Ebola – New Congo Outbreak Kills 33 (Video)

Exactly one week after the WHO declared the Congolese Ebola outbreak near the port city of Mbandaka that killed 30 people in a course of 2 weeks in May of this year and infected many others to be officially over (see our related coverage), another outbreak in the east of the country is said to have already killed 33 people.

So far, researchers in the North Kivu and neighbouring Ituri provinces confirmed that some 13 cases of the deadly hemorrhagic fever were confirmed and that they have already found 3 bodies. Officials in the area stated that the total number of dead was 33 so far with dozens infected.

According to health authorities, the two outbreaks are however not connected.

Some 900 people that have come into contact with Ebola patients have so far been identified.


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Maybe ebolachan will go global this time.

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If Ebola were solely a Sexually Transmitted Disease, you'd be safe. (unless 'major' James had it)

is Jim upset about your upcoming date with 'major' James to go see Venom ?

James said you're in for a 'Thrillride From Hell', and he's not talking about the movie

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shit thread lol

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It's a news thing

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This is a win-win for niggers in Africa and white countries. The black plague in Europe was good for the economy and rose the average IQ by a few points (proper hygiene is strictly high IQ). This will also keep the nig population in check for a few years until they build immunity, so maybe we should ban refugees from the Congo until the time being. ;)

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Once you've gone six fingers, you might as well go all the way to the elbow…..


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apparently, you're oblivious…..

Albert Einstein, Howard Hughes, Bill Gates….

These are just a few of the HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of 'very superior' IQ (what someone like you would refer to as a 'genius', even though that's technically just a slang terminology) people who rarely, if ever bathed….

Einstein would go months without bathing. Hughes had a phobia regarding water, and Bill Gates was nicknamed 'stinky' at Microsoft….

Not joking….

Research it.

And the funniest part?… having been to jail AND prison, I can tell you from experience that black people are much more fastidious about continually showering…

In fact, it's an obsession with them. The black inmates usually take 3 showers a day, and their mantra that they say all day long is "you betta wash dat ass!"

whereas the white inmates rarely showered.

So it appears your perception of bathing is pure nigger-tier

when is opening weekend for Venom ?

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*admitting that white people are incapable of practicing proper hygiene*
Well, alright then. That's not what I was talking about but continue to say dumb shit like this.


Venom won't be the first time you've gone out on a date with James, will it?…

I'm sure you have gone to see movies together before, and then dinner afterwards maybe?

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If you and 'major' James go see the matinee of Venom, the theater won't be so crowded and it will be a lot more romantic….

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Don't even report him, the vols won't do anything about his spam.
Just pretend he doesn't exist at all until he leaves like all spergs eventually do.

Does it bother you that James is always gushing about how hot Tom Hardy is?

Are you the jealous type?

Don't you sometimes wish James would just shut up? It seems like that's all he talks about these days

"Tom Hardy this"… "Tom Hardy that"… Blah blah blah Tom Hardy

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Niggers dying is always good news. The real questing is: how can we get some of this ebola to Israel?

Movies are so romantic….

don't you think?

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Ebola is only affective against blacks. Ashkenazi Jews are mostly European.

Guess I have 85 IQ now.

you should ask if he likes smaller tits that leave a wedding gown empty up top, the same way I do…

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Pimpin' out Lieshman

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Best virus girl refuses to go stay down!

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I want to hear more about your failures in life, Johnny. Tell us more about your boyfriend and baby:

Sarah keeps telling me that when she's done letting me blow my loads into her shit hole, she plans on 'patch'ing things up with Patrick….

Which is fine with me, because although she's got a really loose asshole now, that's all she's ever meant to me

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Levi's body language is very telling… You never really did become comfortable around girls (if you know what I mean)

I love the trench coat Mafia trailer park Star Wars video game faggot look….

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….. Can you believe there's actually a leg inside of those pants?……

(according to Diana, it's 'so hairy')

…… But that's just because Jim shaves his legs, so Diane is not accustomed to seeing hair on a man….

(Unless it's one of her customers' pubes, in which case it's kind of hard to miss, because her face is usually embedded right in the middle of it)

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Mmm hmmmm

Okay…. I see….

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I'm guessing different fathers?

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…. I can't seem to take my eyes off of Sarah…..

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ahhhhhhh, Sarah….

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Sarah seems like a very nice person……

She's got a very kind face…..

