Amsterdam - Man Eats Raw Meat in Vegan Food Festival (Video)

A man in Amsterdam might have given some liberal vegans a dose of their own medicine when he staged his own odd protest in their food festival. He ate raw meat in an obviously vegan event.

The man was even filmed chewing on the meat. Witnesses said the meat was “literally dripping” with blood as it was being eaten by the man. The man was also seen wearing a black vest top with the slogan that read: “Go vegan and die.”

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Give the man a medal

Thumbs up. Nothing more pathetic than some drones celebrating a Jewish marketing scheme, while animals suffer and die in the billions. I hope he ruined their day.

Reminder do not eat raw flesh like this…it can kill you.

the dude in the video exclusively eats raw meat and nothing else and has been for years.
if the meat is clean and from a good source, youre perfectly capable of eating raw meat.

Depends on what meat and where you get it. If it came in a plastic box then you're probably right though.

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imagine feeling like a bloody predator among a crowd of weak little vegan boys and girlies.
you walk with a heavy and theatrical pace, arms low, to your side, showing your red hands to the pale faces of terror which do not dare to look into your raging eyes.
you grin, silent, and walk by.

Don't underestimate the foolishness of the masses who see pictures like this and start munching down the steak that's been lying in the fridge for a week. Which brings me to another reminder…it's better to assume everyone is dumb than finding out later.

The fact that humans tend to store food while animals eat the raw meat right after the kill is one of the the biggest reasons that they do not have issues with it while humans do.

Yep. Yet another lie to masquerade ourselves behind civility and morals.

It's almost worth the e.coli poisoning.

Sw3rige recently dumped his sugarmomma and needs 500/mnth for…moar meat.

Plus beer is core diet. Rice and greens as they come.

inb4 he dies of a parasite like a fucking retard

t. vegan fantasy

All this, just for protesting against vegans. This guy must have gone nuts! I'm pretty sure he got hospitalized after that

Yes you can eat raw meat. No it is not always more healthy than eating cooked meat, because unlike a wild animal the human digestive system is relatively weak and has evolved to digest cooked meat more efficiently than uncooked meat. Other reasons to keep eating cooked meat include, parasites, viruses, prions, bacteria, and Mexicans not washing their hands. Seriously, just cook your goddamn food. Losing a few vitamins and nutrients in the process isn't going to kill you.

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He's an animal.

There's a reason we cook food.


i'm left as fuck and i only eat meat, who the fuck cares, i got friends who are vegan commies too
it's you nazi faggots and 'librulzz' who care about this kind of bullshit, wasn't your buttboi hitler a vegan?

Mmm, nice post composition.
Yep, this one's going in my cringe compilation.