Texas Tech Police Advocate Campus Carry


Two years after a law passed allowing firearms to be carried at Texas Tech, campus police say the university is a safer place. Thanks to the law, the police say potential shooters are deterred from attempting a mass shooting. "I believe it makes the campus a safer place, to live, learn and educate," said Amy Ivey, a lieutenant at the Texas Tech Police Department.

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I guess it's not a coincidence that you selected an unappealing photograph that looks so masculine… That's not an attractive woman, and I know that you're not attracted to women.

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I've noticed that you don't have the balls to 'report the news' about your idol Trump admitting that he's been lying about 'collusion' with Russia, and that his team knowingly met with a foreign national to get information against his opponent, WHICH IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE.

when are you going to grow a pair of balls, Elmer Fudd?

This is a good thing. the sooner more Texans are dead the better we're all going to be.

You know what else is a federal offense?

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*in a whining, EFFEMINATE, lisping voice*

"You know what else is a federal offense? Murder."

shut the fuck up, Alex Jones Jr.

By the way, Alexis Jones….

Murder is A STATE CRIME, not a federal offense.

You're one of the stupidest fucking idiots I've seen

Can you quote the exact law then smart guy?
Or does me asking that question expose your bullshit?

Which exact law?

Do you think I'm going to sit here and type all 50 states' laws on murder?

YOU'RE the idiot who erroneously asserted that murder is a federal offense, so why don't YOU type the one federal statute?


Look at what I responded to, you moron.
I am asking about the law about collusion.
I am not the other guy.

Oh…. THAT law…….

You are obviously an intelligent man, and I know that you enjoy research….

So may I suggest research federal campaign law, especially regarding foreign Nationals…

You're in for a real eye-opener

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LOL @ 'public' IPs

I pay damn good money for access to the 17,000 IP addresses at my disposal, and the 'public' can't access them unless they pay as well.

Say that, in Summer 2016, a top Hillary Clinton staffer gets a message: “A Miss Universe contestant — Miss Slovakia — says that Donald Trump had sexually harassed her. Would you like to get her story?” The staffer says, “I’d love to,” and indeed gets the information, which he then uses in the campaign.

Did the staffer and the Miss Universe contestant just commit a crime? Yes, under the analysis set forth in the past couple of days by some analysts, such as my University of California colleague and leading election law scholar Rick Hasen (UC Irvine School of Law) and by Common Cause; Hasen was cited by the Wall Street Journal and CNN; similar arguments were quoted by Dahlia Lithwick (Slate).

Foreigners who aren’t U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents, the argument goes, are barred from providing candidates any “thing of value” in connection with any American election campaign. Campaign staff are barred from soliciting any “thing of value” from such foreigners. And, the argument goes, valuable political information about an opponent’s misdeeds is a “thing of value.” (Hasen notes that the Federal Election Commission has treated some information, such as contact lists, campaign materials, and polling information as a “thing of value.”)

What’s more, this would apply not just to foreigners who live abroad. If a Slovakian college student who is studying in the United States called the Clinton campaign with such information, that would be a crime. If the Clinton campaign heard that Mar-a-Lago was employing illegal immigrants in Florida and staffers went down to interview the workers, that would be a crime.

And it would make opposition research on much possible foreign misconduct virtually impossible. Say that Clinton’s campaign heard rumors that the construction of a Trump resort in Turkey might have involved some shenanigans. It’s likely impossible to effectively follow up on that without soliciting some valuable information from foreign nationals, such as foreign government officials who were (hypothetically and allegedly) bribed, or rivals who may have a motive to provide information (recognizing, of course, that any such information may be untrustworthy unless it’s otherwise corroborated). Or say that Bernie Sanders’s campaign heard rumors of some misconduct by Clinton on her trips abroad — it wouldn’t be allowed to ask any foreigners about that.

Woah those are pretty strong laws.

Sounds like the DNC paying Chris Steel to produce a dossier to undermine Trump was totally illegal?

Technically, it falls under 52 USC 30121

but it's also a crossover into other federal statutes regarding such crimes as treason, etc.

(And that doesn't even include the subsequent and clear obstruction of justice)

Yes… I'm NOT a Hillary supporter. not in the least. in fact, I hate her just as much as I hated ALL of them.

