Tesla Halted For Possible Securities Fraud As Musk Sends Hitler Memes (Video)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk did it again. After a few months of getting into hot water over social media battles against investors, analysts and British divers in Thailand (see our related coverage) this time the former chairman of the SEC, Mr Harvey Putt, claims that his latest twitter storm, in which he warns that it might be time to take Tesla private, “could be securities fraud if he was trying to manipulate the market.”

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/33384-Tesla-Halted-For-Possible-Securities-Fraud-As-Musk-Sends-Hitler-Memes-Video

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I think Musk is a talking cat.
I'm not going to bother listing the feline traits because anyone who doesn't know them already is (a) not interested and (b) prone to angry denial despite evidence.

Moshe's mad that a non-jew has so many shekels.

annnd 88 get.


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nah, he mad he will have first-mover advantage on space travel and related industries, if not stopped, he'll have leverage over literally everyone including Rothschilds or whoever's over them.

And it seems he has no intention to cuck out to them over control, which is great.

Elon for galactic fuhrer 2040 ruling from the seat of power in the re-conquered New South Africa

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it really seems like you would eventually stand up for yourself, and tell Diana to fuck herself.

Then, tell Jim that if he doesn't let YOU run the Goldwater, you'll go find a real job.

Last night, Jim admitted that The Goldwater isn't making any money. He said you guys were thinking that selling coffee cups that said 'Murica' it would save you from bankruptcy.

It's a sinking ship

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Take your meds, incel.


Aahahahahahaha someone might get banned from (((Zig Forums)))

Take your meds, incel spammer.

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I'm OK with this.

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not nearly cool or respectable enough to be an incel.

but they can be an honorary chad.

That lady holding the sign saying "pennies for the hungry" needs to lay off the food and share with the rest of the group.


The creepiest yet most interesting people have weird frenchesque voices. How come every once in a while I see this:
1.Someone posts either a software security story or an off topic comment
2. Someone claims they're on drugs
3. They spend the next half hour to few days on and off arguing, with one posting more articles/images/videos and the other calling them names.
Seriously, why is that a thing? Comments like yours (cool to see your being nice (I don't think it's sarcasm) and all to whoever the fuck) and seem to be a reoccuring event. Also if thegoldwater is really losing monies, why not run some ads? Someone's got erection pill virus spam that they'd love to put on any site.

He's half Chinese you retard.

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Oops, can't make jokes about Hitler!

Keep fighting, Lina.
Never say die, Lina.

I knew he was our boy

you can't help but find people who think they can actually take over the world with the populations of two countries to be extremely hilarious.

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88 dubs of truth! Everyone say it with me ..MOSHI GET BACK IN THE OVEN!

Given a couple more years they would have had nuclear bombs and ICBMs.
You really think just because the US showed incredible restraint dropping only 2 that the nazis would do the same?

we have no way of knowing what they would of done. and when people debate it, its all just politics. its all just conjecture and guesses and opinion.

The guy I was replying to was being far too sure of himself.

the irony here is i am the guy who posted those joke images and the comment.

All I can say is that I agree with you 100% that your post was bad.

what's so bad about it?

Like this guy said theres no way of knowing what they would have done.

i wish nuclear weapons weren't real. and the reason is because they always want you to believe you need to seek out some tv ad leader to give them to. giving real weapons to unreal people who feel being real is a mistake just plain scares the shit out of me.

Gee, really? It's like being a poorly-written rag with no Soros money isn't really profitable.
Unfortunately, that also spells doom for Zig Forums, since Yogapig will probably pull the plug on it as soons as he can't keep footing the bill. RIP Zig Forums, it was a good ride while it lasted.

No he'll just sell it to the next fool dumb enough to buy this place. If it goes under, I'll just follow /cow/ to 8ch.pl or wherever they go