Parents Warned of “Momo Challenge,” More Kids Commiting Suicide

Another dangerous internet challenge has surfaced, this one urging children to take their own lives. Police around the world are alerting parents to guide their children and dissuade them from participating in this fresh internet fad.

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More like Darwin Award Challenge.

I wonder (((Who))) is behind this

Hey parents, you deserve it. You let capitalism spiral out of control why keep feeding into our all downfall. Enjoy your dead kids, scumbags.

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Not making a very good case for it, whatever it is tbh.

Normies. That's what they get for doing the facebook.

show me proof of one suicide caused by this

You can call them morons all you want, but ask yourself this…why is it so easy for our kids to throw their life away? Maybe they just look for a way out of a world that never really loved them?

Because they have been taught bullshit and don't know what is real any more (especially when it comes to "genders").

And who's at fault?

Eh not so much pure capitalism but the Marxist capitalist fusion we got

The Jew, is this your first day here

How are Jews responsible for parents being so shitty nowadays?

She's kinda cute, tbh. Would stick my spookybone in her bagina and make little spooky flying ninjas.

We did it Roz!

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Do they sell sex dolls of this momo thing?

post nudes

By encouraging the degradation of society as a whole, which they've been doing since long before capitalism or communism existed.
They've been kicked out of pretty much every past civilized society for doing this, I don't know how you aren't aware of this.
Maybe you're a newfag, or you've been locked away on trannypol for too long.

are you the fag who blames literally every problem on muh boomerz?

You apparently add this "momo" and it spams you gore and kys messages.

That doesn’t make sense. The jews want to keep as many of the stupid people alive as possible.

So long as they are not white of course, then again parents should be teaching their kids better.

Nope, but here's a question for you…do you have any counter argument against my statement?

georgia guide stones.

Do you live in a communist or socialist country? No? You choose to continue living in an "evil" capitalist society? That's my counterargument.


So the challenge is to have someone shitpost you?

Sounds like a (((psyop))).

Listen, this isn't a new phenomenon caused by media or the (((gay agenda))). Gullible idiocy has been around as long as humanity has. There has always been that one guy who knew a guy in the next town over who got suckered into doing something suicidally stupid. The only difference between then and now is that now these people are posting their antics on Youtube, their stories are going viral on Facebook. As George Carlin once pointed out, think about how smart the average person is and then realize that half of humanity is even dumber than that.

Perfect. I needed new fapping material.

Roz makes kids kill themselves?

can't wait until this site gets shut down

why couldn't it just be tide balls all over again?

life is the real challenge. unlike this fake as stuff.

I've always wondered how people are stupid enough to kill themselves over internet shit. Because even as a child I had a sense of self-preservation that kept me from sticking forks in electrical sockets or jumping into traffic.

He also doxes you just to scare you, and I think he gives you free money if you trick him about his ransom threats.

This sounds like a fake story. Is it just me?