Texas Social Justice Warriors Get Riled-Up Over “Sexist” Quote Posted On School Wall


A quote on a school wall in Houston, Texas caught the ire of social media users when it was posted online. The contentious quote has offended many people who described it as “sexist, mysogonistic [sic] and discriminatory.” Despite not knowing how to spell misogynistic, the group's uproar forced the school to immediately address the controversy.

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Hell yeah, rebel freely little ones…the world is yours to conquer.

It should've said

t. dying boomer
don't worry, we'll put your little shitstain spawn in the mass grave where they belong.

Goodness, apparently expecting both sexes to behave like civilised people in a school and reciprocate appropriately is anti-feminist now.

t. kike who is afraid of the one thing he cannot fully corrupt…a child's mind.

I recommend replacing it with a phrase that carries the exact same meaning but is much less circumspect.

"Act like a whore, get smacked like a whore."

The other night I met a gen z. 18 years old, working, smiling, helpful. Our generation is so fucking gross. Why?

Child of parents who were early adopters of the millennial mentalities (everyone gets a trophy, everyone is equal, etc). And they sadly realized that their parents were insane.

The biggest issue in my life was drugs and not fun time drius either. I was put on ritalin through puberty. I went from a 10 year old boy who never stayed in the house and did exercises for fun to a scrawny pale kid hooked on ps1. My motivation has never recovered and ive never wanted anything out of life.

Telling men to "man up" is fine by feminists but telling women to woman up is “sexist, misogynistic and discriminatory." Fuck you feminists, your white knights, manginas and pet politicians.

your tears are what sustain us boomers well into old age.

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PSA: millennial is not a synonym for liberal. Millennials that work in trades or enlist aren't latte-sipping soyboy tranny faggots. Usually.

Same here tbh

"The more you act like a cunt, the more he'll act like a bastard."

That is a weird quote to put in a school though. I can see why some people would feel weird about it.

Yeah, how weird of a school to teach pupils on how to be better people and instill some basic social values. That's totally not their purpose and should be left to the parents or moral authorities.

I actually dig Educated Ape. Got that Mojo aesthetic goin' for him.

But it is one sided. You can teach principles without the implied cause and effect. Plus there are plenty of guys who are dicks even with women who would be considered ladies.

Everyone got trophies when I was a little kid, no one thought the my meant shit though because they were “paticipation trophies” little fucking things, I had already seen actual trophies for actual championships and I knew those were the ones that meant something. I don’t think the trophy thing matters as much as the “your feelings are important and you are special regardless of accomplishment” participation trophies do not make one feel special, it’s like a ham and cheese sandwich when everyone else also has a ham and cheese.

The difference between

There is, but the sole onus of responsibility implied from that quote is on the woman. If the reverse quote under if were "and the more you act like a gentleman, the more she'll act like a lady" then I'd be totally fine. Do I need to draw a chart or something?

Think of it as an indoctrination tactic for children. Years later the same kids may work at google destroying the world with censorship, but instead of pointing out the crime they're happy with the 5% voucher for Starbucks they got in their inbox. The thinking behind it is to slowly dwindle down perception of negativity up to the point were the victim thinks everything is A-OK.

holding females to any standard or expectation of civility is "sexist."

I guess that means sexism is good. sexism is right. sexism works.

so much for that equality bullshit.

This is 100% false. It's a guaranteed way to become an orbiter/backup for when the roastie is done riding the CC and looking for Billy niceguy. It doesn't work because women are the ones with the reward(the vagina) and they reward not gentlemanly behavior but douchebagey behavior.
So you're fine being sexist to men but not women. Nice double standard you got there.

That's because the inverse is not true. If a woman acts with class and tact, she will attract a better class of man. If a man acts with class and tact, it does not improve the class of woman he attracts.

Except that wouldn't be true.

Now I want a comic of these "heroes" taking on "villains" such as Tyrone, Moonman, Hope Adolf and Pepe.

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But if both of these were pushed and were real, would they both not be true?