Japan- Four Basketball Players Booted From Asian Games For Having Sex With Prostitutes

Every athlete’s goal in the ongoing Asian Games in Indonesia is to win games and bring home medals to their home countries. Four male Japanese basketball players, however, are going home early, bringing with them not victory and glory, but shame and disgrace after they allegedly spent the night in their hotel room with women who are sex workers.

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/34546-Japan-Four-Basketball-Players-Booted-From-Asian-Games-For-Having-Sex-With-Prostitutes

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Not killing themselves on the spot. Absolutely cucked. No more samurai spirit.

This. What absolute faggots.

Prostitution…older than any law, yet still vehemently contested. Yet another landmark of human ineptitude.

nobody likes a pervert

What are you suggesting? That it should be legalized? Murder and rape are older than any law, too…

Fucking freak, you just want the chance to traffic a girl

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Which are both a crime committed against somebody…two adults having sex for money on the other hand…

As someone who grew up in a country where it is legalized I don't see any downside. At city visits we would always sit together with prostitutes waiting for a john, while sitting outside a restaurant or getting some ice-cream. You know they don't bite (if you don't pay them) .

I agree legalizing it would be better.
Prostitutes lose all police protection when it becomes illegal.


It wasn't old hags only in past you filthy roastie. Now you want it between adults only and modify it to your liking. You aren't who decides what's a crime and prostitution is a crime. There is 0 benefits of it to society and it's harm is much more.

what is this cuckery
they should have been praised for trying to spread their superior japanese genes in other asian countries

How am I of the female persuasion for defending prostitutes?

You don't actually believe that, do you? Why do you think you can find prostitution everywhere on this planet, all through history…because in the horrible world humans created there will always be a need for quick money, as much as for an outlet for sexual urges. What you fail to understand is that capitalism cannot make a profit without somebody making a loss. That's what drives humans into bankruptcy, into drugs, into violence, into being depraved of a sex life, into selling the only thing they can't take from you.

Look at Europe where prostitution is legal almost anywhere and compare that to the US. Germany has brothels in every small city and all the big cities have there own dedicated red light district. Those districts are an open part of city lifestyle, the healthcare system is open for the people working there, the big establishments are even paying taxes, and the profits are high enough to force human trafficking, drug abuse and underage prostitution into easily manageable numbers. There will always be crime, but a whore in Europe is as safe as it gets from physical harm (not counting immigrant invaders), extortion or a life of crime. Unlike the US where you destroy a whore's life with imprisonment, public slander in form of the sex offender list and a lifetime of mist job opportunities thanks to old ass legal problems. It's as if the US justice system actively tries to make criminals out of it's citizens instead of helping them.

You're not very bright.
Murder and rape are brutalities done against somebody against their will. On the other hand prostitution is a thott consenting to sex for money. Both parties win in a trade deal.
Prostitution is legal in Argentina (with obvious laws so they stay away from private households, children, etc) and prostitution is now not only controlled so theres no STDs, but also illegal activities are reduced, and the actual people using prostitutes also diminished.

They should just legalize weed and prostitution, make money out of it, and let the law of nature remove the stupid sheep who consume it


This. USA is ass backwards.

What harm are you talking about?
I don't see any harm in it.

The harm is when prostitution is used as a means to fund and to propagate human trafficking. How'd they even get found out? This reeks of sabotage of the Japanese team. I bet the (((chinks))) are behind it.

Sexual liberation for women has reached it's final form—with eslut apps women get a pick of dicks from wide catalogs at their convenience. Sexual liberation is artificially halted for men by not legalizing prostitution. I wonder who could be behind not legalizing prostitution…..

Athletes are stupid people.

Which happens when prostitution is made illegal and you can make a killing with fresh meat. Legal prostitution has to keep up a civil business front, has to be open about employee records, has to be lawful. Having to run a business like this makes smuggling people and withholding passports rather inconvenient.

