Argentina abortion: Senate defeats bill after polarising debate

Argentina's senate has rejected a bill which would have legalised abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

After a marathon debate, 38 senators voted against it and 31 in favour. Its defeat means lawmakers must wait until next year to resubmit legislation.

Currently abortion is allowed in Argentina only in cases of rape, or if the mother's health is in danger.

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How is abortion even an issue? How are so many women "accidentally" getting pregnant? You don't trip and fall into pregnancy. How hard is it to take a pill? How hard is it to insert a diaphragm or IUD? How hard is it to not get cum in your pussy?
With all the different birth control options available, there is no excuse. You must have intended to create an innocent human life for the sole purpose of destroying it.

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overturn the pink tide

This. Women have all but perfect control over their fertility even if they're taking 20 cumshots a day. Any woman negligent enough to need an abortion, even with god knows how many billions of dollars worth of medical research and technology to keep her womb empty, should be involuntarily sterilised.
Not an argument. I'd be shocked and amazed if rape victims accounted for a single percentage point of the total number of abortions carried out. N.B. that's the actual rapes that have been confirmed by police investigations into the crime committed, rather than a woman who uses the word for any of the few thousand reasons they have for accusing men of it without cause.

women are morally repugnant subhumans.

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The way it should be.

Not "I'm terminating because I have plans for my career and I want to keep partying and this is a huge inconvenience" while complete imbeciles breed like rabbits in the distance.

It's common to see convenient secondary reasons come up to justify abortion. Rape comes up. Health comes up. The usual what-ifs. But the feminists and liberals never dare to mention the actual reality of what the average abortion seeker really is: an irresponsible teen or twenty-something who see the life growing inside them as a hindrance and an end of fun.

The finality of sex is the prospect of unintended pregnancy, and feminists, seeking to remove any and all accountability from women, push hard for abortion. How do you make America great again? Start by bringing back that accountability.

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Conveniently ignoring all the unwanted kids ready for a life of neglect, abuse, broken families, orphanages or becoming pets for rich faggots who want to show of their new accessoires.

Gee, I don't want you to murder someone and now they are my responsibility to take care of for the rest of my life? What a fucking idiot .

Murder not being legal. Go figure.

The struggle of being liberal

Jesus fucking christ, if I were a yank what are the benefits as a man to getting married? Seriously? Just stay single or boyfriend girlfriend. It's not worth it.

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Funny how it all comes down to people being responsible for their actions and choices.

Glad to see you guys are catching on.

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They're also essentially engaging in self-harm every time they abort their fetuses
Some of the side effects of abortion include abdominal cramps, nausea/vomiting, fatigue, excessive vaginal bleeding, sore breasts, an infected/damaged womb, diarrhea, deteriorated mental health and even death
And they fucking WASTE it because they want their shitskin BFs

This absolutely should not be recommended because the xenoestrogens left behind by the waste from the pills and IUDs linger in the water supply

Not to mention morally bankrupt

I broke up with my ex fiance because she was constantly being passive aggressive and breaking down to tears because we didn't have enough money to move from our apartment and go on vacations (we were paying off our debt and spending all our money on twice monthly dinners at restaurants) screaming she didn't imagine her life being like this. I ended up reaching my limit and just called the wedding off, we were having trouble saving for the event anyways because she had no economical restraint. I have a better job now and am looking forward to taking care of myself.

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In 2018 any man that enters into a relationship/marriage is entering into cuckoldry(unwillingly of course). Women fuck anyone they want whether married, engaged, single, in a relationship—it doesn't matter and the current culture absolves them of all responsibilities.


how to tell if someone
who frequently loses
at life because he is
absolutely shit at getting
pussy: he deludes himself
into thinking that his
wholly sedentary lifestyle
that involves playing
videogames and watching
anime is a "winning" move
by any stretch of the

Abortions are a reward for whoredom and should be only allowed if the woman was raped or if her or the life of a child is in danger.
Like other anons said, you don't accidentally get pregnant in the 21 century and condom is not even 50 cents.

