Canada - Saudi Spat Results In Veiled 9/11 Social Media Threats

The Canadian - Saudi spat which we informed you yesterday about (see our related coverage) quickly got ugly on social media when a Saudi non-profit organization tweeted an image (which has by now been deleted) of an Air Canada plane flying towards Toronto tower, in a clear reference to the 9/11 attacks.

You will remember that 15 of the 19 hijackers on that gruesome day were Saudis and that the mastermind behind the planning, Mr Osama bin laden, came from a wealthy Saudi family.

The tweet, clearly aimed at the Canadian government, stated: "Sticking one's nose where it doesn't belong!"

"As the Arabic saying goes: 'He who interferes with what doesn't concern him finds what doesn't please him.'

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Diana, it's Neptune.

I just wanted to tell you how cool you looked in your sunglasses last night. You truly did.

I'd like to go out of character if I may, and just open up & be honest with you.

May I ?

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I'd like to apologize for calling you a prostitute every time I type your name, Diana

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That's not fair, and I have been acting like a child.

In all honesty, I actually like you a lot. I admire you. It's hard not to notice that you're actually a very cool, laid back person.

And you're pretty. You don't have a 'monkey face'.

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I bet you were hot as shit when you were 16

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Diana, do you like animals and nature? I do…

I love people who love animals, and go out of their way to help them.

Conversely, I do NOT like people who disregard animals right to exist in harmony on this planet for the short time that each of us gets to enjoy our lives.

Check out the Canadian internet defense force trying to derail the thread.

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I've been wondering how you became such a staunch 'conservative Republican'….

It doesn't seem like a natural path for you. I'm curious if you felt this way before you met Jim.

Somehow, I doubt it


Quiet… I'm opening up to Diana

Most girls dont think about politics user.

Politics are for faggots. I'm not here to discuss politics.

I thought I told you to shut it

You don't strike me as a woman who would change her entire entire life, adopting a man's political opinions, assuming his personality, catering to his every whim….

You seem stronger than that, Diana

You seem more independent

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Now, of course Philip would bend like a twig for a paycheck… Duhh

He disagrees with everything you guys stand for. He's a tree hugging liberal, who fancies himself to be some kind of 'esoteric genius', with his bullshit homeopathic herbal cure-alls, and his antiestablishment faggotry.

Of course, you have all secretly discussed this matter behind Philip's back.

By the way, does he have fleas? He doesn't seem like the type to bathe regularly…

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and James?… well, let's put it this way…..

James is a good guy (a lot cooler than that faggot Philip) and I'll admit, I kinda like James…

But he's got some issues, that's for sure. I know you and Jim have talked about James' idiosyncrasies when you're goofing around in the condo.

James was already an opinionated ass long before he met Jim, but we all know that James exaggerates his 'make america great' nonsense just to please Jim, and try to guarantee a paycheck.

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but you ?…….

you're a strong, intelligent, independent minded woman……

who looks great in those shades

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I'm not being rude… I'm just curious….

are you a U.S. Citizen?

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I'm not sure if you're an American citizen like Jim….

Jim sure is a patriotic son of a gun, isn't he?

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Is anyone really surprised that twitter has, once again, moved us another step closer to WW3?

…or at least he sure tries to be perceived that way….

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Diana and I would appreciate it if you would stay on topic, please.

She and I are discussing her relationship with Jim

I'm not sure if Jim is even still technically a U.S. Citizen….

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After all, he fled the United States to avoid federal tax evasion charges, so if he came back to America, he would be arrested and sent to a federal prison….

So I'm not sure if that still qualifies him as being an official 'citizen'

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But that 'patriotic, conservative, upstanding American's routine is really just an act….

It's Jim 'in drag', really….

That's not what Jim is really like in real life….

The real man behind the image is much more flamboyant and much less conservative…

Everybody knows that…

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Go away jhonny, this thread is actually interesting so please go and sperg out with your unfunny bullshit elsewhere.

because what kind of hardliner, staunch, Make America Great Again, Red White And Blue, patriotic Republican would defraud the United States of America out of hundreds of thousands of tax dollars?….

(then flee, like a coward, and hide in the Philippines, where the economy is so bad that women sell their daughter's vaginas for pennies on the dollar)

ooops I meant 'filipino pesos on the dollar'

My bad

That weird moustache isn't exactly MAGA Material… As a woman, how can you look at his face with that mustache and not reach over with a cheap razor and just take it off his upper lip ?

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Thank you for your vote of confidence, and I agree that I am definitely making this thread interesting…


Make this thread interesting again

It seems like you would be more honest with Jim and tell him how HORRIBLE that moustache looks

And be more true to yourself

Your true heart isn't defiant over the decline of America… You've got more important things on your mind

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Andy gets silence

that must really hurt

that's better than any come back insult

the pathetic little yapping mutt barks into the wind and no pays any attention

It's not like you need to feel compelled to be an identical replica of Jim, mimicking all of his beliefs and ideals….

