Satanic temple sparks uproar by unveiling statue of goat-headed, winged creature called Baphomet

Satan worshippers turned out to cheer the unveiling of a bronze statue dedicated to a goat-headed, winged creature called Baphomet in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Satanic Temple organisation arranged the rally outside the Arkansas State Capitol building to protest a Ten Commandments monument already on the grounds.

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why must schizophrenic people talk in bible-cryptic? it took me a while to understand what he meant by this, really inconvenient and for that he has lost my vote, hail satan.

go figure.


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Hillary Clinton

Interesting i posted similar comment earlier, been removed…

Here's a tip for you guys…use your Satan worshiping cult to preach against the sins capitalism is committing. Do this in detail while pointing out what the right way looks like and watch how people will flock to you from all over the world until the corruption of capitalism will end at the hands of Satan. Imagine the publicity, imagine what the history books will look like when Satan drove the Jews out of capitalism.

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Why would satan work against his oldest allies?

How is it not Satans biggest achievement to become the liberator of this planet? All the other religions would literally implode with hypocrisy and lack of followers, while the image of Satan becomes the new main religion. Satan would become the face of humanity for the foreseeable future. Imagine humans all over the world looking at a Satan statue while feeling ashamed how evil they once were.

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Statue looks cool

No one is denying satan's plan to rule this world and trap every soul on it. Other religions goals are to ascend this world.

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Isn't this super old news? Like 5 plus years old?

(((They))) were in control for decades now, they're just starting to publicly plant their flags now

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Are you retarded, Billy?

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God forbid anybody be offended by something.

i was gonna say that i can't wait to see all the broke-brains get triggered by this but whoops looks like they're already in the thread lol


Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

So tell me how is it an achievement to liberate what is under your control already. All you need is to take a vacation.

you guys need to consider a little thing: rock and satanism are controlled opposition, openly sponsored by the powerful ones.

they are only there to filter new recruits and deflect attention from higher ranking satanists, who can pose as the good guys.

finally someone explain to me how religions would be hypocrites when it happens what they predict. (not that predicting implies anything about the supernatural, but at least be logic about it)

tell me, if our enemies are so powerful that they can create entire political/religious movements with relative ease, then what are you doing to stop them?

250 years from now: people will think Satan was an alien dictator from another planet and Jesus was a mole man from the center of the Earth.

Donald Trump

Bless you.

that doesn't sound right, did they turn to the dark side after WW2?

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Is this our OG Baal going on tour again after his Punic Farewell Tour?

I wonder if they side with or oppose Nazis.

The Church of satan is actually pro capitalism.
One of its demons actually, "mammon".

That's lame. I thought it was all about free will, amorality, everybody could/should do what they want.

Ironically there's an object or entity to be worshipped.

I bet they post on social media too to let everyone know how different they are.

They probably hang out here, until they get fed up with every one of the articles being from the Goldwater from the "independent thinkers" here.

Well by the logic of Christianity the first person to ever revolt against the modern world was Satan

This was done by the SJW group the "Satanic Temple" not the original group the "Church of Satan".
While the church of Satan was more or less one of the first trolling groups, being more of a group of extreme atheists who didn't even believe Satan existed. And were in fact all about alternative lifestyles and of course trolling Christians at every opportunity.
I don't actually know if the SJW "Satanic Temple" actually worship Satan but it's fairly certain as SJWs they don't believe in the freedoms of personal choice the "Church of Satan" does


Uh-huh. Like 2013 to be exact as I think some people within the community we're having a fucking bitchfit about it but that was about it.

Oh wow. Look at this totally organic and completely local group of protesters. They must really care about the freedoms of Arkansans to form such a large group and go to the capital. They surely arent trying to stir the pot. No sir, only good intentions and completely local support and money here.