Enjoy raising Tyrones kid m80.


Nice comeback, Sassypants !……..

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I fucked married, engaged, and women in a relationships. I have seen it all first hand. I fucked women within minutes of meeting them. Marriage and relationships are cuckoldry. Women award some men with sex without commitments…if you're not one of those men and you really really want 3DPD just rent the pussies. The good thing about renting is you get to pick and choose. You, Johnny Niggertune being 54 yo won't understand how shit is now–you're a traditional motherfucker.

Youre an idiot. Letting whores who dont want kids select themselves out of the genepool means within a generation you dont have to deal with nearly as many of those shits and women who want a family outcompete and outbreed them. Just dont let shitskins flood into the country and you are good to go.

None of this would be an issue if men would start using mass violence, and the first person they should shoot is everyone telling them not to.

I kind of want to know what Resolved that question.

You should be more worried about memes. We have basically the same genetic drive to reproduce as our ancestors a million years ago, but cultural shifts can happen within a human lifespan.

Hi, I am from Argentina. Planned Parenthood shits know that Trump is going to kick them out of the US, and they know the effect of that will affect their "interests" in other countries as well. They want to hide the truth about countries like the US, where abortions have been legal and performed for decades, and the true effects of that on society can be now studied. The facts, the numbers, the testimonies, paint the grim picture of what abortion really is. Not to mention that today, technology and hidden cams allow for a full disclosure of what PP is really about (selling fetuses, killing babies, mass murder for satanists, etc.). As soon as Trump got into office, PP has swarmed countries like mine, like coackroaches running for their lives, in an attempt to violently impose their business. They mostly use crazed underage "feminazis" (nazi feminists) who know nothing about life in general. The abortist violent pack is made up of students, feminist activists (paid), and women of middle and upper classes, who have had many abortions (they are confessing now) and they just want their "lifestyle" to be legal anjd even "cool". They play with this like it is a game. Also, they play on the social unrest here, because the lower class and the middle class are really poor here, there is structural poverty, it is not like in the US, and it is getting worse by the day, courtesy of the corrupt administration in office. People are killed by poverty here… anyway, these PP filthy people hire activists that floord the airwaves of the complicent fake media, and social media, they pay and enroll actors, tv personalities, sportspeople, etc., and they all pretend to "debate" the "abortion issue" like it is a health national emergency (sic), and not a penal code/constitutional/moral one. They viciously attack anyone who is against it, they twist some facts, lie about all numbers, ingnore any voice or question leading to a true debate, it is the militia from hell really. The few voices against it in the media were ridiculed, attacked, they lost their jobs… They flood the streets, with people repeating like parrots what they hear on tv and social medida, and wrap the fucking green hankie around their wrists… When the lower house of congress passed the law to the senate back in June, they cried emotionally hugging each other, they celebrated, they were happy. They thought it was a done deal. They were stopped for now. But they are here to stay. Even the ex-president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who had been against even debating the issue, has now flipped 180° and voted for the legalization of abortion in the senate. She even let out the threat that "if not this year, it will be legal next year, or the year after that..:" almost stating it like a campaing point (next presidential elections in 2019). She is supposed to belong to the PERONIST party, which can only be pro-life (Evita, anyone'). It is truly sickening. I thought of emigrating anywhere. I lost friends over this rubbish. I cannot stand it, and will not be friends with abortist activists. But they have been held for now. I pray everyday. God bless.

We not too long ago had something like this happen in the US. It was over net neutrality. The US citizens lost. Ajit Pai, the ISPs, and the paid anit-NN shills won. After the shills got paid they vanished.
Every country is a slightly different human farm…Argentina(from what you describe) sounds like a pretty bad human farm though.

NN shills are retarded as usual.

Yeah. Those poor kids, so sad.
If only it were legal to kill them.