Tesla board members reportedly concerned about Elon Musk's use of Ambien

Musk said in the interview he now needs Ambien to sleep, but board members are concerned that the drug isn't having the intended effect for Musk, the New York Times reported citing an unnamed source. Instead they fear it's fueling his controversial public statements. The report also says board members are aware that Musk has used unspecified "recreational drugs."


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This is a (((legal))) method of gaining ownership and control of a company. It's legal theft and it's hilarious.

He probably consumes drinks with caffeine in them as well.
What a fucked up druggie.

They have been printing alot of stuff in the media that appears like character assassination, implying hes into orgies n acid.

That was only recently ,before that with pride they printed he was hillary clintons biggest donor in California before Trump beat her.Oh n they implied teslas a ponzi scheme in the same article, dont think his politics have changed any so its clear who he stands with imo. But having said all that it looks like hes being setup for a massive fall…

Musk is gradually shifting into Howard Hughes mode.
>Obsession with (((Hollywood))) actresses

forgot to add:
there are all erratic behavioral traits similar to howard hughes
how much longer before elon stops clipping his nails and taking showers or barricading himself in a room full of pee bottles?
wealth and power aren't all they're hyped up to be. drives many men nuts.

Or maybe the MSM has clearly been trying to make him appear as an unstable lunatic, and idiots like you lap it up.

yeah, the msm boogeyman forced him to make crazy tweets at people
sound logic, m8
take your meds

Grow up, idiot from Zig Forums. He hasn't said anything remotely crazy or unhinged. At most, he's been petty.

He's over working and under a lot of stress. apnews.com/583eee4fa11640b3a409d7e6d539678c/Musk-tells-newspaper-he's-cracking-under-stress-of-Tesla-job

accusing a rescue worker who suggested your absurd submarine device was a less than ideal solution was a "pedo" was both crazy and unhinged.
musk is a lunatic and a dangerous time bomb waiting to explode.
take your meds

Not really considering the geographical region. Uncalled for sure but not much further than that.

Invest in Tessa now, trust me.

If space x reaches mars or mural lace is successful elon will make so much money it will makes the riches collected from oil look like change.

Musk is hardcore into developing strong AI and is hell-bent on ruling over humanity both on this planet and on Mars.
He's a sex-crazed, drug-addled loon who wants absolute power and to rule the world, no different from Hitler.
He should be immediately put into a straitjacket and locked up in a mental ward forever.

Musk is criminally insane and like every villains, he unconsciously leaves behind little bread crumbs to give clues to others about what his ultimate goals and motives are.

For example, one word: neuralink

There is still a human being hidden somewhere deep within Elon's body, but he is powerless over the demonic forces at play within Elon's mind. His erratic behavior is a cry for help for someone to stop him before he causes irreparable harm to humanity.
It is imperative that Elon is forcibly institutionalized in a mental hospital immediately for his own good and the good of humanity.
All of his "projects" should be scrapped and his companies liquidated.


Aka, (((they))) fucking made it up.
Hopefully this just means they don't give a shit and felt like they had to give some useless response to the (((media))) to make them fuck off.

The far left

Everyone knows the only reason people like you are out in force is because if he is successful he'll essentially be the new leader of mankind. You are afraid to see a white skinned individual have more power than all the current globalist combined. Elon can steal the future and people are afraid.


Have you read what he's actually tweeted? Its not crazy at all. Controversial and trolly, but you might as well be calling him a racist bigoted shitlord for all the water "crazy" holds.

If Elon Musk is crazy, Hillary Clinton must be a raving fucking lunatic for all the retarded shit she's said and done.

It's natural for mentally ill people to defend other mentally ill people, especially if they are successful. It's like a projected form of self defense.
If you are an Elon fan, it's pretty much guaranteed you are mentally deranged and in serious need of meds and mostly likely, inpatient therapy and hospitalization.

So that's why you hate him. How much did you lose betting against him Chaim?

He's reptillian, shitlord

Why wouldn't you expect an alien intelligence to use the most obvious, "respectable" camouflage of all? White skin.

Don't trust the human that uses A.I. to build all his cars and then tells everyone to not use A.I. because its dangerous and will destroy the world. Elon is the classic used car salesmen sleaze. He has way to much power and money and he is a total pussy and going to get taken by the sharks who don't care if he lives or dies.

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Prove it with something you found that wasn't on the internet



explains his tweets

lmao, what, and you suck his dick because you want to be him? fucking loser, get your own life

I like how even looking up to someone is bad in your world. Yeah, I think he's great because his endeavors have yielded results. I want to see humanity get to mars and I want to see the potential of neural lace. You seem to fear it so you go out of your way to try and smear his character in an attempt to make him less palatable. Stay mad, your insults won't change anything.

