UK- Sick Pedo Groomed His 5-Year-Old Victim Through Computer Games

A sick pedophile raped a five-year-old boy possibly up to a horrific hundred times after practically grooming the young child on PlayStation and Xbox.

The deplorable monster identified as Anwar Ali raped the child up to 100 times between the years 2003-2007. The young boy’s nightmare would not have ended if the boy’s family did not move out for a different reason.

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It took years for justice to finally catch up with the predator. It started only last year when the boy - now a young adult, mustered the courage to come forward with his harrowing experience and report the horrible pedophile to the police.

Officers arrested Ali last year. They also found indecent images of children on his computer at home in Hyde, Greater Manchester.

Ali denied the accusation against him at a trial earlier this year. The victim relived his traumatic experience at the hands of Ali during the trial. He recalled that it all started when Ali approached him from behind and kissed him. The abuse became worse over the years. The vile ordeal was kept from the boy’s family at that time.

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It was also revealed in the trial at the Manchester Crown Court that on one occasion, the boy’s mother even went upstairs to Ali’s bedroom and knocked on the door asking if her son was okay. She had no idea her son was being sexually abused at that moment.

The victim said Ali stole his childhood. He added that his traumatic experience has had a profoundly negative effect on him: “I have developed OCD and wash myself to the point that my skin is red raw. I have found it difficult to cope with normal experiences and I don’t like it when people touch me.”

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Ali was sentenced to 21 years in prison for luring the child to his bedroom supposedly to play computer games but was actually his elaborate campaign to sexually abuse the poor boy.

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The Cult of Moloch feeds on the suffering of the innocent. This is what all semites do.

And the parents didn't think it was kinda weird that their son always walked around the house like John Wayne coming from a horse?

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what the fuck is a 5-year-old doing on PSN/Xbox?

Philip, you know firsthand the horrors of being repeatedly molested as a child, and you can testify this man is truly sick…

What kind of weirdo wants to rape a little boy?

If he was raping little girls, it would be a different story, but this guy is a real weirdo, raping boys instead.

You keep focusing on the number 100, which I find rather strange. It's almost as if you are trying to quantify the number as being validation that what he did was wrong, as if he had only raped the boy 30 times, (like what happened to you back in McMinnville Tennessee) it wouldn't be all that big of a deal.

There were 4 years of sexual assault between 2003 and 2007, meaning this guy only averaged 25 rapes per year…

There are 365 days in a year, so 25 is not a very big number. It seems like he would have raped the kid at least a hundred fifty times each year.

Like I said, this guy is a real weirdo. He's not interested in raping girls, and he doesn't seem very devoted, only taking care of business 25 times each year.

If you ask me, I'd say he has a diminished sexual drive, similar to yours….

It's strange how you don't have a girlfriend, and you behave much more like a female than you behave like a man. I'm not even going to mention the fact that your biceps are smaller than my eight year old son's wrists.

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What are you going to do after this bullshit job falls through ?

Now that we're on the subject of Internet homosexual pedophiles….

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Using online video games to groom your next butthole conquest works with the Pre-K crowd, but eventually these type vulnerable boys grow up, and do you have to use more sophisticated measures and lures….

…. Like offering them a job working for your imaginary half-ass news organization….

Shitty parents.

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How can he be a pedophile? This (probably white) person is obviously 12 you racist homophobe.

How gay does a Muslim have to be before he tosses himself off a building? Why do they pretend raping little boys isn't pure faggotry? I will never understand this religion.

If he was good looking and not gay I'd say let him go. But this is just plain sick.

I'm confused. Are both the perpetrator and the victim called Ali? Because up until
the perpetrator is called Ali while the victim is only called "the boy".

Wait a minute. How can you be a child lover and rape them if it's a horrendous crime?

A pedophile can't rape children. Only people who hate children can rape children.

Silly Nazis.