Admiral who oversaw Bin Laden raid says it would be an 'honour' if Trump revoked his security cleara

William McRaven, commander of the US Navy Seal raid that killed Osama bin Laden, condemned President Donald Trump on Thursday for revoking the security clearance of former CIA chief John Brennan and asked that his be withdrawn as well.

The decorated retired Navy admiral, in an open letter published in The Washington Post, defended Brennan as "one of the finest public servants I have ever known" and accused Trump of using "McCarthy-era tactics."

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So many commies in the military now. To hell with these 'people'.

Oh waow, like anybody would give a shit about his "sacrifice"

Oh you mean that thing where not a single pic leaked out? We can go watch them give Gadaffi a steel enema. We can watch Saddam Hussein swing around like a pinata. You can see JFKs head fly apart but nope no pics of this supposed boogeyman that they supposedly got. Anyone who still believes these people after the last 2 years of blatant lies is basically worshiping the government as a religious entity at this point.

This is what these shit heads do whenever someone takes a stand against them. Don't fall for their name calling, and hang these traitors.

What good does it do for America when retired officials retain their security clearance?

Some sad government boomers just need to let the fuck go instead of whining about their slip into obsolescence - like it's a crime that their utility is drying up and their careers are winding down.

anyone with talent is run out of the united states military. i know from personal experience. General Pertraus was a made up fake figure too as well as this guy. They are totally fake credit stealing losers.

This is what I don't understand. Why do retired servicemen retain security clearance? There's no need for them to have it.

I mean, he's not wrong.

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Who or what is Bin Laden? I've heard him being compared to Emmanuel Goldstein from 1984 but was he a real person?

They make a fortune as consultants. Clearance is critical to that. Right or wrong, it's what happens.

You sound like a butthurt Dishonorable Discharge faggot. STFU.

Because conservatives privatized the military, and now it doesn't have the ability to do military stuff without employing a bunch of people who already know what they're doing in the military, as civilians, at three times the pay. Also, because it takes tens of thousands of dollars to go through a significant security clearance once, leaving it on saves money if the same fucking people are going to walk up three months later and ask for a job as a contractor doing more or less the same fucking thing.

I know you're lying because the point was never about "talent". Not in any military ever. You don't need talent if you have technology and tactics

Amen. If talent were a thing we wouldn't even have the infantry

Bin Laden died shortly after 2001 and it was from kidney failure. He was a CIA asset to the end which is why they let him go to a real upscale hospital for treatment rather than let him die. They lied about him still being alive because it allowed them to continue fighting for Israel. They kept his corpse on ice then dumped it in the middle of the ocean after they pretended to 'capture' him.

So it's almost certain this admiral was in on it and the establishment must have so much blackmail on him so he says what he's told so he doesn't go to prison for screwing children or whatever they caught him in.


tactics is talent and you need to be trained to use said technology. you defeated yourself with your own argument. if i give you a typewriter you still need the talent to write a best seller.

and you sound like a cock sucking leashed patriot who would get raped by your heros and come back for more and learn nothing from it

all right but revoking the security clearance of former CIA chief is risky, keep it and make him pay for it.

at least Leon Panetta had the class to meet me in person unlike these bums. I wonder if they will screw him next.

don't believe the fanatics in the faction wars

only in the officer corps. this is a side effect of requiring a (((college education))) to be an officer.

Retired military are still liable to be recalled until they either die, or officially renounce their retirement benefits. The JROTC instructor in my high school was a retired Marine CWO-5 that got recalled

It's not risky, he's volunteering to have it revoked. Give him what he wants and put him out to pasture.

I have done relevant experience
It depends on what is meant by retaining their clearance. Having a clearance means you passed a background check into your loyalty and affiliations. The fact that you passed it doesn't change when you leave your position. However, need to know is required if you want to access anything, so if you're not in a position, you don't have the means to access anything
The checks are expensive too, so if you get a different role that requires clearance before the old one expires you don't need a new check.

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how else are these poor ex-military supposed to make a living if they can't sell state secrets? You expect them to beg on the side of the road to pay for their lifestyle? Don't be fucking stupid.

ah yes, the bin laden raid. aka, that publicity stunt obama pulled when it could never be proven he was alive or dead to begin with, which provided no evidence it has ever found bin laden.

bin laden was educated in american universities by the same traitors who make up the left today.

So.. you ARE a dishonorable discharge. What was if for? You suck dick? You sound like you suck dick.

no they never leashed me and they are begging me to come back. I WONT

so many russians in this thread.

The real Bin Laden was (?) an old CIA agent with relatives in very high places. Supposedly, gone rogue. As in, "I want to beliiiiiiiieve".

But didn't Russians die out without shiny socialism and glitter and were replaced by bots? Which one is $CURRENT_TRUTH?

Which means Trump is doing the right thing

I wonder if this traitor realizes how much credibility he's bestowing upon the God Emperor.

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