you thought the POLISH were the stupid ones)


Says Khalid

Jesus christ you cannot go a single post without mentioning another man’s dick, can’t you?

There is a point in where its a joke, and then there is a point in which it just becomes revealing of your obsessions.


In Poland, bar-hopping skanks will fuck 20 men for a draft beer, and afterwards, they'll gladly pull their underwear aside to slide the mouth of a beer bottle across their urethra…..

….. And you're the guy who's willing to pay$12.75. for a six pack…..

( w e i r d o )

going on 175

On the one hand this makes my peepee do things… the trouble is my brain is like "That is fucking disgusting and I'm not even sure but this might sort of count as commercial cannibalism in a loosely defined way."

Deep down I know if I was offered, I'd probably give in and try it but I'm not ordering the shit.

'ere, hav sum cunt juice m8

This deserved a (you)
the rest were shit tho

Even a broken man is funny twice a day, I guess?