Teenager becomes first minor prosecuted under Russia’s anti-gay 'propaganda' laws

A schoolboy has become the first minor to be prosecuted under Russia’s strict “gay propaganda” laws.

Maxim Neverov, a 16-year-old from the city of Biysk, was reportedly fined £50,000 rubles (£580) by a court, according to campaign group the Russian LGBT Network.


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This is scary af, how long until sharia law tyranny causes this in more places

How progressive! :)
We're breaking new grounds here, I wonder what other new firsts there will be! I just love this culture of worshiping "new" and "first" things to ever happen, it's very heartwarmingly progressive. :)

Opposing this means you are on the wrong side of history, backwards luddite. :)

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So fags want kids to be able to consent to sex legally, because they know what theyre doing and capable of such decisions. but if the government goes after a teenager for spreading propaganda, they shouldn't be able to because he's too young?

remember, NAMBLA marched in every gay pride parade until the mid 1980s when the rest of the fag community, marxists, and democrats decided to tell NAMBLA to quiet down while they push the fag narrative forward. now that they got faggots "adopting" little boys to be allowed, its only a matter of time before they normalize the relationships between little boys and gay men.
if you support/defend homosexuality, you support/defend man on boy pedophilia by default.

Nobody should be prosecuted for being homosexual, but promoting degeneracy onto healthy citizens should be prosecuted viciously. Whoever uses sexual orientation for political purposes should be hanged for treason against humanity.

t. 2016-tier luddite
You're on the wrong side of history. It's 2018, get with the program and start throwing gays from roofs! :)

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That Putin is such a neanderthal animal, Russia would be much better off with these fine young people dictating their social policies.

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Now if they could just put a lid on the Russian wigger wannabes.

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The thing is, Russians HAVE to ban gay people. Everyone in the West looks at young Russian girls and goes "That's a not terrible look, I'd fancy shoving my cock in there" until they see the old Russian ladies, at least.

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