It's okay to be yourself….

You'll still get the paycheck

In fact, men respect women who stand up for their own beliefs, and don't try to change their personalities just to appease us…

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You don't have to put so much effort into trying to imitate Jim, pretending as if you are indignant about people disrespecting America…

Because as we have already discussed, Jim disrespected America worse than any illegal immigrant or left-wing Democrat

Jim defrauded the United States Treasury Department, and skipped out of the country to pocket those pennies…

Jim is facing Federal prosecution if he ever returns to America, which makes him a criminal…

And he's paying you guys with money that he stole from the United States Internal Revenue Service….

Inherently, by accepting your paychecks (and your gasoline and ammunition yearly bonuses) the entire staff of the Goldwater are defrauding the United States government….

So I'm curious what gave you the idea that you have the right to pretend like you are any better than the average common criminal or illegal immigrant?

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Here's the REAL Diana… Sassy, playful, sexy, mispronouncing 'frizzy' and calling her hair 'frisky'…

Standing in the kitchen, riding on Jim's coattails, mooching off him, living in his Manila condominium, just 'being herself'…..

Not concerned about Democrats or Republicans, or making America great, or any of that nonsense….

this is the side of you that Jim found attractive, not the puppet….

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Here, standing in the exact same spot in Jim's kitchen, we see the two sides of your personality….

On the left is the REAL Diana, just being herself…

On the right is the fake Diana, desperately trying to appease Jim with the fake patriotism….

guess which one Jim respects more ?

(hint: it's not the one on the right)

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Not trying to be rude, but somehow, unable to say the word 'frizzy' correctly, mooching off Jim, spending the money he stole from the United States Treasury Department, a common criminal…

the 'indignant patriotic American' routine simply isn't believable on you

For a second there…


a 'painful sickness' is exactly how most heroin addicts describe withdrawals, sometimes calling it 'being dope sick'….

However, it's usually methamphetamine that's associated with having sores all over your face…

Is it possible you're 'speedballing', mixing heroin and methamphetamine together?

….. Is it just me, or does it seem like Jim has gained quite a bit of weight since that yoga video was shot? In some of his more recent yoga videos, each of his breasts are bigger than a watermelon….

A saggy, droopy, repugnant watermelon made out of lard

And it appears as if he's wearing a girdle under his T-shirt…..

Why don't you just be honest with him, and tell him that you find his body nauseating?….

If you were more honest with him, spending less time trying to pretend as if you are Newt Gingrich, and more time telling him how disgusting he is from a physical point of view, perhaps you could motivate him to lose some of that gross as shit shit excess weight…

A 'minor surgery', huh?…..

Diana, I have extensively researched Internal Medicine my entire life, and I can tell you for a fact that there is nothing 'minor' about having an obese white man surgically remove all of your dignity and principles….

In fact, it's apparently been a very invasive procedure…

(and the opioid pain management isn't anything to sneeze at either)

Did they use a stereotaxic device to hold your head in place for the minor surgery?…. Sometimes they use those devices to immobilize you during a surgical procedure, and I thought maybe that's how you got the holes in your face….

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2018 "lol we'll 9/11 you too if you keep going on"

There's just never gonna be any kind of consistency within this world's retarded countries, especially the mudshits ones.

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Oooops my bad

I forgot about the 'safe for work' angle… Here, is this better?

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the way America falsely blamed Iraq for 9/11 is the same way you blame everything but your own behavior and decisions for your lack of sexual prowess and social fortitude.

Nothing sucks worse than a painful sickness

Well…. Maybe there's a couple things that suck worse…..

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Like the way your skin crawls when he touches you

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I'm sorry I didn't mean to mention your skin….

I know you're touchy about that…

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But you shouldn't be touchy about your skin

I'm sorry I mean you shouldn't touch your skin too much… There's bacteria on your fingers

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i hope a bunch of women suicide bomb one of their building with a plane. fuck these oil barren a-hole Saudis.

You could actually cross contaminate things with your fingertips and end up with a painful sickness….

…. By the way, is Jim the one who told you an abortion is just a minor surgery?

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And I hope that a bunch of women (preferably School teachers) can teach you the difference between 'singular and plural'

lol, yeah focus on the spelling error. thats the REAL problem here. fuck off straw man troll. i bet you use spell check and then troll people for spelling.

Some people might look like shit in the morning, but it's amazing what two and a half pounds of makeup can do

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…. And no, I'm not talking about hermaphrodite Elmer Fudd…..

