Bikers for Trump are getting their pro-Trump shirts made in Haiti because the US is too expensive

Bikers for Trump, a prominent Trump support group that has met the president numerous times, is making its pro-Trump t-shirts in Haiti because the prices in the US are too expensive.

Chris Cox, the founder of Bikers for Trump, said in an interview with the New York Times that US manufacturers were too costly. "I looked far and wide to try to get a shirt made in America, it's just they get you, they gouge you," he said as he sold $20 Trump shirts from his RV.

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LOOOL imagine the doublethink, so much for Trump’s policies huh? How much more can you Trumptards take at being BTFO?

you kikes are really reaching, don't you think?

It's called trade you fuck. Trunp didn't want closed borders. If you can get it cheaper elsewhere then do it, the reason why is even more experience here is due to old shitty trade policies that got Trump elected in the first place. Hopefully with the trade negotiating and the lessening of tariffs on supplies needed to make those shirts, we'll be able to get domestically made shirts for a better price that makes it worth buying American. Don't blame Trump for policies made far before his time.

They either don't understand cause and effect or are pretending to not understand, trying to demotivate his supporters by bringing up things that resulted under Leftist rule.

You're not getting the point, which is common for trumpfags. I'll patiently wait for trump to tax/fine the hell out of the bikers until they bring their t-shirt production back to the US.

no, the reason things are more expensive here is not because of "trade policies" it's because the US dollar is the go to currency for most things in the world and hence, more valuable than other currencies. So naturally it's cheaper to make things in other countries. What's trump trying to do?
Well, I've said it a million times before but trumptards don't want to believe it. He said he'd drain the swamp, tell the "elite" to fuck off and work for you, the little guys, but he's done the EXACT opposite. The swamp has been filled to RECORD levels thanks to trump shilling for the worst of the corporations (big, rich corps and banks, israel, the military industrial complex, etc.) Now he's trying to bring about the globalists final goal - to get all currencies to even out, so that we can propose a combined currency, kind of like they have with the euro, except there will be a global currency that will make trade more "fair" for everyone.

inb4 trumptards denial.

you party is 6 million in debt
and would be in bankruptcy without a fresh 2 million dollar loan

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fyi, it's under republican rule and thanks to republican policies (like what caused the 2008 recession) that the US deficit increases the most. It's also under their watch that the divide between rich and poor has grown the most, where US companies, even highly profitable ones, reward their employees with zero-low wage increases while the rich get huge increases, then when there's a little blip in the economy, "oops sorry we can't afford any raises, or even employees now, you're fired"
razor thin margins, then they're forced to make things in china (just ask donald and ivanka trump) and then what happens the next time there's a recession? nowhere to go, things just get worse.

as in something the guy did in the past, but not anymore

Your party wanted unfair trade that resulted in this mess. Don't pretend.

you give places like haiti a massive trade advantage. then blame someone for using their business because they wish you didnt give those places an unfair trade advantage and want the unfair trade advantage to stop?

you kikes are unreal.

lol, holy shit did you really mean to say that? do you understand literally nothing about economics? or are you pretending to be retarded.

i'll just wait for you to explain how that's wrong.


t. libtard

Bikers for Trump are getting their Harleys made overseas, too.
If American manufacturers cant compete with foreign-made shit, then they need to either make better products or hire better management.

Any Americans jealous of Haitians because they get to sell Tshirts is more than welcome to move there
Or, you can let those niggers make tshirts, and get some kind of actual useful skill that lands you a better job.

Seems like the only kikes here are people like you that support faggots selling these items made in another country only to make a profit out of it.

Let me put it this way, remember those European politicians who made shirts protesting the detestable conditions of sweatshop workers? Then we later found out those same sweatshop workers had made those shirts in those same detestable conditions and that those politicians charged a pretty penny for those same shirts?


in other words the companies were using Chinese materials and that the market will adjust to American materials as time goes on

If you want to be a serf then move overseas. America should be for superior whites only

Bit too late though since America is 53% white

a few hundred years ago it was 0% white. Not too late, we just have work to do

eh never was it 0% white, even excluding the Indians you guys had BASED Nigger Slaves the Jews tricked you into buying

Keep screaming. Music to my ears.

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trump shilling for the elite, being hypocritical, constantly contradicting his own words, caving to north korean threats, and sucking russian cock is music to a trumptards ears?

yeah, I guess you're right!

Oh wait hang on.