Russia's new 'walking army robot' unveiled by Kalashnikov is 4.5-tonne mecha

Russia has unveiled a terrifying 4.5-tonne bulletproof robot that can walk and hold weapons in its giant claws - and looks straight out of sci-fi films like Avatar and Robocop.

The Avatar-style 'bot was revealed by Kalashnikov at the Army 2018 Fair just outside Moscow, as a 'demonstration of what is to come.'

The robot can walk and has space in a cabin for people to sit and operate the robot from inside and can hold and move objects with its claws, including weapons.

The pilots are protected from bullets, debris and any other dangerous object behind the armoured glass and metal encasement.

The gold robot, which has been called Igorek, is still under construction and the creators do not wish to reveal all its characteristics until they have finished.

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Not protected from being tripped AT-AT style

Mech can't fire weapons

Unless you can use bio-mechanical muscles and instant reaction gizmos to stabilize a mech they will always be inferior to an armored vehicle.
Any mech that is applied in war will be dog like in shape, speed is far more important than most other factors in a military setting, and keeping a stable firing platform that can move forward quickly is infinitely a more useful military asset than a bipedal monolith that is as tall as a house.
if mechs are used in war, they will either be AI/remote controlled or will have 2 pilots and a weapon system mounted on top which will be controlled by the gunner just like a helicopter, and a bipedal leg system is a lot less conducive to accurate fire when using a top mounted weapon system (you want it to be top mounted so you can peak above objects).


Machine-guns and AA missiles and we got ourselves a Starcraft Goliath. But then again, there are Tunguska-like vehicles who can perform the same role better.

You'd be better off sitting in one of these.

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Where is your military robot burger bitch? while you are crying over black men taking your women or paying compensation money to mentally ill faggots we already have Mechas that in no time will become versatile enough to replace other terrestrial vehicles.

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When your're done with your parade, park it next to the PAK-FA. Let them rust in peace together.

Gonna offer counter arguments to his criticisms at all or…..?

Cute. Also
Like pottery.

I call BS, plus plastic windows and fucking bolts? nigga please. Lockheed must be fapping to this since now they can get more money to make their own version.

this does literally nothing that a tank can't do, except worse


So this is where all the unsold LABO kits went…

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so, this can take a SRM volley?

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It might be good for crowd control.

I'm looking forward to the inevitable defense reaction that leads to weapons developments that blow this mechwarrior wannabe out of the water.

user, that's just sad.

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Why do faggots like you think people will take the time to argue or prove anything here? You just say shit and maybe 4 out of 10 immediately believe it. That's good enough. You don't need to be right here, you just need people to think you are right then what you said trickles up and will eventually be spouted by normal people on Facebook etc

It's powered by the Dali Lama?

russia is the most cucked country on earth tbh

Has Russia ever even war a war without anglo help?

Call us when your robot is actually useful and not a money sink.

Yeah they got raped by the nips once

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It's brilliant! Someone contact trump, he has a new economic policy.


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Philip, Neptune here… I say this is all bullshit. It's some kind of dummy non-operational idiotic PR campaign, but they didn't even bother to put any thought into it.

Nevertheless, I highly commend you for continuing to create content that's NOT boring political crap.

*stands and applauds you*

More threads about tech, sir!!

FYI: in the battle of Leningrad, the Russians kicked Hitler's ass SO BADLY that they won WWII

Anglos won ww2 everyone knows that.

soviets lost half their (developed) land before the Anglos bailed them out
if not for roosevelt being a jewish puppet Hitler would’ve wiped all moskuls off the planet

Based Putin-sama.

Jesus Christ Russia get it together.

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They already exist, in countless variety. All you have to do is knock this thing on its side, it can't get back up.

Sadly this user makes a good point. Mechs simply have a bigger "cool" factor going for them than any practical implications. The cost effectiveness of them alone would probably mean you could buy several conventional war-machines for the price of a single mech.

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Also lol @

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Meanwhile, people go hungry in their country. What a fucking joke.

Isn't that true in basically every country though? Governments spend assloads on fancy toys and weapons that never see use and then get junked when they degrade. The US alone spent billions on nerve gas that just sat out in the desert rusting away in big steel containers which then just got dumped in the ocean decades later.

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It's no longer a meme.


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It's why I hate this country. It's possessed by some rogue unseen thing that literally makes the people do stupid shit without every asking why or questioning their ways.

Got banks, cars, and consumerism in your country? You know where this is going because it's true.

Pure propaganda. Not more, not less. Cease this autism now plz.

8:00 is the future of warfare.

Mechs are for idiots that are pseudos. while having actually no knowledge in reality. Weebs and commies fit nicely. Both worship fictional fairy tale stories


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its just their first attempt. and where is your superior mech, huh? oh yeah, thats right, you spent all your money on dragon dildos and HRT

i suppose you think rivets are better?

go to russia and prove it then

This thing sucks. Besides the fact that it's unbalanced, the cockpit is so exposed that an ordinary sniper stands a good chance of getting through it with a .50-cal bolt action and killing the pilot. Numerous mech games and anime have designs which would work better.

You're describing collectivism. People's need for the approval of others will lead them to do the most retarded shit imaginable.

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Ahh yes the Russians truly were the victors by taking the most casualties, and then completely falling apart shortly after the war. You were such victors you are now forced to read and write this in English.

That was faked and took weeks to film

Have you all gone mad???
This is Zig Forums for fucksake!!!

Respect the robot.

Pure autism…. but in 20 years….. wow.

I don't have to go to Russia to prove it. The photos in this thread show clearly that this thing has no way of getting its feet back under it if it gets knocked over. This thing is a very expensive meme that's lining somebody's pockets.

FMP had it right to make them a two part package of the lambda driver, which turns them into specialized near invincible battering rams that can tear up everything.

I always liked the terminator franchise but soon we'll be living in it.