California - Is Meatless Burger Becoming The New Trend?

Good news for those who like the all-American favorite burgers but want to live a healthier diet and lifestyle. Now, people can still get their burger fix minus the guilt of red meat. A breakthrough burger also looks like any other burger, but the makers behind it say the patty could also be the future of protein.

Beyond Meat Founder and CEO, Ethan Brown says theirs is a company that’s focused on “building meat from plants.”

Scientists and chefs work together in their company’s new Los Angeles facility to recreate the flavor, aroma, and texture of meat by using plant-based ingredients.

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Carnivores exist in nature by the way
And all those chemicals you are using to replace meat is killing the environment

Sounds like a logical progression, since you're already brainless burgers.

Jokes aside…falling for substitutes will never heal your problems. What's even worse those substitutes are forced onto you by the same people who fed you poison in the first place.


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I'd eat people if they taste good. Don't really care.

You wanna tell me about the toxins, too?

Haha, jokes on you. I don't give a shit about how fucking "feeling" animals are.
Like said, I'd eat fucking humans if I could get away with it.

This is just californians being californians. A burger without meat is a fake burger. But the fast food ones suck ass. You have to go to a mom & pop place to get a decent burger, or you have to grill your own.

directed energy lasers burning down everyones homes is becomes a cool trend, and the president is apparently talking about how America has the best missles

What next? A burgerless burger for 45$ each?

The Meatless Burger reminds me a lot of Jim, the Dickless Wonder…

Look how effeminate he is, swishing and lisping, and he even admits having GRINDR on his phone, although he lies and says he "accidentally downloaded it"

Check out Jim's creepy gay as shit moustache……

Weird as fuck!!!

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"where's the beef?"

probably being rammed up Jim's Rectum, tbqh

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Fucking Nelly Queen and his WEIRD AS FUCK MOUSTACHE….


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Nice tits, Jimbo !!

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No meat, but still plenty of greasy fat

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Okay, now I just want to puke……

oh my god

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What in the fuck? He needs to cut that gay ass mustache off.

it's undoubtedly the most flamingly gay motherfuking facial hair I've ever seen

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And now for the MEATLESS GRINDR

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Do people really fall for advertising and branding this blatantly obvious?

Installed for a friend…

Of course….

a 'head' Grinder friend





No thanks. I'm on a soy-free diet.

so is my friend who's massively overweight, lives in a garbage pile and doesn't shower. if you think cutting out soy will get you pussy you should just level with yourself, get a job and order a fucking hooker for fucks sake

I just got back installing a mile of Cat 5 cable in a gym. I'm good.

Woops. See


soy boi boomers

Isn't the Impossible burger 16 dollars. Not sure if that's just burger or combo but I can believe it's just for the burger.

Also, A&W recently introduced it and I wanted to try it and compare it to their regular Veggie burger and the Uncle Burger to represent beef. And I could confuse it for the Veggie burger but held nothing on good old beef.
Also the servers were wearing shirt saying they were made of the same stuff as the meatless patties.

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Do you have any idea how much fucking processing those things go through? Just go deer hunting and make burgers out of fresh venison or something.

While making vegetables taste more like meat is truly doing god's work, vegans are an abomination and subject to mental illness.

Boy this hash brown sure does taste like meat. Nobody would ever know the difference. In my mind, this is a new American tradition.

Sorry, it's not just protien I want from my meat but animal fat which is what the body actually needs. Besides tasting delicious.

Vegetarian isn't healthier.
Animals need animal proteins, animal fat, and shit like collagen derived from animal connective tissue.

What an idiot! Meat IS build from plants! You give the plants to the cow you take the meat the cow makes, circle of life!

The # of animals killed by a vegetarian diet is greater than that needed to sustain a carnivorous diet.
The amount of natural habitat needed for growing plants is vastly greater than that of raising animals.

Only the rich will be able to afford meat. They're getting the population ready for it.

