Texas - Two Women Steal DVDs Worth Over $35K By Wearing Various Wigs

Two women thought they could get away with shoplifting various DVDs by wearing different wigs to hide their identities. They thought wrong as their little ploy was soon busted and they were arrested.

The arrest affidavit says the women are accused of stealing around 917 DVDs with an estimated value of $35, 118.83. Their tactic was to use various wigs each time to conceal their identities and placed the DVDs they steal on their purses.

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/33254-Texas-Two-Women-Steal-DVDs-Worth-Over-35K-By-Wearing-Various-Wigs

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I guess they are too dumb to use the computer.

Only roasties could be this dumb. Maybe next time they'll steal a bunch of cassette tapes of 80s hip hop?

Ladies, you may have lost your freedom over this, but rest assured you gained excess to my "cutie convicts" folder, where you get jerked to on regular basis.

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Stealing DVDs from fucking Barnes & Noble. Why is that establishment still around?

"They thought wrong as their little ploy was soon busted"

'soon' busted, huh?

……after stealing almost 1,000 DVDs?…..

sounds like you're the one who's wrong…


If you ask me, I'd say that $35,000 is a success.

so they got caught eventually. Big deal. Everybody does.

But they did a pretty good job beforehand

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Just using One Name is SO unprofessional… It's not like you're Cher or Madonna…

You work for The Turdwater, which although it's the most unprofessional 'news' service on Earth, still tries to represent itself as a news service…

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Imagine if you went to a REAL news organization's website, and you saw article written by 'journalists' who called themselves 'Angel', or 'Philip', or 'Red Pill', or 'Diana Printz'…..

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