Russia - Mob Boss Murdered By His Three Teen Daughters (Video)

The lifeless body of a known Russian mob boss, Mr Michail Khachaturyan, was found with multiple stab wounds during the weekend. His three teenage daughters (aged 17, 18 and 19 respectively) confessed to the murder but claim that they had been abused by him for years upon end and that they had finally snapped, killing him during a fight.

According to unofficial reports in the Russian media, the girls stabbed their father more than 40 times, whilst also using pepper spray and a hammer.

The body was found in an apartment block in the center of the Russian capital Moscow that belonged to the family. The girls’ version of events states that a discussion proceeded the fatal stabbing. They claimed that their father, who was addicted to heroin, had sexually abused them for years and wanted to do it again that day.

One of the girls refused however and after a tense argument she took a knife and stabbed her father.

After he beat her, the two others helped their sister and also took knives from the kitchen. The whole ordeal is said to have lasted some 15 minutes with Mr Khachaturyan defending himself against his three children. In the end the mob boss ran out of the apartment, bleeding heavily but fell to the ground in front of the elevator.

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