Apple CEO Tim Cook on Apple Music: 'We Worry About the Humanity Being Drained Out of Music'

In an extensive profile of Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek, Fast Company's Robert Safian recently sat down to speak for a few minutes with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The topic was, of course, Spotify and Apple Music, two of the major players in the streaming music market and fierce competitors. Cook said that he looks to music as inspiration and motivation, a philosophy that's shared at Apple and has guided its focus on human-based music curation.

"Music inspires, it motivates. It's also the thing at night that helps quiet me. I think it's better than any medicine," Cook said.

While he declined to mention Spotify by name, Cook told Fast Company that Apple worries about streaming music losing the human touch, alluding to Spotify's more algorithmic approach to highlighting content.

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You want human touch in music? Go to actual orchestra concerts, pubs, etc.

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I actually have a lot of respect for Tim Cock despite him being a literal fag. Steve Jobs knew how to hire a successor that could make cash while still maintaining a strong vision. Apple is worth almost half of Californias entire GDP and its incredible that they aren't completely owned by some holdings company or land developer like is often the case nowadays.

Cuz it's practical to go see live music every time you want to hear music. Cook is just saying that people being lazy ass consumers just sucking up whatever spotify shits in their ears is a problem.

Ah, so THAT is what Steve Jobs tried instead of chemo?

Didn't he go on some weird-ass diet?

That doesn't stop him from being a faggot who releases the world's shittiest trendy products.

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Name one thing you can do with a pc you can't do on a Mac.

Buy a second PC with the money you saved for equivalent hardware?
Reuse your old cables?
Build your own rig?

Are you even trying?

Way to avoid the question.

Name one thing you can do with a pc you can not do on a Mac machine.


I'm trying to teach you that you are making yourself look like an idiot by thinking outdated memes are reality

Now you are using your full system hardware and can play games just fine.

Anything else?

If money is an issue you can instal Linux on the Mac for free

Anything you can do with a personal computer running Windows or Linux can be achieved on a Mac machine running osx, Windows or Linux.

You can do this on any computer. What’s the point?

Apple is the one that wants people to pay 2x for a machine that can’t even do more than a typical pc. So really it’s up to you fags to name what the Mac can do that this pc can’t.

Nigger they can do the same fucking things. The only difference between mac and pcs (used to be)
That Apple made their software for their hardware whereas Windows just made software for pc's. This is where the Mac's "just work" thing came from. With windows you need to install, update, install drivers etc. On top of this there is no way to get malware on mac without installing it yourself which makes it a much more secure system. You pay more for a mac yes, but if you can afford it you are buying a laptop that is going to last year's without so much as a crash.

I could sell my MacBook from 2012 for 700$ and buy your computer. Lol

Plus much more.

The hardware costs more but I bought mine in 2012 and can run osx high Sierra with the newest iteration of final cut, Photoshop etc. That's the main reason why Mac's are worth the price. One laptop I bought in 2012 and I'm still using it for work in 2018 and have never had a crash or freeze.

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Only poorfags buy pc's over Macs. The reason is that they'll only be using the laptop or desktop to play games and make memes as well as experiment with Linux to feel smart. You only buy a Mac if you need a work computer.

The funniest thing is that the user pays 300 for a craptop and think he got a deal when he needs to replace it in a few years.

You're about 25 years too late assholes.



Actually the MacBook will shutdown to prevent throttling when the temp gets too high. The newest MacBook had a bug, nice cherry picking though. I've never had the issue. Still wondering what a Mac can't do.

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Is that supposed to be impressive now? Video related: Windows 10 running pretty decently on a Pentium 4 from 2005. How about that?

Of course, a Mac has the advantage of macOS not being a piece of shit like Windows 10, I'll give you that.

What about beethoven.mp3 or mozart.mp3?


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Didn't even read the article. One simply shouldn't care about the thoughts or ideas of a gay man.

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There's also a rumor that he had HIV.,_2008

Can’t reformat with Linux Mint and install LightWorks, can’t upgrade from ssd to 3.5 hdd so your mac is something more than a glorified chromebook, can’t go through more than 5 IDs without bricking your device, can’t keep from glowing in the dark for various reasons among which include the obnoxious backlight, can’t upgrade your hardware or buy from more affordable retailers for fear of hardware blacklisting, etc. And those are just the mundane things. Apple a shit, braw.


Not him, but I have a question. I'm running Linux Mint and am learning Shotcut right now. How much better is Lightworks for a non-professional like me, and isn't it expensive and proprietary?

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Lightworks is the closest thing to a sub for Adobe CS that linux-based has, although Kdenlive is usually sufficient for the hobbyist. I can’t speak to difficulty as I’m not you, but video editing is a somewhat trivial task.

Oh, and both are free as in free beer, yes.


also, IETM

Face it. You have mentality of a teenage girl.
Form over function - you probably think bodybuilders are strong. You probably think Lamborghinis are fast. You're a child, and you're in the wrong neck of the woods.

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Thanks for answering. I use Kdenlive too, but kind of like Shotcut better. I'm not a Professional video editor and I don't do 3D, so I don't really need DaVinci Resolve or Blender. I'm also, yes, attracted more to FOSS applications (I like free beer too), so haven't yet checked out even the free version of Lightworks. Cinelerra looked weird to me, but I never really gave it much of a chance to grow on me either. Have you ever tried Flowblade?

What you're describing is mainstream "radio friendly" music, which has been soulless and low effort for decades save for very few exceptions. All the music that's worth a shit is created underground by artists who make music as a hobby, for the sake of creative expression and not profit. Granted some of these artists get record deals and seep into the mainstream but otherwise you gotta dig deep to find them.

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Pc can run osx, mac can run windows, only difference between the two is mac has a nice frame, where as pc laptops are far cheaper for superior performance but rarely in a "hard case". Only reason u would buy are mac U.S. if youre a clumsy retard with more money than sense. If you cant avoid dropping important things, a mac is for you. If you can, buy 3 pcs for the price of 1 mac, as all 3 pcs will have better hardware except the frame and maybe heatsync(frame again)

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Tons of shit. I hear Mac users bitch all the time that they have to use a Windows machine to get certain things done as they have no Mac Equivalents. The only thing OSX might have over Windows is Audio, but if you encompass PC as a whole, then I could just install Linux and get those Audio features with ALSA easily.

Enjoy your overpriced piece of plastic.

How will rosties ever recover?

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I have a Mac and it’s pretty great for the most part. The truth is that generally an equivalent PC will cost the same amount.
PCs are unquestionably more modular and better for gaming - mostly a waste of time, but once I’m financially comfortable I plan on having a tight vr setup for flight sims.
MS office for Mac sucks though. I’m an excel power user and none of the keyboard shortcuts work compaired to windows.

Little late to be worrying about that.