I'm not a Democrat, or a Libertarian, or a Republican, or an 'Independent'.

I'm none of those things. Fuck that shit. IM AN AMERICAN…….

all of them need to be charged criminally and sent to prison.

If you'll care to notice, I've NEVER said anything positive about Hillary, so it's a distraction technique on your part to try and suggest I'm pro-democrat, when in all actuality, the intelligent response from you would be to simply admit that YES, the 'Commander in Chief' has been lying the entire time, he's full of shit, cannot be trusted, and you've got egg on your face because youve been insisting he was telling the truth all this time.

I wasnt suggesting you were pro democrat.
I would never insult someone like that.

I was just reacting to how harsh the laws are in the US and pointing out an example where nobody seems to care about breaking them.

If Hillary had've been elected (god forbid) right now, I would be saying how much I hate her….

for different reasons that I hate Trump.

Hillary is evil. She's insane. She's corrupt as shit. She is maniacal and crazy (as in: literally crazy) but she's not 'stupid'.

She would be detrimental to America. It's scary how detrimental she would've been, but she wasn't elected…

Trump WAS elected (god forbid) and although he's not intelligent enough to be maniacally evil, he IS in fact stupid as shit. I hate him for a completely different set of reasons.

And he is also detrimental to America. He's already been the bull in the china shop, causing damage that will take years to reverse if not longer.

His 'amazing business savvy and negotiating skills' are non existent

He's a bumbling idiot.

Just because I hate him does not mean I like Hillary or any of the other candidates…. In fact, I can honestly say I've never seen a more regrettable selection of candidates in my life.

Oh, trust me… I CARE…..

they all need to be thrown in prison, along with their staff, Congress, the Senate, ALL OF THEM….

I honestly think we should have an A.I. administration… just like a Tesla automobile, there should be a 'human' oversight committee (driver) watching the wheel just in case, but an A.I. Presidency would operate on parameters that are concrete, and based on the binary code of law, without greed or hidden agenda

by the way, I love my children

it's fair to say that I love my children more than any trump supporter 'loves' trump….. And I have a natural inherent inclination to be on their side, to defend them, to support them, and to lean in their favor…..

But as much as that's true, when my children have fucked up and done something wrong, I'll admit it. I won't become defensive and ignore the fact that they are guilty of the infraction…

But trump supporters are SO eager to turn a blind eye to his stupid transparent mistakes, first insisting they never happened, and once they can't deny it anymore, claiming the mistakes are 'acceptable', trying to point their fingers at other people (who are not the president) to distract from the fact that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes

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Jimmy, I want to tell you something.

I was watching you guys discuss the Steven Seagal thing, and an interesting thing happened:

I realized that I actually LIKE YOU

it turns out that you aren't as uncool as you seem. It's too bad about some of your other beliefs, because they make it hard to 'look under the hood' and discover that when it comes down to it, you're actually an okay guy.

after really listening to you discuss fuckface Steven Seagal, I realized that 'where the rubber meets the road', you're actually pretty cool. I'm convinced that you and I probably agree on a lot of things that I would've never suspected.

I'd like to ask you a favor, please.

Ask Jim 'what exactly is it that he wants Neptune to 'stop doing'?

I'm a very reasonable guy.

I can tell by the way you used bold and italics. That is super duper caring.
However most people only care when it helps their side. Particularly the news agencies who have a lot of personal relationships with career politicians.

An AI president would simply do the bidding of whoever programmed the AI.
That is not a great idea. Unless I get to program it then its a really great idea.

Lmmfgdao@super duper caring

Furthermore, LOL@ a really great idea.

FYI: I've always been humored by the anal retentive frustration of control freaks, who get bothered by the occasional use of ALL CAPS, trying to insist that the use of uppercase letters indicates 'shouting' for some stupid reason.

This is the clearest indication of an uptight, uncool, anal retentive control freak.

That's the reason
why I structure my
words and sentences
in such plainly irritating

I see the use of caps, bold print,
italics, etc as a form of emphasis


since I've never gone to Reddit
I find the suggestion
the way that I structure
my commentaries is
'Reddit spacing' to be
just as fucking stupid
as suggesting that if I was
to type SOMETHING in

all caps, that I am
'shouting', and it
proves that I am

lol when someone tells me
that the way I structure my
posts is 'irritating'…………..

it's like someone telling
me that the airhorn I am
blasting directly in their
ear is 'kinda loud'………

that was the
whole idea

You're trying too hard.