The kind I would like to insert my penis into……

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Some faggot made another ebola thread.
Guess I'll go bump this one instead..

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(the jokes on you)

today's actually tuesday

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I suppose you've also stared at how her tits sit in the wedding dress too, huh?….

………..I love smaller tits….

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(562) 371-4362

(562) 715-5547

I can't believe that patch and Sarah use AT&T GoPhones…

Used to be called Cingular Wireless, and then AT&T purchased it, and started calling AT&T GoPhone prepaid….

(931) 743-3388

(931) 314-9209

(615) 456-0367

All former numbers, with Verizon and Sprint being the carriers

It's hard not to like Sarah………..

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Would you rather have Cunday?

call me
(615) 934-2091

(931) 743-1564
(615) 957-1075

God DAYUM, dude…..

Describe your sister's nipples for me


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I've got a serious question for you, and I would appreciate a serious adult answer…

Which one of you recommended AT&T Go phone to all the other family members?

When you when you see a history of an entire family using Verizon, but then each of them has some Association with AT&T GoPhone, (formerly called Cingular) then there's generally one family member who recommended it to all the others…..

I'm just curious which genius told everybody that AT&T GoPhone was a good value?

AT&T GoPhone is one of the most expensive, worthless, completely fucking worthless prepaid services available……..

It's SHIT…….

I realize that in Manila, you probably rely on GLOBE Telecom, Touch Mobile, ABS-CBN, or one of those other monkey networks, but be honest with me… Are you the one who told Barbara Jean she should try AT&T GoPhone?

New Cingular is BULLSHIT, dude….

Is it prepaid Verizon or does she have a contract? I can actually get Barbara Jean an amazing deal on her mobile service…

Believe it or not I had talked my way into a deal where I only paid $60 for four lines of absolutely completely unlimited high-speed data… And I'm not talking about 2 gigs or 5 gigs or 10 gigs… I'm talking about absolutely completely unlimited high-speed data, on four phones, all for $60 a month….

And you're not going to believe this, but I talked them down to only $40 a month…

I swear to God I'm not lying

I only pay $40 a month for 4 lines, each of them getting unlimited high-speed data….

If you can do simple math, you'll realize that's only $10 per line per month…..

I swear to God I'm not lying…

I'm really good at schmoozing people believe it or not, being a very qualified and experienced salesman, and I got a supervisor to put me on the phone with a manager at corporate, and I explained the reasons why they should lower my fee down to $40…

And he did it!

At the end of the call he even told me I reminded him of his brother…

Go anywhere. Give me a second and I'm going to find the actual screenshot. I save a screenshot every month after I pay each of my bills, and this one was special to me because it represented an amazing feat of salesmanship on my part….

Be right back, Sassypants

Ooops !!

I said DON'T go anywhere

Brb, douchebag

Let me find the screenshot

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Found it…..

I'm not joking, that's what I pay now FOR 4 LINES of unlimited everything………

Because airtime is an imaginary hypothetical product, if you know what you're doing, and you're really good at dealing with people, you can go up the totem pole, and once you get to the top, they reserved the discretion to give you whatever kind of deals they want to.

I was paying $100 a month for four lines….

Then one day I had a valid complaint about a technical glitch, and I refused to accept an apology from them without speaking to a supervisor….

Once I got the supervisor on the phone I explained that the only reason I asked to speak to the supervisor was so that I could get put into what they call 'escalation', so I could speak with a manager instead…

(When it comes to customer service for wireless carriers, speaking to the manager is as high up as you're going to get on the phone)

Once I had the manager on the phone, within a minute or so he had agreed to knock my $100 bill down to only $60 a month 'as their way of apologizing for the technical glitch'

3 weeks later, I decided can test the limits and see if I still 'had the magic gift'…..

I got them to knock another $20 a month off of my service……

And now I only pay $40 a month for the exact same service I was paying $100 a month for back in June….

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Tell Barbara Jean and Patrick and Sarah and Levi that I'll hook them up with a killer deal on their wireless service…

Especially Sarah……..

Okay, Peter?…..

ooops… Philip….

My bad… I'm bad with names

You're lucky to still have Barbara G in your life. My mother committed suicide a few weeks ago, and I'm still really bummed out over it….

No. You just think about peters a lot.


Barbara Jean*

by the way Barbara Jean seems really nice. I am a devout Christian, and I really like her Outlook regarding Jesus and just Christianity in general….

