Alex Jones' Twitter Suspended For One Week

Jones' Twitter was suspended for one week for saying these words in a Periscope broadcast, "now is the time to act on the enemy" ahead of a "false flag" attack. Really? Maxine Waters calls for her supporters to attack people on the right including bullying high-level Trump administration out of restaurants and screaming outside their homes in large gatherings.

So how is it a black democratic congresswoman is allowed to call for people to "push back" against her political opposition yet when Alex Jones, a right-wing conservative, calls for action from his followers he is temporarily banned? Jones' statement was technically made on a different platform than Twitter yet he has been suspended on Twitter nonetheless. Is anyone starting to connect the dots here? How much longer will people tolerate Republican members of Congress being shadow-banned, conservative YouTubers attacked daily by having their videos flagged and demonetized, and in some cases actually physically assaulting them all because they don't agree with their opinions?

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Let him put his money where his mouth is and start an alternative social media platform without censorship. A platform that systematically exposes the censorship of freedom of speech to protect immoral politics and greed filled revenue streams…then again, Alex Jones. I don't see anything happen in that direction.

Zig Forumstards will get mad about this.
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Maybe you should do some research.
He was right, despite how strange it sounded.

do you need to do research to know that the earth is flat?
i'm not wasting time looking things up to combat you conspiritards.

All right. We win then.

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Diana, when James wrote this article, he was still thinking to himself how much he opposes censorship.

Meanwhile, he spends 1/4th of his work hours trying to censor Johnny Neptune, simply because he disagrees with his opinions.

Would you mind explaining that ?

What money?…. He's about to lose every fucking penny in the lawsuit, all because of his stupid mouth

keep that mind closed goy, anything talmudvision told you is abnormal is definitely not real.

hes a large figure that exposed sandy hook as a fraud and they want to sue him so he can no longer speak his opinion that happens to be right.
and you think this is good?

google deleted all of the videos related to it. showing the family laughing and smiling the day it happened, then tearing up before camera, the videos showing proof the school was closed at least a year prior and bulldozed a month after the shooting, and in addition to bulldozing they pulverized every beam/brick into dust before taking it away. the empty houses with no owners in the area, the street lights not connected to the electric grid… all sorts of crazy shit.

all the evidence was removed because "bullying"

wake up.

He was right about that, idiot.

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LOL@ HOW STUPID you're going to look when he loses every penny in a civil courtroom, after he has been given every opportunity to prove that the Sandy Hook incident never occurred, and he is found civilly liable for undue emotional duress caused to the parents of the children who were indeed murdered.

and LMMFGDAO @ out of course, you're not going to admit that you were wrong, and you're going to claim that the civil litigation was another conspiracy…..

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If male animals could not fuck other male animals, homosexuality would not exist in the human race.

For your information, dumbass… Homosexual Behavior has been observed in all kinds of different animal species…..

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There's no shortage of stupidity in here

The gay frogs are probably the only thing he was right about

Why is it up to him to prove a negative?


it's not rocket science

Alex Jones will be given his opportunity to prove his point in court.

If he can prove that the children never died, then the plaintiffs' case will disintegrate, and the court will rule in his favor, and the plaintiffs will have to pay his legal expenses.

But if he CAN'T provide proof, the court will rule in favor of the plaintiffs, and the 6 person jury will decide a fair dollar amount to levy upon him for punative (punishing) damages.

This isn't any 'slip and fall' case…
The jury will be putting themselves in the shoes of the families, taking into consideration the emotional trauma of having their children murdered, then the compounded emotional torture caused by a man who publicly ridiculed them, minimizing their grief and anguish, called them liars, and intentionally multiplied their emotional pain.

The jury will ask themselves what would be a fair financial punishment if this happened to THEM………


Negative? Are you talking about the negative energy he's been putting out?….

or the Negative balance in his bank account after the trial?

anyone who's studied law is POSITIVE this is going to be hilarious when he gets crucified.

Zig Forums warned you, bro.

AGAIN: nobody expects you to have the balls to man up, and admit that you were foolish and mistaken.

We are all perfectly aware that you're going to grasp for even more imaginary straws, read some ridiculous overly complicated maniacal global conspiratorial sequential idiotic theory about how the courtroom was a false flag, and the jurors were actors, and the judge was one of them federal agents at the school, and the news reporters were all aliens, and they filmed the courtroom scenes on a soundstage secretly constructed on the moon, and you're going to repeat it like a parrot… You're going to bark and squawk, repeating yet another unoriginal conspiracy theory, trying to present it as if it was an original concept of yours, pretending like you have some kind of inside knowledge…..