No matter how much he/she tries to hide behind Discount Store Halloween greasepaint, sunglasses or baseball hats (or an embarrassingly ridiculous imaginary military facade) he/she still can't hide the fact that it was born with both male and female genitalia, and used to appear in Bugs Bunny cartoons….

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how bout this? this do it fur yuh?

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No… I was referring to the two and a half pounds of makeup required to make you appear as if you're attractive…..

In this picture, the real Diana comes shining through….

Not the imaginary news reporter

But the real Diana

The one Jim first met well she was standing on a street corner trying to hustle up some money……

I bet you never thought you would end up mooching off of a white guy in his condominium, after he ripped off the United States government and fled America in order to avoid a prison sentence….

I bet it's even less likely that you ever dreamed you would end up pretending to be an American Patriot, while living in the condominium of a criminal who had defrauded the United States government…..

Life's crazy, isn't it?….

You literally couldn't even make this stuff up…

Here, in this picture, I would actually consider paying you for sex, if there was some way we could get you to a dentist and have him take a sanding belt to those teeth.

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Diana, I'm so glad we had this chance to bond today… I was beginning to think maybe you might not like me, but now that we've hit it off, I'm looking forward to having one-on-one conversations like this more often….

I think it's fair to say that we can both feel the electricity between us, and this is more than just a casual relationship…..

I've got to run because I'm going to start working on a painting….

I'm actually thinking about doing a portrait of you one day on a canvas… Since you're mooching off Jim, you should somehow convince him to pay me for the painting, and he can frame it and hang it above his yoga Mat….

I hope you had as much fun today as I had, and I am really looking forward to speaking with you again later on today…

I just wanted to tell you how cool you looked in your sunglasses yesterday, and I can tell that you are a very sweet sincere soft intelligent woman, somewhere deep behind that ridiculous Republican patriotic make America great again bullshit facade that you put up to impress Jim… Somewhere back behind that ridiculous embarrassing nonsense, there's a very cool chick….

And I really like you a lot….

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…. And since you'll fuck criminals for money, if you're ever in America give me a ring, and I'll line your pockets for you….

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Diana is getting loads of love today in other threads too..

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Luv ya long time!

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Why is this schizophrenic waste of life spamming this thread?

Come see. I think we fixed our programming issues in the Facebook Banning Alex thread, and the Johnny Neptune's baby thread. Now we can filter and delete Neptune posts again.

don't try and peer into the mind of a mad man. it allways brings up more questions then answers



Well, that didn't work! Back to the drawing board I guess.
Diana? Can you talk to him pleeze?

Would you believe that I have never watched a single episode of The Simpsons, family guy, King of the Hill, South Park, etcetera etcetera etcetera….


And neither has Wendy.

You couldn't pay us to watch even one episode of those God damn shows… In fact, we would each gladly pay Simply to not have to watch them

Be right back, sugar nipples

I think that in his autistic delusions he thinks he owns this board and is trying to do the same thing he did with Zig Forums by spamming it to death with poo and crabposting.
It's actually kinda sad.

You think that's funny! Go see the other threads..
Btw, I got permab& today for a thread from weeks ago about Rudyard Kipling, where I posted a Rudyard Kipling poem! Literally banhappy power-trippers around here! How ineffective, counterproductive and impotent they must feel!

damn i guess we really do need government health care. gotta get these people there medication.

I will indeed go look

…and HOW DARE YOU post a poem by Rudyard Kipling?!!….

You're lucky you just got Perma banned, and not drawn and quartered

Hey, at least you tried, right?… And for you, simply trying is good enough…..

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yes i tried. gimme my fucking medal/trophy/award damn it.

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damn i guess they guy is a fierce poetry critic or some shit. lol. or maby just insane? it cant be both because i refuse to stop thinking in singularities. its not crazy i assure you.

You don't mind if I call you 'sugar nipples', do you?….

Although I can honestly say I've never seen sugar cubes that are black and the size of a paper plate…

Who'da thunk that you and I would become 'an item' in here?…

This is amazing !!!

i love you, Diana

Do me a favor, and let's keep this secret from Jim, at least for the time being, all right?…..

………. I just think that this whole thing started so fast and now that you and I are in it so deep, there's no need to rush things and notify Jim of what's going on….

you're fantastic!!!

I love your mind, and I'm so honored to be in this together with you….

You are very special to me….

I'm so exhilarated right now

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Diana, I don't care what you look like without makeup…..

I fucking love you, man

….. I'm going to love waking up in the mornings and looking next to me and seeing your smiling face…..

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You're my little stick of dynamite!

You're my little gas can!!

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My little party girl

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#youToo, bitch

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All that sandnigger cock polishing cucknadians have been doing and they still going to get aloha snakbarred. It's almost like muslims are a bunch of lunatics who's cult is inherently violent or something.