Optics of Trump Tower meeting ‘absolutely horrifying’

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) on Monday said the "optics" of Donald Trump Jr.'s Trump Tower meeting with a Russian attorney are "absolutely terrifying and very disturbing."

"You’re [President Trump] sending your son, a family member, to talk with a foreign government that is an active enemy, or potential adversary at least, of this country to talk about information that you could use against your opponent?" Dingell said on CNN's "New Day." "The optics of that are absolutely terrifying and very disturbing."


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Who gives a fuck about the optics anymore? People that support Trump watch Fox and non MSM news. People that don't support him watch CNN and MSNBC. And since when has Russia been our "active enemy"?

Did she just call out Russia an active enemy?

Yes the liberals have come full circle, and are in a greater state of panic over russians than americans were during the cold war. If you ever need proof liberals are nothing more than drones, this is it.

Can't wait to catch the liberal tears after Trump's reelection

The lawyer from Russia first had a meeting with Fusion GPS then Meeting at Trump tower Then went back to fusion GPS… She has not been interview by Muller even when she offered. Its a setup so all the dems have something to cry about.


THAT is bad optics for the democrats since they funded fusion GPS.

What makes me happy is that this is clearly the best ammunition they have after 2 years.

since forever. its always been an uneasy peace and having proxy wars all over the world

active enemy? the cold war has been over for years and the Americans have no right to be in Ukraine or Syria. lets point out too the Hilary and Obama sold the Russians 20 percent of Americas uranium stock and now the Russians have hyper sonic nukes. Then when the election is over and done 14 Russian political figures got assassinated.

We owe over 20 trillion dollars to communist china and now you want to pick a fight with communist Russia? lol. this was is a insane idea thought up by brain cancer ridden McCain or maby they just want this country to fail. they refuse to balance the budget and built up debt and have no interest in fixing the problem. the american government is going to go under if you don't get someone who knows what the fuck they are doing to run you crazy dog and pony show.

you wounld't be scare of the Russian if the 'person' who pulled off the number one spy bust in history was willing to work with you but no… you had to go and fuck him didn't you? what do you think he is going to do? save the bastards the fucked him over thought illegal surveillance? guess what buddy that surveillance works both ways. he KNOWS your incompetent idiots.

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russians had no right to annex crimea
except that its a canadian company that was sold and not military grade uranium and none of it leaves the country

Ukraine's president was run off and they had a election and now it some Willy Wonka wanna be candy business guy. then Russia made their move and occupied with troops and for months wouldn't even admit they were Russian.

as for the shipping deal does that apply to the isotopes they make with the uranium? you can use a cyclotron with the neutron decay to make some bitching shit.

none of the uranium leaves america even fox news debunked this alt-right fever dream of a 'scandal'

i understand that. you just may not be familiar with out nuclear radio isotopes are made. the neutrons decay out of the uranium and they fling them into different atoms to make isotopes. its kind of nerdy and i probably shouldn't get into it. if you don't know about the shipping of said isotopes its okay.

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That's not even the point he was making you fool. At least during the cold war, they were actually considered an enemy. Now, the tensions have been steadily deescalating since the 90s until this latest media hysteria.

oh no he HAS A FAMILY!
so scary


The "Russian" agent was actually working for Kushner

Optics my fucking EYES looking at those two troll-faced mutts

If a (D) is asshurt over it, then Trump is doing the right thing.

as long as the (D) is pissed off then they will just come up with ideas on how to attack trump rather then real leadership ideas that get votes. seems like the right thing

I can't even imagine how many new oil deposits they must have found in Siberia.

I just don't understand the thinking

These fucking propagandists.

You think Russia is using Trump to do things like
all to make the US weaker, so Russia can conquer the US?


that moment when you realize your fighting the guy who is trying to fix the problems the other guys made.

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It's only bad when they say it's bad.

its only true when they say its true

since about 1945. fuck you're stupid.

you forgot that when they beat up Rockies friend Apollo Creed and he died. after that shit just got too real even tho it was based on a movie which was totally fake. easy comrade the cold war is over. fuck all that political shit

So are we cool just posturing at Russia for another 70 years, or are we gonna stop this eventually?

Reminder that the United States has never in its history been at war with the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, or the Russian Federation.

< I'm a retarded fembot who is gunning to get sued to shit by a billionaire who will wipe his ass with her wealth then burn it