It Begins: Democrats Label President Trump “Unindicted Co-Conspirator,” Refuse to Work

The Democratic Party has begun its first attempts at painting the 45th President being an “Unindicted Co-Conspirator,” alleging that the is somehow connected to convicted criminals, all while refusing to carry out the jobs they've been elected to do in protest, all while collecting the American people's money to pay their bills.

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That will really show him….

Did goldwater publish a typo or am I just being autism?

There will obviously be an attempted coup by the Communist Regressive (Socialist progressive) party…

You mean a restoration of republican aka democratic values? Yes rightysoy, WE, are the champions of liberty now. WE are the ones advocating for a global mission to bring about singularity and post scarcity. WE are the ones that advocate criminal rights reform. WE are the ones that don't have your backwards asses killed for being racist pieces of shit. Well, guess what WE are done with it! Fascists don't get legal protection from consequences aka a fist to the face or something worse. WE are coming. WE are outside of your doorstep just WAITING until you open up that door. Time's up.


You are the fuck puppet of a corporate oligarchy.

Where the fuck do they think they're going to run to?

(lol @ Grammarly™)

well, James… in fact, THE 'is' indeed connected to them.

And unindicted co-conspirator is a completely fitting description

You've got your tongue so far up trumps asshole, that if he farted it would blow the stupid camouflage Halloween makeup off your face

WE are wanting you cunts to try.
WE have been arming up for it.
WE are prepared to send you to kike hell.

Easy there with the legalese Judge Jewdy. You're nothing more than a NEET cunt with a bad disease. Keep fucking around we'll pull the trigger.

This isn't Star Trek.
Until we invent free energy or leave the planet there will ALWAYS be scarcity.

- evidence of Clinton colluding with and sharing state secrets with multiple foreign states including the Russians
- evidence of DNC colluding with Russia

- evidence of tax fraud and bank fraud of a short time campaign manger of Trump's

Goyim remember the former didn't happen it did and the latter is proof Trump colluded with Russia it doesn't.

each step of the way
you've continued to
move the goalposts
and now as September
approaches, and Mueller
begins to finalize this
long lasting investigation
your ability to call it a
witch-hunt is slowly
fading into obscurity

Or we can just kill every race that didn't make a positive contribution in the last 1,000 years.

So… 80% of the world. Pretty much everyone but whites. Actually, everyone but whites. Kikes aren't white.

If you counted 'co-conspirator' as one word, then the 20th word of the first sentence of your pathetic little crybaby article is a typo……..

(and to think that YOU were the one who told me how the staff at The Turdwater are incapable of making typos because you use the software GRAMMARLY™)


I R O N I C :

Although your staff was continually making typographical errors and blatant grammatical mistakes in the articles, ever since you told me about Grammarly™, these mistakes have increased ten-fold.

the GOOD news:

at least, in this particular 'article', (lol @ article, as if this is 'news') you only made ONE grammatical error.

you're getting better

Looks like they're gonna crash this democratic party with no survivors.

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My question is this:

Why does the tiny staff of 'journalists' (lol@journalists, that's a hoot) all use several different fabricated names?

is it an attempt to make it appear that you've got more 'reporters' (lol@reporters) than you really do to trick your handful of readers, or is it supposed to fool prospective paying advertisers into thinking this is a legitimate news service?

You can't just lay it on so thick user. You have to make it believable.

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Back when I was a strip club DJ, there was another DJ in town who went by the name Commander Wayne, and just like you, he would paint his face up with children's Halloween camouflage greasepaint, and he wore ridiculous military hats, and he would try to decorate everything with military insignias and nonsense… Just like you, Commander Wayne was never in the military… He was a strange guy, because he was meek and wimpy, and he had a very quiet introverted personality, and he couldn't beat anybody's ass in a fight, and he had no experience as standing up to anybody… He was a fucking WIMP !!….

But for some weird psychological reason he always tried to overcompensate for his wimpy geeky nerdy personality by trying to paint himself both literally and metaphorically as some kind of military bullshit…

Every time I see you, you're hiding

You hide behind the sunglasses and the stupid military baseball cap…

You hide behind childrens Halloween costume camouflage face paint, just like Commander Wayne….

Are you Commander Wayne's brother by any chance?

HINT: the ironic part about Commander Wayne was behind all of that ridiculous fake military bullshit, he had very little Talent as a DJ…

thanks for the new pasta

For a short time, people actually saw Commander Wayne's flyers around town, and his ridiculous schtick caught the attention of people simply because of all the stupid military crap….