The prison system are huge profit generating centers goy.

You quoted a sentence I wouldn't have made without knowing this, user. If you so eager to drop your pills then at least watch where you drop them.

were they married? who cares what they do in the privacy of their hotel rooms
i hate fags cus they parade their degeneracy as if it was a virtue but i don't give a shit about what people do in their bedrooms if they lock the door
why would anyone want to get good enough at something to get worldwide rich and famous if you're gonna be punished for using that wealth and fame to get some pussy wich is, by the way:
do you think the first man who walked on the moon actually cared about the "giant leap for mankind"? cus i'm very sure that as he steped down on the moon he was probably thinking about the many new pickup lines he'd be able to use at pubs
what the fuck is wrong with nips? getting a new set of barely legal 10/10 whores every night when i travel aborad is the minimum i'd espect if i was a succesfull sportsman

prostitution should be legal and regulated, that'll kill the pimp class and make it easyer to crack down on unregulated brothels were shit like pedophilia, slavery and drug trade often happen
illegalizing it pushes whores to the fringe dark corners of society where they have no escape nor choise other than to fester, rot and die spreading their decadence around as if they were radioactive
banning hookers will not make the demand for them go away, it just drives prices and risks up

That won't stop human trafficking of underaged meat. Your argument for the legalization of prostitution is pathetically weak.
Nothing "has to be lawful." How naive, you can't possibly believe that, or are you just trying to make excuses to get your dick wet by trading money for cunt? This is called "arguing in bad faith." I bet you think drugs should be legal too. OP's article is an example of judicial overreach, but that doesn't mean I think prostitution should be legalized.

and of course, feminists want it this way. they want to take sex off the market for men, and they want to whine about the poor hookers being victimized by evil men.

You just wholeheartedly ignore my whole paragraph on prostitution in Europe? Germany in the 70s had heroine and cocaine, underage hookers, alcohol induced violence against whores, eastern European woman who were forced into prostitution, biker gangs and organized crime…nowadays, under legalized prostitution, this all became a thing of the past. The drug scene shifted from street addicts to the club scene, the Albanians and whatnot running the prostitution rings are keeping the girls save, human trafficking (outside of immigrants) is barely a thing anymore, and the costumers can engage in safe sexual intercourse without being afraid of getting ripped off, getting sick or having a run-in with the law.

t. slut

Read this


Legal prostitution is good because I wanna fuck a whore that's been checked and that's the end of the argument. If you disagree you can go get shot.

These guys are visiting a foreign country with no time fot girlfriends/wives realistically. Wtf are they supposed to do? Why the fuck is prostitution illegal for adult woman to do doesn't make sense. Being a pedophile in child sex rings is a completely different facet of life.

Its like saying people who sell weed arr straight up drug dealers, when the difference between a pot dealer and a real drug user/dealer is night and day. Same with legal sluts and kidnapped sluts.

How are they degenerate for wanting some pussy when they are prime japanese alpha 5'5" basketball superstars. If they fuck a random slut on tinder, no problem, but just pay a bitch and skip the charade, and lose your spot in basketball over something unrelated at all.

You do know that the FBI destroyed millions of lives with their War on Drugs against marijuana? But like everything the alphabet idiots pry their noses in it ends up the other way around, which is why weed is on it's way to become legalized.

So in short…the US way is a bloody dumb way.


>(((NBA))) and (((NFL))) won't fire niggers for raping children and beating their wifes

You just sound like some bitter old hag that don't want men to have options.

Do you really need sex so bad you can't get it by making a woman want to give it to you? You just need to rush and pay for it? What a fag

I'd like to legalize prostitution just to fuck with organized crime and their (((political backers))).

All men pay for sex in one form or another. Paying with money is the cheapest as oppose to paying with time, emotional investment, or false accusations. The beauty of prostitution is a man and a woman get together, obtain what they want, and leave amicable.