Sweden - International Observers Sent To Monitor Elections As Populists Lead Polls

For the first time ever, international observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) will be sent to Sweden to monitor the election result as Europe becomes increasingly worried about what will happen on 9 September now that the rightwing anti-immigrant Eurosceptics of the Sweden Democrats are leading most of the polls.

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/34752-Sweden-International-Observers-Sent-To-Monitor-Elections-As-Populists-Lead-Polls

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So they're coming to tamper with the results, I take it.

What the fuck is 'populist', what is the history of this word? These journos, who compells them to use this subversive language


It's an ages old technique in politics and economics to keep the rich safe from the poor.

You mean it's used by powerful Marxists to insulate themselves and the populace from the truth, right?

No. Masquerading lies is about as old as humanity itself.

Yes. International observers is code for (((EU Fixers))), the elections are a sham.

Sweden is one of MANY nations to fall victim to the evil socialist scourge.

Please look at Sweden as a prime example of how the entire world is going to be by 2030.

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Why I wonder. Why don't the Swedish want 90 I.Q. genes in their gene pool?

Very puzzling….

lol You're being generous. We have alot of Africans here, and they really are subhuman. 85 is closer for all of them.
t. Swede

Lol Sweden. You used to have great things, like legal videos of 15-year-old girls taking dick and loving it. Now you're just another feminist cuck country that bans Dead or Alive games for teen girls in bikinis and does everything Americuckland and the EU say. What a bunch of faggots. Enjoy your blatantly rigged elections. You deserve it for cucking out. Even if you've got some method of getting past their rigging and putting Sweden Democrats in office, they'll just cave to the globalists and act exactly like the feminist EU-loving whores in power now except that they'll use right-wing sounding language to describe all the same policies.

(((International Observers))) are making sure the election has the (((correct))) results.

If they really wanted a fair and free election then they wouldn’t be arresting the leaders for (((hatethink)))

So basically
How many people are still deluded enough to think democracy can possibly work?

You think corruption cares about the fucking system it corrupts? Fucking retard.

I remember when Swedish chicks were hot.

Them the Jews gained control…

The cross breeds will have 90 I.Q……

Global Socialism/Communism hell is coming.
All we can do is enjoy free speech while it lasts.
Then we all might get sent to work camps in our lifetime….

Any country ruled by land owning males universally functions better. The people are happier and more ethical. The jobs are easier. The GDP isn't as high, but that is because there aren't tax slaves slaving away.

No, and I never said it did. The point I was clearly making is that democracy is too easily corruptible.
You rush to respond because you enjoy calling others retards to make yourself feel good, but to anyone capable of figuring out context your posts will always come off as asinine.

Soros funded group?

Multiculturalism is the problem. They shouldn't have accepted it. But they can now be used as an example of what happens when you embrace multiculturalism. The world should look, in fear of losing their own countries to the scourge.

Why the fuck aren't more people admitting surrender to this shit? It's to fucking powerful to stop now! Now, we will just wait till we live in a eternity of Communism, forever.
As a member of this site and one of the last redpilled people in the World…

Holy fucking cuck. Why don't you just bend over for them too? If you just give up, then you can be sure nothing will ever get better.

Compared to what you dimwit?

Fighting at this point is the same as dying embarassingly.

If you really think things are unredeemable, then shoot up a bunch of SJW cunts and go out in a blaze of glory.

In fairness absolute monarchies don't suffer from a lot of corruption. They suffer from decadence and pure malevolence instead, not that it's better, but corruption is rare. It's hard to tempt someone with absolute power.

Not saying it's better, and not siding with the guy you're calling out but yeah. There are systems that don't experience corruption - they're just not any better. Hell they're usually worse.

Translation: Antifa sent to count the votes so that the country remains docile like they did in France.

Populist is code word for "you're voting wrong, goyim!"

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$100 on the fact these 'international' observers will be EU voteriggers

in other sweden news i don't even understand what the fuck has happened to swedish MSM recently.

today on swedens state funded tv channel i saw a documentary about the rape epidemic caused by our mass immigration. they did an interview with a woman who was raped by 3 men recently, they then went on to explain that the men were living in the local rapefugee storage and that most rapes in sweden are committed by men from afghanistan, syria and so on. they also interviewed various people who complained about how they don't feel safe anymore because of immigrants in the area.

i couldn't believe what i was seeing so i decided to check out swedens two biggest newspapers (which are usually as bad as you'd expect) and their main topic right now is about how most rapists in sweden are "foreign born".

keep in mind that just a few months ago these fuckers would just cry racist whenever this topic came up and now they are making a huge deal about it just before the election, playing right into the hands of our nationalist party that they have been slandering constantly for the past 8 years

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There was a picture showing the Parisian headlines as Napoleon got closer and closer. They started as ' the traitor' and ended as 'majesty'.
Maybe the rats are seeing where the wind blows?

You must be completely ignorant of European history and all the monarchies that were rotten to the core.


the problem with that is that they aren't just kissing ass in hope of saving themselves, they are straight up giving their enemies fuel right when they need it the most. our nationalist party has a hard time getting female voters and this is exactly the kind of shit that would get them riled up to change sides.

while the MSM has been unable to to fight the unhinged rage of the internet for years now they still have a lot of influence over older generations that don't use the internet and they should know that. i've toyed with the idea that maybe they are finally realising that they are actively destroying their heritage, their own lives and their childrens future. but that seems a bit far fetched.

it's honestly kind of scary. it always used to be so easy to predict what kind of stories they would push and why. then they do this shit and i don't know what the fuck they are trying to do anymore

No, only fucking 15-year-olds is legal. A video of it still counts as child porn.

Perhaps the nationalist party agreed to be good goys

even if that's the case it still wouldn't make sense to sacrifice one of your best mind control tools that you have been building up for decades just to bring a new batch of good goys to power when the government is already filled with nothing but good goys.

i don't know. maybe they have simply realised that they can no longer get away with lying about what this country has become and this is a desperate and hillariously timed attempt to maintain some credibility as they have reached the end of their line

How. The police won't shoot you if you aren't pointing a gun at them, no matter how many you kill, and there is no death penalty. Go wild.

How does it feel to grow up in a world of censorship where you aren't even allowed to research history? Don't know what I'm talking about? Of course not, cause you never had the chance to look it up, but even before Climax produced real child pornography (you know with pee pee in vajayjay) in the 70s and 80s, Sweden was pumping out material all over Europe full of teens riding the D.

More then likely someone in charge had someone they known raped or had personally dealt with some shit.