Florida - Man Twists Nipples Off 2-Year-Old Boy


A man in Florida was watching a 2-year-old boy in New Port Richey while the boy's mother was at work. Then 27-year-old Thomas Matheson says that is when he played "tittie twister" with the boy and accidentally pulled them off. This sounds like it would be impossible but on a young child, skin is much more easily damaged.

An arrest report says the boy's nipples were pulled and twisted so hard "the nipples were removed" and a doctor later said it is unlikely the nipples will grow back. The poor little boy didn't even get medical attention for the injuries until four days later.

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Nipples…for men? Pathetic.

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Why doesn't Batman finally kill Florida Man? He clearly can't be stopped and will never learn.

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Big fucking deal. That little brat doesn't need nipples.

And that's some kind of genius doctor who postulated, "it's unlikely the nipples will grow back", considering the fact that of course they won't grow back… Our nipples are nothing like a lizard's tail.


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Diana, I've looked everywhere, but for the life of me I can't find out anything about WHO THE FUCK THIS FAT PIG IS….

Nowhere in the story does it say anything about the child's mother being arrested… In the local Pasco County Florida newspaper, it only mentions the boyfriend, and never says anything about the mother. This Woman's mugshot doesn't appear anywhere except for the Goldwater…

I'm beginning to think it's just another one of them the many ridiculous Goldwater mistakes, and James inadvertently included it into his story, even though she was just an unrelated woman arrested in the Pasco County Jail on an unrelated charges… You guys should pay more attention.

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In a related story, the same doctor has announced this quadruple amputee's arms and legs "are unlikely to grow back"

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Good News

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Although they don't come in toddler size, the boy could still glue these on every day and grow up normal

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He can still be just like the other kids

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LOL@ unlikely they will grow back

this guy's a motherfucking LIZARD, and even his nipples won't ever grow back

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This story took place in November of 2012, almost SIX YEARS AGO…

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November 23rd, 2012


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ALSO: not only did this happen in 2012, but the child was taken to the hospital 2 hours later.

'Major Kyle James Burdock' published this COPY AND PASTE job almost six years too late, and claimed the boy didn't receive medical attention for four days….


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