New Social Media Platforms Discovered Thanks To Alex Jones’ Martyrdom

A few months ago, we published an article about the train and taxi strikes in France. Given the fact that people still needed public transport, many over-40 French commuters from surrounding cities needing to get to the so-called ‘île-de-France’ (the communes surrounding the capital Paris where the heart of French economic activity is located) discovered for the very first time apps like Uber, Lyft, Blabla-car (it’s a real thing) and Wayz. All these apps offered discounts during the strikes.

Ever since then, their growth in France is unstoppable and public transport falls back further.

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We need decentralized ones that although can be taken down it's a lot of work to do so. Like tor hidden services but tor is not ideal for streaming videos.

Just think what new discoveries await the userbase of 8ch upon the imminent martyrdom of Jim Watkins!

Except gab is more kiked than twitter could hope to be.

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The fediverse is a thing

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Speaking of crying like a bitch..

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We need decentralized internet in general. Also operating systems need to be decentralized.

I'm certain you're the only one crying like a bitch.

That's 5.6 MILLION new subscribers at $54 a year!

Alex has enough money to create his own Twitter and Facebook and You Tube all by himself ffs.

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Alex Jones is a fraud entertainer and his lawyers have used the defence that he is just an entertainer at trial. Yet some lo IQ inbreds still lap it up. Dumb fucks.

God bless the Streisand Effect.
These leftycuck censors are their own worst enemies, the average normalfag can clearly see that the so called "nazis" the left constantly alleges exist are at best delusion and at worst propaganda.

Stay mad.
Alex Jones brand of entertainment calls out and turns people away from these Marxist ideologues. Fraud entertainer or not few have done as much as him to damage the lib agenda.

Subscribing is free, DumbDumb

Alex Jones is a con man. Only a fool would think a man who proclaims that fish people are a reality, would think that his brand of entertainment would do anything but turn people away.

Hes a zionist shill, a habitual liar, and a tainted with lead snake oil salesman. He hasn't done "damage" to the "lib agenda" hes part of the controlled opposition. Hes a jew puppet at worst.

It's almost as if he's paid to be controversial on purpose! Oh wait that's exactly what it is dumbass. Nice Investigative work.

Ddg Invisible internet project

This, but I bet each one will buy something from his store.


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But they still considered it bad as Zig Forums?

Quite literally this, and they seem to be utterly unable to see it, they just double down even harder, and even the dumbest of normies is taking notice.

Microsoft DaaS - coming soon to a theater near you!

give me $100 million and an infinite timeline I could not sabotage the left from the outside better than they are doing all on their own.

That's because they were making it seem as though his obvious satire were legitimate. Like when he dressed up as the joker. That was a joke. Jones even said he had to stop the satire because people couldn't tell when he was joking.

What new social media was discovered?

read the fucking thread

I don't see anything we didn't already know about so I ask again, what new social media?

I tried out for a while but I didn't like it. It's trends encouraged debate over a lot of sensitive topics and I didn't feel comfortable using the platform. I do like how they created a free speech zone though.

This is what blows me away, Colbert did the same schtick for years defended even when going to a white house inauguration as a guest of honor during Bush.
But Alex Jones does a conservative version and the left can't take it.

Good you thin skinned faggot, the reason the country is in such a mess because people don't debate.

Second this.
No familiar with or wtf kind of domain is xyz?