PragerU tweeted on Friday that Facebook deleted some of its videos for violating the social media giant’s “hate speech” policies.
PragerU also said that its past nine posts by the administrator who posted the deleted videos have been shadow-banned, reaching none of its followers.
PragerU has fought big tech before. It filed a lawsuit against Google for demonetizing their videos, but the judge tossed it out.
Facebook is censoring PragerU videos for violating its speech codes that prohibit so-called “hate speech” and shadow banning its posts, PragerU wrote on Twitter Friday.


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imagine my shock

Pozzed companies like ((faceberg)) needs to go.

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This. We need a non-leftist alternative. Silicon Valley is too pozzed at this point.

there's already alternatives for google, youtube, and twitter.

personally I don't see a point in faceberg at all. women posting about what they had to eat for lunch followed by "and that's why we need feminism."

Same here, dude. Never even got an account. What's a good alternative to gmail?

Pick up the fucking phone or visit their fucking house, you lazy piece of shit.

hahaha! Let them keep on going, I want to see them ban every piece of wrongthink, soon there will be no actual discussion left and everyone but the most diehard leftists will become disenfranchised and leave

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and nothing of value was lost.

Or everyone becomes leftists because that's all that anyone's talking about.

No shit.

They deserve it then.

Use your ISP's email server. They often have webmail too, if you really want that.


resulting in a violent backlash as no other avenues to speak freely are left but the most esoteric and secretive, leading to an underground revolution.

problem is when your workplace demands that you have a facebook account for community purposes. Or worse, ithe company uses Google Apps.


Best/top private university in my country.

More like someone on our side needs to take the time to create a legitimate alternative


Hell NO!
Have you bumped your fucking head?