South Africa - $20m White-Owned Farm First “Handover Of Keys To The State"

To the shock of many in the European press who are now only starting to catch up to the seriousness of this, the South African government has executed it’s threat and started seizing the first white-owned farm as the owner of a vast hunting reserve ( ) was told to hand over his keys.

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That is some top level delusion.

That’s crazy. They are really destroying their country that the white people built.

Negros are too dumb to understand the consequences of their actions. But at least we know they will suffer for their sins.

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That building will be gutted within a week.

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They are going to get tons of international support. All of the communist leftists want to prove that black people are better than white people.

When the black people kill off/remove all of the whites based on skin color alone, the left will cheer! When the country become an impoverished desolate wasteland, the left will cover it up.

Look at Venezuela. Leftists STILL support Venezuela….

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After South Africa becomes the next Zimbabwe another nigger will take over and ask all the White people to return—"SA is your home."

It's not based only on our race, it's also based on real and fictitious actions of whites

It isn't based on your race, it is based on things that members of your race supposedly did.

It is about fucking race….

The Black people unanimously can decide who belongs and who doesn't, who is a criminal and who isn't, based on race.

I doubt they are taking land from ANY black people who committed similar atrocities….

if you live in SA. leave.
if you want to stay and kill niggers, i fully support you, but please get your wife and children to leave.


Totally immoral and sick!
Many of the white farmers who live in SA have been there since the 1600's when the country was practically empty (except for the bush men).
I hope that the corrupt, communist, thieving, nigger bastards starve to death in their millions.

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Don't worry, they will. The only problem is that before they do, they are going to release tons of pro-communist propaganda.

Then after they collapse because their leadership is full of thieving liars, they wont be brought up in the news. Socialist/communist fuck heads will still repeat the propaganda and blame western imperialism when you point out the millions of deaths. Then, 20 years later, they will claim that the deaths never occurred. They will proceed to showing pictures of starving black people, and they will blame the white westerner….. The anti-white-male racism-sexism will be so bad that people will believe the propaganda about western imperialism.

They should set everything on fire before leaving. The house, the barn, the tractor the fields.

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Bears reposting:
Based gook shittalks a nigger on the topic of what they do with gifts bestowed by/stolen from other species.

What about booby traps?

Maybe the state will withhold their settlement payments if they do anything.

They will starve out the whites ala holodomor and feed their niggers.

What atrocities?

Bantu genocided Khoisians

Bunch of hate-filled racist cucks out here today. Weatherman never gets it right…

no, they say it failed because of Capitalism

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I don't think they are getting settlement payments.

Oh look at the retarded shill everyone.

Look at their post and laugh.


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They aint paying them at all user, they are either gonna enslave, kill or put the whites on boats, and the lattermost may as well be a death sentence.

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That shit gave me a good chuckle.

Gonna be real funny when they're asking for aid from predominantly white countries in a year.

Now might be the best time to make money off the fall of SA. I see another Haiti. A made country handed over to chips who will tear each other apart .

I tried to get some niggers I know to watch that shit along with some libshits, none of them could get through it because it doesn't fit the narrative and hurt their feefees about the truth about africans

Odd's they won't get paid, and if they try to leave the country they can only take X amount of cash with them, I recall some SA user talking about it.

The goverment has said as such you piece of shit.

Fire burns away crap that can be rebuilt, but the land is still good. What they need to do it salt the earth.

If you are white farmer in South Africa and didn't know this was coming and where its going then you are a bloody idiot. Your exit strategy should have been planned years ago.

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What did they do with the loan money? I don’t think they pay the workers for their work.

The white farmers should seek refugee status in China. The western governments have been corrupted by middle management infiltration by Muslims and Indians, and alt-left imbeciles. China is the only country that will accept non jihadists now.

These South African whites seem happier in China: