Jaden Smith Opens Up About Obama, Aliens, Time Travel And More

See, now this is just the kind of thing that happens when you let your kids hang out too long with Scientologists. Will Smith's son Jaden (who refers to himself, unironically as the "new Carlton") is claiming that he has spoken to Obama about aliens and that the fictional state of Wakanda from the Black Panther is a reality.


HuffPo interviewed him after his appearance at Lollapalooza and he rapped with them about Inception, time travel, aliens and a real life Wakanda:

“I will keep it real broad and simple, real broad and simple. The technology that we’re currently at is not the maximum of the human capability,” he began, “and that there are places in the world where their technology supersedes what we see here on a daily basis. It’s made by humans, and it should be acknowledged, and it should be looked at because it could heal a lot of problems.”

You mean like a real-world Wakanda?

“Yeah,” he said, ”type shit.”


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What if hes not really insane and hes just trolling the fuck out of everyone.

Anyone with a brain knows this

/trying to use his influence (((created persona))) to influence these sheep who seem to listen to any random trash thrown at him to make them work towards a greater goal without being miserable ?
who knows

if only us dumb fucks didn't know what they are doing with super conducting materials.

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Why do rich kids always end up being insufferable cunts and/or completely delusional?

>(((Zig Forums))) agrees


That would imply he has some degree of intelligence, and judging from how vacant his eyes look I'd say that's not likely.

Because they're normally heavily sheltered and disconnected from the real world.

This is what happens when young black men and famous black men in general join the Hollywood crowd.. There's no telling how much this kid been raped and abused on the casting couches of Hollywood.. Look at all these movies with famous black men dressing up as trannies and in drag.. These White Hollywood Jewish communists queers want to keep the Black man down through confusion about their role models and sexual disorientation

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I met Jaden Smith one time. I socked him in the face and I called him a queer then I ran off. Good thing I was wearing a mask and shit so he couldn't identify me. Keke

Is that a skirt?

Is this really news? Has he ever said something that wasn't retarded?

I'd just like to say NIGGER since Zig Forums is getting all gurlsy with the racial slurz

the human race is no longer the customer, it is the product.

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Yep. Remember the interview Dave Chapelle did before he was exiled a decade ago where he said that "Hollywood won't stop until every black man is in a dress"? This is it coming true. All the "drag" shows these days predominantly have blacks in them and blacks have already been softened up to the idea of wearing feminine cloths with saggy ass jeans (like the fags in jail) and super tight unmanly pants.

true, just look up trannies in your local area, 10 to 1 majority are black

The Ivory Tower, ladies and gentlemen.

Now the rumor is the old DC is gone and replaced with a clone

Keeping it real….real dumb.

I just came here to say..

no one gives a fuck
no one
I didn't even read more than the headline
no one gives a fuck
no one
no singular fuck was given

Our boy is trying to fill in the vacuum left after Alex Jones' digital execution

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It's a sad thing to watch.

They're trying to emasculate all men, sure, but there's a pointed effort to try and do this to black men in particular.

no, thank you.

Did obamster rip him open when he blacked out
What kind of news media doesn't follow up on that?
I expected a kid raised in hollowood would blurt out

"Ohh i was with obama and blacked out \ fainted ….. Gayden recalls being woken by the scent of burning laters and a ballgag on his face.John podesta tattood his initials on me''
What a great reporter?????


He didn't say Wakanda, and people hiding technology seems obvious. I saw a "UFO" once, and it only seemed like a very advanced, diamond, fire, light that didn't allow glowing outside of it's shape. It could all be a conspiracy to bring the world together.

yeah, me too. year was 2013 or 2012. The object I saw was triangle with two rows of lights, moving low and slowly, not big, no sound. Was happy to see some shit out of normal life… and

And later 2014-2105 I saw on the new Ukrainian marine border troops showed a plaque with all sorts of shapes they were looking for disguised as russian pilotless surveillance planes. And triangle which I'd seen before was one of them. So… I believe in russian tech just scanned my neighborhood. Military easily can make this type of shit, disguise it as anime character and send to monitor your house and yo will believe anything you want. Also I'm looking for for that news article with a list shapes… there were a lot them… ((

hey me too i saw one with the same details in 2009 in puerto rico, jayuya while visiting my grandma but when i saw it through the window i was freaked out and wanted to go out and have a better view at it but my grandma noticed me and stopped me from going out and she told not to go out. all that i'm telling you guys is real in puerto rico theres a lot of weird ufo stories specially in the rural areas.

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Wow. Just come to europe. Or better, don't

Well you got one thing right.

Black men have been effeminate for decades already due to their frequent lack of fathers. Putting them in skirts is a pretty short leap.

Not to mention their obsession with emulating gay prison culture.

The Jews fear the black man? This is news to me.

Shit. this is for you Jaiden!

He figured out the formula!

This is not news. This is nigger nigger nigger. If you care about what a cross dressing faggot nigger has to say, you need to seriously re-evaluate your life.

He said nothing wrong in particular. The internet degenerates want to feel superior.

"How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?"

Yea, he's a dummy who was educated beyond what his intellect needed

Don't really care what he thinks, but this is just another reason why socialism needs to be stopped. Unions and special interest groups have allowed uneducated valueless entertainers like actors, athletes, singers, etc., become the richest 1%, with our taxes (ie athletic scholarships, arts endowments, etc). Democracy is supposed to be a meritocracy, where the highly educated who innovate and thus drive technological, economic and military growth are supposed to be in the richest 1%. Instead, special interest groups have flipped it around and made stupid actors who add no value rich on the backs of hardworking knowledge workers. #Republicans2018 #Trump2020 #TrumpJr2024 #MAGA!!!

Plus he is a classic example of how a single special interest group has swindled the money from the diverse masses of knowledge workers and kept it all to themselves, and have made up phrases like "white privilege" to keep us distracted from the truth. Oh, there is an ethnicity that is privileged, who is guaranteed a six figure job as a benchwarmer in the NBA, or as a junior rapper, regardless of their education credentials, but "surprisingly" it's not caucasian.