But within six months to a year, everybody in Atlanta realized that Commander Wayne had no Talent as a DJ, and he was just a fool hiding behind greasepaint….

Don't you think you would be better served trying to come out of your introverted shell, work on overcoming your insecurities and shyness, get rid of the ridiculous grease paint camouflage bullshit, stop trying to hide behind the sunglasses and the baseball hat, and just try to demonstrate your abilities as a journalist?

Even though you and Jim had initially discussed your doubts about Phillip, and expressed concern that perhaps he 'didn't fit in' due to his left-wing political outlook, I think it's fair to say Philip is probably the best thing that's ever happened to your organization.

You should take a hint from Phillip, and stop boring people with your ridiculous far-right philosophies and idiotic political viewpoints….

THAT'S the reason Jim keeps losing advertisers, and the Goldwater can't make any money.

it's YOU and your stupid political opinions that are actually ostracizing Jim's company from the advertising dollars.

You're probably the most detrimental thing that could have ever happened to Jim.

You are a very intelligent man.

You really are, James….

At first, I actually thought I wanted to hate you, simply because of your stupid political nonsense…. But I've been actually listening very closely to your words lately, and watching your body language, and taking you in 'as a person', gauging your character, and looking beyond your idiotic political beliefs…..

I actually like you….

Did you hear that? Pay attention, James… I'm trying to tell you something very important here…


You're very clever, and you're actually pretty cool. It's just your stupid political bullshit that makes you hard to like.

I think that you're probably an amazing journalist, but it's hard to tell because you keep pumping out this bullshit drivel….

I would like to see you create some real content…

I'd really like to see you shine

The kikes around here are more autistic than Chris-chan and half as coherent.

If somebody wanted to have this bullshit right wing philosophical political social protest dogshit shoved down their throat, the internet is filled with it already.

It's not like you've created a new niche…. This is actually boring…
There's nothing new or exciting or creative or original about this at all….

If you saw it from an advertiser's point of view, perhaps you would realize exactly why they would want to pull out of any agreement to advertise on Jim's websites…

This type of content you've been creating lately might give you an outlet to vent your frustration for being disenfranchised and bitter, but it's not commercially viable…

This is not something an Advertiser wants to be associated with because it's not likely to bring them any return for their investment…

You are an extremely intelligent man and you are capable of developing journalistic content that appeals to intellectuals, while simultaneously appealing to a commercially successful demographic that would bring in advertising dollars, and in return would bring in revenue for the advertisers themselves.

By trying to create a niche of ne'er do wells, the .0000001% of society, you're limiting the possibilities for people who might pay Jim money to advertise on his site.

You need to change gears here and take a hint from Phillip because he is actually interested in technology and all kinds of other topics that people find interesting, and it appeals to a much wider demographic.

Phillip could single-handedly SAVE the Goldwater, because his content is the most likely to appeal to advertisers….

Diana would be best served acting as marketing director, and put away the laptop and stop pretending to be a news reporter…

She's pretty and she's intelligent and she has a good Dynamic assertive personality that would be best served finding new advertisers and bringing in revenue for the corporation.

*extinguishes a lit cigarette on top of your head*


at first, I wanted to hate you, because your political philosophies make you seem like a douchebag faggot….

but it turns out that you're pretty cool, and even though you still have political philosophies of a douchebag faggot, I ACTUALLY LIKE YOU

Diana would be very good as a marketing director, and I think she would do a splendid job of sales and helping bringing in new advertisers

The most important thing you could do for Jim (other than stop writing douchebag political articles) would be to change your image and take that ridiculous grease paint off your face and try to be a little bit self-aware, imagining what advertisers would think if they watched one of your live stream broadcasts.

There's Philip, Diana, and then the guy with the grease paint on his face….

Don't you understand how absurd it looks?

Everybody knows why Jim had to give you gasoline and bullets for your yearly bonus in 2018…..

Because the Goldwater is losing money out the ass….

It's a siphon, and that 'whooshing noise' you hear is all of Jim's money being sucked down a drain, all in the name of venting your political outlooks…..

That's very Noble, from a political activism point of view, but it doesn't pay the bills….

Jim mentioned selling cups that say 'Murica' on them….

