Satanic Temple Protests Ten Commandments Monument With Goat-Headed Statue

It was there, then it wasn't.

Like an apparition that happens to involve a forklift, a truck and a 22-hour drive, a bronze statue of a goat-headed-and-winged creature appeared for a handful of hours at the foot of the State Capitol in Little Rock, Ark., on Thursday.

"I present to you Baphomet," Lucien Greaves, co-founder of The Satanic Temple, told the cheering crowd that had gathered for the "First Amendment Rally."

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What a crazed world we live in.

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I support this.


Nice to see Freedom of Religion is still one of the few rights America still actually has.

The fat feminists with the horns, oh boy lol. Why does satanism draw the atheists, feminists and lefties to it?

When are they going to put up a statue next to Jewish monuments?

what is the message this is trying to send?

Why doesn't their message of removing the scourge of organized religion meddling in politics draw more people from the right? I mean if you're remotely libertarian they're fucking awesome. Or, I guess if you're looking back fondly on being fondled by a Catholic priest or ISIS raping the heretics or sucking off Jews or something, I guess it's really terrible?

Why can't they ever protest islam?

Not a lot of Islam in Iowa?

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freedom of religion involves statues in PUBLIC places?

I understand christian or native american religious symbols. because they CONQUERED that land.

I understand when the majority of LAWFUL citizens vote for the installment of religious symbols (the lawful and not the smuggled in citizens, because smuggling people and giving them votes is essentially an invasion, and invasion is likely prelude of genocide, ask sitting bull).

I don't see any other cases where this is justified, be it baphomet in the USA or a cross in Iran.

ITT how the alternatives to christian bigots are eager to abandon rationality as soon as it suits them, for trolling or actual support purposes. Pathetic.

It draws in people that want to validate being a piece of shit all the time.

If Christians were rational they could see that their religion is on the verge of becoming nonexistent. Corrupted from within, overshadowed by evil and with no hope for the future.

Cop out. The real reason is that Muslims are violent, so they terrify people, and they're not white, so they can get away with it.

You got your idea of satanism from Zig Forums, who got it from Chick tracts.

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Fuck those people. I hope the burn in hell. Pun Intended.

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well fuck which is it? Either you dont want to force it on others or you're doing your best to force it where other people have theirs

Most Muslims are Chinese. They don't terrify anyone unless you're afraid of not getting your electronics shipped quickly.
Thanks for your input, /trannypol/. GTFO and get back to suckpolishing your bad dragon collection.

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The "Satanic Temple" is simply a SJW group attempting to appropriate Satanism away from the First Satanic Church.
Everything they do is to generate publicity to attract people who wouldn't be interested in SJW nonsense and indoctrinate them under the guise of Satanism.