You just outed yourself reddit

the mentally ill right

lol he's gone from someone people either love or ignore to someone almost universally hated by anyone but pathetic futurist faggots like you who think we have any chance of living on mars (we don't, ever)
like…woah… he can…. launch satellites… and… build cars…. woahhh dude…. we're totally going to mars….

redd8chan is literally a reddit refugee site lol

Everyone the right disagrees with is a commie. The elite who traffic in children, cover up pedophile-related crimes for their buddies, and joke about raping the goyim children are the ones who get labelled "pedophile."

yeah i'm sure that old brit cave diver was an elite who covered up pedophile related crimes for his buddies and trafficked kids
the billionaire with interests in car manufacturing, mining and space travel who enjoys orgies and acid, and has a girlfriend that looks like his daughter definitely isn't an elite amirite
your movement is shit and you will never, ever stop embarrassing yourself

Do you think the billions of plants and animals we slaughter and eat every year think we're evil?

lol nice set up for a joke because elon uses A.I. to drive and literally steer cars down the road. i found it funny when one drove and crashed into a parked police car. I hate him for other reasons

the stuff elon musk talks about is far greater and more important then that annoy autistic sperg called elon musk.

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He called one person a name, get over it. People get angry. You are the kind of person who would put your kid on medication for 'adhd'

he's losing it

We all know why you really hate him.

he's cracking

The opinion that musk was unstable due to calling someone a pedophile started on reddit and is perpetuated there. It makes sense shills would be here pushing that topic considering how many users in this place also use reddit.


this thread is perfect example of kike shilling.

dude, bro, you forgot he can build batteries and dig holes. that means we are so totally going to mars man.

if knowing means believing the made up guesses in your head i guess you know then. hahahahahahahahaha

I dropped by to say: all the faggots defending musk are retarded but not for the conclusion you just jumped to. The reason the anons defending musk are retarded is because he doesn't need it. A group of autists can destroy an insignificant person but not someone like musk. There is a coordinated effort to ruin musk by destroying his character, this is because he is white and non Jewish. If he is successful in his space faring endeavors he will be the richest man to have ever lived by a long shot. Imagine how much power that is. All the money made through oil will pale in comparison to the riches harvested from the moon, mars and potentially comets. Anyone saying elon is unstable is a bot or an user that thinks real users are saying this shot and just wants to be part of what the group is doing.

this thread is a waste of time, elon already won, the only way it can be taken away is if they make him look insane

sell sell sell

well im glad we at least have someone who can speak for all animal kind. damn dirty humans.

plants have feelings too

says were in a simulation with zero proof.
calls a person who saved a bunch of kids a pedo.
sells self driving cars that crash.

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the irony here is that if we are a simulation then we were the A.I. all along

he is a fraud at worst and a puppet at best. probably of clive sinclair.

At least you admit you hate him regardless

Look I can greentext too

I just picked up some Tesla stock

To anyone who is questioning why the tides seem to be turning on musk just go watch some msm. He's being slandered on every channel. It's obvious ((they)) are trying to ruin him. He is on the cusp of becoming the most powerful man that's ever lived.

i'm the guy that sold it to you. thanks for holding my bags.

That stuff's a bitch to get off of. I took it for two months and coming off, I had to step it down a bit each night. I slept worse for 2 weeks than at any point I had with my sleeplessness before. Never again.

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Reminder than none of this hate was happening before he said Karl Marx was a capitalist as a joke during an interview.
The shills are out for blood because he's a rich white man who isn't a communist.

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it will be successful when they have actual tunnels that people can use. they haven't completed one tunnel yet. nice green text now go blow a rainbow

Maby when a guy is saying they are going to terra form mars and live on it you should have at least a tiny bit of skepticism. NASA said that it literally cannot be done. Elons plan was to nuke the polar ice caps which is your only source of water atm and it wouldn't help the atmosphere of the planet in the slightest. HE IS A GOD DAMN SALESMEN AND YOU MORONS EAT UP HIS SHIT LIKE ITS CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM.

What a shoooooooooocker.

I wonder how many of the (((concerned))) are kikes.

You are just mad he isn't on your side of the partisan divide faggot

im just mad because he targets stupid kids who believe the crap he tells them.

This is satire….right?

lmao no one responded to me because i'm too right

if only i could use nanites to separate the iron from the oxygen on mar rusty red surface and release it into the atmosphere to transform it.

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thank god, bring it on.

Elon Musk paid to have these rumors started so his stocks would dip and people would sell. He wanted to go private but wasnt able to so now hes making people sell and buying up all the stock.

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Didn't he have to sell to Soros? He has kids.

hey whoa shut up woak person

Yeah but they didnt care about it when they were making tons of money speculating with the tesla stock and scamming governments for carbon credits. Nope, only now its a problem, pure coincidence.

BTW I hate this musk memefaggot and the niggers who worship him but the reality is that he's getting fucked by the usual suspects.

i wish he would have stayed away from that drug, but fuck me for caring right guys? :(

So many peps trying to voice their pathetic opinion on someone who builds rockets for living

Elon Musk show signs of dissenting against (((the narrative)))
>He needs (((therapy)))

Like small cogs and springs that operate within a chronometer

First (((they))) ousted Papa John and now they want Musk's head? They're starting to get too greedy

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lol you weren't suppost to post that.

I'm shocked.

Go back to your crazy circlejerk board, commie. You people are just cancer.

Kikes and useful idiot commies. All of them.