Chrome may soon add a feature that will speed up the entire internet

Google’s Chrome browser is the most popular web browser on the planet by a massive margin. According to market research firm Net Applications, Chrome’s share of the global web browser market was a whopping 62% as of July 2018. The number 2 spot was held by Microsoft’s old Internet Explorer browser with just under 12% of the market, and Firefox rounded out the top 3 with 11%. People love all things Google, and Chrome has been a smashing success. In the early days people flocked to Chrome because it was so well tied in to Google search. Now every web browser offers easy access to Google search, but people stay with Chrome because it’s simple and reliable.

In reality, every major web browser out there right now is about the same right now, all things considered. Sure they look different and offer slightly different features at times, but they all offer impressive performance and the same basic design. That may soon change, however, because Google is working on a new feature for its Chrome web browser that could be a game-changer for users. In fact, with one single feature Google might manage to speed up the entire internet for Chrome users.

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Sounds like a good idea but I imagine users with slower memory are going to experience a lot of page stutter when images are culled into view rather than just having them all preloaded

There is no excuse for this.

Google is a fucking terrible search engine, as of two years ago. Also, muh botnet.


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But that's admitting defeat.

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or use Brave?

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Brave on mobile + Vivaldi on desktop master race here

Google's going to throttle more sites on non-Chrome browsers?

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I like & use vivaldi for the desktop, but brave on mobile sucked last time I tried it.

I have a better idea for speeding up the internet. It's called "disable javascript and forbid all third party connections".

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related, why is it that things my pentium 2 computer from 1997 could do easily, my 2011 laptop has trouble with? why could I make word documents with 128MB ram before, but now I have 2GB and it's not enough? It's the same text, its not like theres videos and shit embedded in the document
I also have a fast desktop but I think my questions still valid

google sucks dick and chrome doesn't deserve #1

That "new" feature was actually used in opera mobile years ago

check out Bryan Lunduke vid Internet Sucks
for every 1 MB you need 100 MB of RAM
go and memory snap your fav sites - they fucking huge

also world is retarded for using chrome

Pale Moon is fine and I use it, but you should use multiple browsers for multiple purposes. Having a Chrome-based browser is a must in this age of bloated web.

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I recently upgraded my PC with a pentium 3. That thing used to be able to load a YouTube page in at least a minute. Now, even with an upgrade, it can't even load the video player without the browser crashing
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Pic related..?

If the image placeholders are the same dimensions as the images then it shouldn't be a problem.

I was also thinking this was an old technology that I had heard about. But it never really caught on. Perhaps slightly different, but the idea was pre-caching all the pages linked from the site you're currently on. But I suppose implementing something like that in modern day wouldn't work because links can be dynamically generated in all kinds of ways. It's not a bad idea from back when most websites were just static pages though.