That's because you are disenfranchised

The reason you have this personality flaws it's because you are compelled to overcompensate for your overwhelming self perception of inferiority

But I've got some good news for you: you were actually correct about one thing

you indeed ARE inferior, and had every reason to overcompensate


Jones is a man so it's a given that he'll be discriminated against in the court system. All the plaintiffs have to do is get some women on their side to cry(fake crying of course) and the judge and jury will take their side and fuck Jones over.

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wrong again…….
I realize you're compelled to bring your distrust of women into it, but your theoretical 'prediction' of an upcoming conspiratorial event controlled by women isn't what's going to happen in that courtroom.

A civil court decides LIABILITY

and Alex Jones IS indeed liable
…………………..financially liable

see, of course a mother's pain from losing a child is immeasurable… Of course it is….

But it wasn't just mothers who suffered.

These children had fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents……

your theory was all about 'a secret plan' (conspiracy) which will create a false ruling against Jones, but it was missing a few key elements: the actual proceedural criteria and protocol of a civil courtroom……

Alex Jones is sooooo fucked

Lmfao get outta here Barbara Bush

As if we've never seen cases where everything gets thrown out for the benefit of women.

conspiracy theories:

expressions of FEAR

it's a window into your inner fear

the 'women will win because he's a man' type 'feminist conspiracy' theory demonstrates a fear of rejection by females

a 'jewish conspiracy' theory demonstrates a fear of people who've managed to overcome adversity, because you're afraid to admit that you feel inadequate, that you can't overcome your own lazy sedentary procrastination.


man up

and stop trying to blame others for your own inability to conquer your fears

not everything that you don't like is 'a conspiracy'….

Here's hoping you finally
get over your fear of
rejection by females


I've got some shocking news to report:

The Earth is not flat
The Moon is not a hologram
There's only one Sun
They didn't make a second 'artificial Sun'
Obama is not A Space Alien
There's no such thing as pizzagate
Anthony Bourdain was not murdered

There's no need to fabricate false flag events with crisis actors, when this world is filled with idiots like Elliot Rodger and the other mentally ill latent homosexual teenage losers with the ladies who couldn't control their anger because girls would laugh in their face.

There's no reason to pretend and create a false impression of a world gone insane, when this world has indeed gone completely insane a long time ago, and it's not going to get any better

Conspiracy theorists have nothing in their life, no accomplishments and no real experience under their belt. They feel disenfranchised and isolated, inferior and inadequate… They feel overlooked by Society, and perceive themselves as being misunderstood geniuses 'with all of the answers'…….

That's why they're always so quick to represent themselves as 'knowing the truth', especially regarding situations that They Don't Know Jack Shit about….

You guys are quick to parrot the repeated mantra 'false flag event', 'crisis actors', 'no children died at Sandy Hook'….. But you've never been to Newtown, Connecticut in your life… You've never been within 300 miles of that school, and you have no fucking information whatsoever, other than the same predictable repeated trendy catch phrases you read on the internet….

You don't know anything about the situation at all… But that doesn't stop you from asserting that you are an expert on the subject…

You're a fucking douchebag….

an inferior, irrelevant, continually overlooked douchebag……

You're a novice at life…

You Don't Know Jack fucking shit

That's right, just keep turning him into a martyr.

Daily reminder that simply filtering "…" gets rid of the vast majority of the boomer schizo's posts.

Q: if you have him filtered, then how are you always able to tell when he's here?

Q: if you have "…" filtered, how would you be able to read your own post, since it also included "…" ?

Q: what makes you think that anybody other than you feels threatened by his popularity?

Q: what gave you the idea that we are interested in copying your cowardly behavior of running and hiding with your tail between your legs?

Q: how long have you been intimidated by men with more charisma than you?

Q: do you think you inherited your cowardice more from your mother or from your father?

Q: are you willing to admit that although you're intimidated by Johnny Neptune but, you're also simultaneously secretly sexually scintillated by him?

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People like you are making it impossibly obvious: dissenting opinions from the mainstream is the only consistent crime that exists. None will be spared who deviates from the sanctioned tv/facegook narrative.

This opinion has no value - it reeks of failure in the culture war. Go win something, then come back to us.

AJ has claimed the reason these "lawsuits" exist is primarily so media can say there are lawsuits against him and use that. MSM will never update coverage when the lawsuits are dropped or won by AJ.

The MSM goal is already accomplished (almost), by getting him shutdown, so these lawsuits will fizzle out after they peak in usefulness to MSM.

The MSM attack on AJ was coordinated across all of them and is still continuing on, with the grand finale that AJ said he wants violence against media (which he never did say or promote).

He is an easy target, the low hanging fruit. Their attack is intended to be intense and, to those paying attention to the details, obviously unjustified so as to provoke a response which they can then generalize for use as proof they were right, and to apply more attacks on a widespread basis to more prominent individuals and entities, whom they can not easily attack without lots of good sounding ammo.

So the AJ attack is only a step in a sequence to acheive a more widespread and more "mainstream" attack on the others.

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