If the AI President were programmed with the open transparency and scrutiny of
the entire world…..

and the process was managed
by a bipartisan committee

and the ONLY data allowed to
be entered was the Constitution,
the Federal and State Laws, the economic information required, the laws and regulations of foreign countries, the history of NATO and any other relevant historical alliances, and basically the complete history of the human race and the full access to the military, political, scientific, medical, psychological knowledge database of the internet….

(And of course I'm just speaking off the top of my head so I'm leaving things out that I'm just not thinking about right now)

Make sure that it's completely unbiased regarding political party affiliation…..

…..power it up and let it fly…..

I think it would be fascinating to watch the changes it makes in the first 24 hours, logically eliminating 75% of what we have all been brainwashed into accepting s business as usual, the dead weight that holds us back from making progress….

lol @ your lack of perception

I'm not trying at all

(You should see me when I really put effort into shit)

I think you'd be surprised

Dear Jimmy, when are you going to try to pawn the Goldwater story about the fetus being found in the American Airlines airplane toilet?

I am eagerly awaiting an opportunity to use my graphic I threw together…

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Honestly, I put much more effort into every day occurrences like irritating the fuck out of customer service representatives, to the point where they will do anything just to get me off the fucking phone… Like actually reducing my existing bill of $100 a month for four lines of completely Unlimited high speed data, talk and text down to only $40 a month for the exact same service….

or playfully irritating my wife just for fun…

or ANYTHING that I do in life.

I'm simply an 'irritation machine'

and I'm so well oiled
that I never
break a sweat

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and when I actually DO decide to put extra effort into aggravating people, it's not a matter of 'trying too hard', or even 'trying' at all.

it's a honor……..
it's my pleasure……

it's like accusing
somebody of 'trying
too hard' to empty their
testicles into the girl
they're already fucking

Diana's not a bad person

she's a sweetheart

let's be honest, she's
not exactly Alberta Einstein
in fact, she's dumb as
a bag of rocks…. BUT
she's not a 'bad person'

I definitely see a bit of a bitch
in her personality, a condescending, judgemental, inexperienced, confused, snooty hooty, self-entitled bitch…..

so she's not necessarily
a 'good person', either

Q: how the fuck do you put up
with her?

I admire your ability to
pretend that you like her

it shows a decidedly
dishonest sociopathy
on your part.

just because she has a vagina,
she gets to 'reign supreme' over
you, when in fact YOU'RE the one
who should be calling the shots

Not Jim…..
Not Diana……


Last night, Diana once again proved why she has no place in your work environment.

she admitted that she didn't know the definition of 'procrastination', nor could she pronounce it.

She also admitted that two days ago, she learned what a 'dingleberry' is.

I don't have to tell you how stupid she is. You know better than anybody. She's like a 14 year old that was raised in a box, and kept away from all knowledge and culture, then suddenly released into the real world, and given access to one of Jim's laptops.

The end result was a Taylor Swift fan who doesn't know what 'procrastination' means, stares blankly, unable to hide the fact that she doesn't know half of what her co-workers are talking about at any given time, and mimicks everything Jim says, desperate to cling to her newfound status as 'allegedly mattering'.

yet you're the smart one
you're the motor that
drives the machine

Philip's not stupid, but he's not like you or Jim

He's an opportunist, and clearly a liberal left wing wimp, who's pretending to agree with whatever you say, simply because he's incapable of making it on his own without mooching and becoming a remora.

But you could make it on
your own. you could run
the entire thing without
anyone else's help

In fact, if Jim would simply
keep his nose out of it and
let you make all the decisions
the whole thing would function

Q: how do you keep from
telling Diana to STFU?

I'd like some artistic advice…

do you think that this fetus looks good enough to accompany your article…….


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….do you prefer this one,
where I made the top of it's
head and it's shoulder come
out of the toilet water ?…..

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because I definitely like the sense
of 'depth' that's added when it
appears that parts of the dead
baby are above the water line

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my wife said I needed to add some feces, just to convey how irrelevant the child's life was

but it's YOUR article, so I want you to be happy with it.

which one do you like best?

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