An American couple decided to bicycle around the world in an attempt to prove evil does not exist. They chose to bicycle through ISIS territory and ISIS killed them.

The news of their deaths broke Aug. 8, but their story lives on in a tragic social media history.

Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan left their D.C. government jobs nearly two years ago to embark on a worldwide bike tour. The wide-eyed, optimistic couple kept track of their trips on a website where they posted stunning photos of their travels and whimsical musings on evil, the media and the goodness of people.

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> libtards proving (((darwinism))) leaves only trumptards

ISIS does exist, but it was made up and founded by… oops I'm dead for telling you…

/newspus/ is one week behind Zig Forums as usual

Snopes is such garbage, even when they get the facts straight from the horses mouth they decide to turn around and say "well I mean they didn't state directly that the human's are kind statement is the reason for their bike trip", yet they call themselves a non biased fact checking site. The fact that they were even stupid enough to causally stroll through known terrorist territory shows alone that they must of illogically convinced themselves that the population there wasn't that bad.

So where is their page?

Seems like articles easily linked with islamic savages get moved and replaced. And whoever mentioned snopes is moronic. Snopes claims HRC cases are hoaxes, but you can find the court filings for the RICO case against her and the clintoon foundation on usg websites. Snopes are oneworlder peados.


I think you meant hilariously.

These retards just perpetuated the stereotype of Americans being stupid.

Really, yeah, they had it coming and I'm glad they got it.

*Western hippie retards who don't have a realistic view of the world around them outside of what the kike media implants into their minds.

That's because they aren't politically unbiased they just pose as one to mislead casual internet users.

If anybody here reads this and thinks you can trust Snopes; please, stop it. Get some help.

Snopes sucks and it has done so for years. YEARS.

I did a little digging and found it for you.
It's called Simply Cycling:

I didn't find the reference to "evil" on their site
their blog is offline tho


Based and redpilled

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You know, if you really wanted snopes gone, you could try to storm the website and replace every word with “This site is made for and made by Jews.”

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Muslims are evil. Why? Because they are the preferred soldier caste of the jew. More disciplined than a nigger, and doesn't need monetary motivation.

Every. Single. Time.

Is there some sort of archive or list of all the times this has been tried and where the Darwin winners ended up getting ended? Because these people deserve to be memorialized for going above and beyond the call of duty in serving as an example to the rest of humanity.