I've really enjoyed reading some of her favorite passages and scripture….

It seems like she and I see eye-to-eye regarding Jesus…

Especially MINE….

balls deep in Sarah's Sweet Shitbox

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Oh, shit……

Oh no……

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Awwwww shit………..

Here we go again…….

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Pauly, do me a favor and tell your sister that if she filled out the top of that dress any more, I wouldn't be interested in her…..

But fortunately for her……..

The top of that dresses emptier than your yearly bonus gas can……

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Will you please repost the pic of your head on all the faggot gym-jockeys in this other thread?
They, of course deleted it.

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I hate to tell this to you but…..

I'm pretty sure that got deleted out of all my files when I purged everything recently….

Be like Jay Leno on the Lay's potato chip commercial, and tell him I'll make more….

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I found it! You have to realize I make anywhere from 1000 to 2000 images a week….

So I'm usually deleting things left and right, and I wipe my phone completely as often as possible

I thought this was long gone

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Phil, you remember that scene in Forrest Gump, where his mother is trying to keep Forrest in school, and the principal comes walking out of Forrest Gump's mother's house sweating and wiping perspiration off his head with a handkerchief, and he tells Forest "your mother sure does care about your education" ?…

You remember that scene?…..

Well I'm not a principle, and I don't give a fuck about your education, but when I look at pictures of your sister Sarah, I can't help but imagine me walking out of her bedroom wiping perspiration off my head like that…

Tell your sister I said hello….

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Thanks. I reposted it in the other decimated thread for you.

…. I'm not joking either…….

Consider it an experiment….
I'm going to show you how everybody has heard my name before…. Or at least they think they have…..

When I made up the name Johnny Neptune at the age of 12, one of the concepts behind it was that it seemed like a name you already knew…. It sounded like something that everybody already knew, like it just seemed natural that Johnny Neptune was some kind of character or personality from the past that seem like it was already ingrained in our collective subconscious somehow…..

I'm serious dude…

I want you to test out the phenomenon, and tell me what happens….

Don't give any context or any setup, or anything….

Just call your sister out of the blue, and tell her, "oh by the way Johnny Neptune says hello"

You'll see…………

You'll see how she reacts……

She's going to think she knows who I am for some reason….

Everybody does. I've been dealing with that for 42 years now….

Just tell your sister "Johnny Neptune says hey, and he says that you're gorgeous"

Then hang up the phone….

Lol thanxamillion hahahaha


Phil's sister is HOT AS FUCK

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ALSO, be sure to tell Sarah I would appreciate it if she would get her haircut shorter like this again, start and start styling the front of it up into an Elvis pompadour

You tell her that "Johnny Neptune says he likes his women with an Elvis pompadour up front"…..

Tell her I said to lose a little bit of weight while she's at it….

I like my women skinny with small tits and their hair slicked back with an Elvis pompadour…….

Thank you

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I love you Ebola chan



awwwww DAMMIT, dude!!!…….


I thought this thread was about how hot your fucking sister is….

My bad

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lemme see now……

Ebola, huh?…….

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Dude, I'm drawing a blank right now. I can't think of anything to say about Ebola….

Give me a few suggestions… Tell me what to say so I can sound irrelevant…

I've just got a lot on my mind right now…

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Umm, Pablo?…….

I could use a little bit of help over here

…..ummmm…. Hmmm…..

Ebola, huh ?……….


Attached: PicsArt_08-05-05.39.39.jpg (590x421, 40.02K)

Some 'big help' YOU are, huh ?!!!!

….. And you have the audacity to call yourself my friend ?!!….

…… If you're not going to tell me what to say, then how am I going to ever be able to contribute to this thread?…..

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Uhhhh okay I got it… I got it….

"Ebola is a very serious problem!"

was that good enough?

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….Perry, your sister is SO fuckin' hot…….

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….Palmer, I would literally let your sister shit into my mouth…….

…..just so I could see the hole it fell out of…..

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Dear Percy,

This has been a lot of fun! I really appreciate this opportunity to be part of your imageboard culture, and to participate in your Goldwater Ebola Shilling…..

Thank you for inviting me, and I'm looking forward to doing this again soon….

Your Friend,

give Sarah my phone number and tell her feel free to call me anytime

you're friends with neptune? that's pretty cool. what is he like in real life?

is your sister really dating Joanne Nipplestink?

who's sister is dating him? op's?

homeless boomer you've never had sex with his sister