Vagina Is Out Says Healthline, "Front Hole" More Inclusive

Each time the social justice warriors of the far left attempt to chance what speech we are allowed or not allowed to use, it usually ends poorly with a hit to Free Speech and American's rights in general. Now, the "woke" movement of acceptance and diversity has decided to discriminate against women by changing the medical term for a woman's private area, her vagina.

That's right, Healthline announced that the word "vagina" is too triggering for trans people and say they will now be using the term "front hole" in their sex education material effectively changing the medical terminology. The irony of this latest decision is that Healthline has advocated that toddlers need anatomically correct vocabularies in order to be aware of their own body parts or they may become sexual abuse victims.

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but why though?



FUCK THEM P.C. WORDS of trying to PROGRAM the population how and what to say, LETS JUST STICK TO PUSSY! Fuck a LIBTARD and their SJW Pansification! Say that shit to me, see what happens Liberals? No Talk, just treat you like a Pussy!


If you read the ACTUAL Healthline site, it has both terms. Vagina for actual vag, and front hole for the stupid thing the trannies did to themselves. They haven't replaced the word vagina at all. If anything, they're making it more accurate.


fuck you OP for this fake news bullshit



In case no one believes me. The version in OP is inaccurate, and worded in a way they know will get everyone here to click the article so they can spew impotent rage over something that isn't true. Instead, ponder how many trannies are triggered by no one validating their "definitely real vagina" by calling it "just a hole" and have a laugh.

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Oy mate ! u got a license for that pussy ?

I read it, you are full of shit.
It is not written anywhere that fronthole is for trannies only.

>forget all my terrible life choices

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You joke but some people's identity is nearly 100% based on their sexuality. Particularly deviants like trannies. Virtually everything they say and do is devoted to faggotry and sexuality.

Americans will be OK with this.


Straight up dehumanizing that is.

On a related note, anyone wanna buy a frontholehat?

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Whenever I say that black people have lower IQ on average than whites, I always follow with "Well there is more to someone than just their intelligence." Whenever I say something about trannies and follow it with "Well there is more to someone than just their sexuality" they sure don't seem to think so. If all you think about is mutilating yourself so you can more easily be in a gay relationship, you need help.

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The proper term is 'cunt'.

Are these organizations run by some secret think tank that interrogates little children with the I.Q. of 170+ for the world's new solutions?

Ban "foul" language, but legalize pedophilia!
Fucking socialist Scum bags just want to make it legal to rob people and secularize/sexualize children….

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The game is all about reacting to the thread title buddy.

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women are literally defining themselves as a series of holes to fuck.

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