That's such an unoriginal ridiculous pathetic idea

That's the smell of desperation

It is at this point that you should step up to the plate like a man, and admit the role you have played in diminishing gyms company's commercial viability

JIM'S* not 'gyms'

(It appears I don't have Grammarly™ on my speech to text)

But it also appears that you guys don't actually use Grammarly™ either, so I guess we're even

I think if you were a big boy, and you stopped hiding behind the little children's Halloween makeup, and you 'man up', admitting how you have been detrimental to the Financial Success of The Goldwater, you would actually end up feeling really good about yourself, and have a sense of accomplishment you're unfamiliar with, and you would actually feel like an adult… You might gain a sense of pride, and you could stop hiding behind you little sunglasses and baseball hat….

you could SHINE…….

And if Diana started pulling her own weight, actually bringing in revenue from new advertisers, she would feel a new sense of self-worth as well… She could actually start pitching in on the rent, and stop mooching there at the Eton Emerald….

I actually believed in you, James…

I think I believe in you more than you believe in yourself…..

in my heart, I know that you can do this


'''now you can get back to trying to capture a .000000001% market share of 'news reporting' of far-fetched angry half-assed news articles to 17 neo-nazi disenfranchised irrelevant computer geeks who would never lift a finger to spend one penny with any of your advertisers…..

Back to business as usual, as you like to say

Exactly my user comrade!

I for one welcome the inevitable civil war, killing commies won't be considered murder, since we all know commies aren't human beings.


Please continue sharing your worthless irrelevant opinions about politics……

(while the Goldwater literally sinks)

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…. Says the out-of-shape introverted sheltered mama's boy whose only concept of masculinity or bravado has been gleaned from playing multiplayer first-person shooter games, and doesn't have the balls to ask a girl out on a date….

What the fuck are you on about, if Jim is losing money that's because of the lawsuit he lost in Japan to Hiromoot the site goblin 3 months ago. Zig Forums is a fucking drop in the bucket compared to which is now

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Or leave the planet??? MFW?
We live on a planet of abundant everything, and we throw away half of our food instead of preserving it and sending it to starving people.

And, somehow, people think that space, a vast empty void, is going to provide human prosperity.

The biggest mistake humanity made was believing itself to be separate from nature.

We are apart of nature as much as it is apart of us.

It would be hilarious to watch you try to talk like a tough guy, and pretend like you're a badass, and right in the middle of your sentence, I would break your fucking nose with one punch to your face, and you would literally drop to the ground like a little girl begging me to stop….

You wouldn't know how to handle it if somebody broke your nose…

You're just like a little girl….

You are an effeminate little video game Sissy

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I couldn't hear you through that giant cock in your mouth, did you say GLURK GLORK GLARBLE GARK!?

I'm not talking about an image board

I'm talking about the Goldwater

crossing a line that should never have been crossed, liberals.

I couldn't care any less about a fucking imageboard

They'be been crying, "MUH RUSSIA" for a while now.

Okay, leftycuck, I think that's enough posting for a week.

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You showed all of us, with all of the pictures of trannies and cocksucking you apparently keep on your computer to…

Look, I'm not really interested in what you're into, or what you're about trying to "prove" to yourself you're not secretly into all of that, but it's kind of rude to presume the rest of us want to see it. Except for here, from you supposed super masculine alpha males I go about my day without ever seeing cocksucking dudes, crossdressers, and ugly chicks. But you all seem to have tons of it, and you like to share.

Please stop. Guys, just… get a boyfriend or something. I really don't give a shit. No one else gives a shit. Even my gay friends aren't this fucking flaming and ALL THE TIME with their homosexuality. But you guys? The repression is pretty scary. You're like the 13-year old boys of faggotry. I mean, I hope you're not 13 because you shouldn't be here anyways, but just stop denying and go get yourself some dick or something. Stop blaming other people for all of this weird shit you've got on your computers to fap to.

Leftycucks will eternally be shittershattered over their degenerate cocksucker BO

"it begins"

It never stopped faggot.

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Well SOMEONE is…

Yeah, hint: it's you

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Why the hell is goldwater still considered an acceptable source?

Fuck off, Liberty is for the weak and if you fucking TRY and touch us your head is on a fucking platter with Trump's, no Jewish traitors allowed in my Reich

Who gives a shit, Zig Forums should be run as pro bono not as wagies shit

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The Democrats wint exist as a party by 2024, maybe 2020 if they keep going hard like this.