This. Meat is a luxury item goy.

Which is why you don't eat highly processed shitburgers. If I ever make a plant burger I just fill it up with home made bean and mushroom patties. all organic, no fucking chemicals. kiss my ass.

Jim are you mr.robots dad?

dude when people go swimming or do exercise their junk shrinks up like crazy, it's a natural safety mechanism.

literally a heart attack on a bun

nice and fresh lyme disease


enjoy your animal fat while I enjoy avocado and nuts and seeds. I will be healthy in several years, you will be in the typical standard american state of health so don't joke yourself and start eating healthy from now so you don't have to take tons of meds later just to fight off the high cholesterol bro.

You are nutritionally retarded.

There, I just helped my own body make it's own collagen from clean ingredients.

You're putting cheap shitty gas and oil in your expensive car and telling yourself that there's no way the gas is better in the higher quality gas station. You're gonna be really sad when your cars engine is full of shit because you were too stupid to educate yourself and learn how to put better gas in.

Yea, and then the cow makes you have a heart attack, the cirrrrcclleee offf lifffffeee

You're an ignoramus.
The body has only a limited ability to convert amino acids into what you need, that is why you need to consume what you need instead of relying on the body to make them.
Also the body can't absorb plant protein as easily as as animal protein, so the amount that you are getting from plants is always going to be a lot less.

That's a total fucking lie. Who told you that? Who am I kidding this is a big agro shill.
so growing a farm of potato and letting me buy and eat a potato kills more animals than your fat ass going and ordering a double chicken sandwich and all the millions of chickens that died for that?

I like it how you completely disregard the fact that animals eat plants before we eat the animals. Do you know how many acres of land we need to feed cows soybeans and corn and how many fucking gallons of water EACH cow needs to drink before one fat fuck like you gets to have their burger? A whole hell of a lot more than what it takes to feed a skinny guy eating salad all the time that's for sure.

Remember, if you eat animal products you get sick faster. You get health problems and you get put on prescription meds, which is basically a health rental program for life because you never get better since prescription drugs are mostly treatments, not cures. Cures only make the jews money once, so they (((treat your symptoms))) for life and keep making money off of you. Then your health gets so bad you have to keep going to the hospital and get heart operations or get your finger or foot removed from diabeetus.
the jewish health and medical insurance companies make BILLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNSSSSSS a year from all the fat stupid americans they tricked into thinking butter, fish, eggs, meat, milk, cheese, and so on were (((Healthy)))
>they make money again when you need drugs from your (((doctor)))
>they make money again when you need your rotting teeth fixed at the (((dentist)))
>they make money again when you keep going to the hospital to get (((operated))) to fix your health like a cheap fix at a shitty car garage in the middle of the desert that will break down in a couple miles

The worst thing you can ever do for the jews is eat a healthy nutritionally balanced plant food based diet because you will literally take billions of dollars away from them

That's bullshit, and even so why do you think smart vegans eat ALL their amino acids? We get loads of protien, and then we still make sure to get all our amino acids too.

Fake disinfo bullshit. big meat propaganda. enjoy your egg farts.

Why would you ruin perfectly good plants like that? I really fucking like plant-based foods, but if it tastes like meat, then I no longer want it.

Avoid the brains.

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Found the nigger

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Did you know that there are GENES in bread?

I can see that being a vegetarian has reduced your mental capacity.

Also, since you failed to understand. Being a vegetarian means that you wont get enough of the harder to get amino acids because the absorbtion rate is too low.

California - Is Being a Pozzed Up Hole Covered In Needle Marks Becoming The New Trend?

This is what vegans actually believe.

The problem with this line of thought I'd that you have no idea how easy and cheap it is to raise a pig/goat/chicken/cow
Pigs literally eat garbage in China and you don't see them slowing down

Uma Delicia



I'm confused how is it a burger ,if their no burger ?

veggie burgers!

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