Elizabeth Warren Saying Mollie Tibbetts Murder Not A "Real Problem" Only Fuels #WalkAway Movement


This tactic is straight out of the Democrat and liberal agenda's playbook which seeks to divert attention from the real problem and take a moral high ground so that their own political agenda appears more virtuous. Warren even goes so far as to say that people should be focusing on "real problems", implying that the violent death of an American citizen is not a so-called "real problem".

Warren's despicable statement shows that she cares more about undocumented immigrants and their rights than American citizens and their lives. Warren attempts to minimize the tragic murder of the young, beautiful college student Mollie Tibbetts and instead of confronting the reality that hardened criminals are being allowed into the country illegally she tries to virtue signal by telling the viewers that they should care more about criminals, who are not citizens, being separated from their children, even though when an American citizen is arrested, they are separated from their children.

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I'm pretty sure you can't pass off someone's murder as anything but an atrocity in any case.

And the fact that they're willing to pass it off as less really only implicates them

Mollie Tibbetts was a far leftist who said she "hates white people". She got what she wanted

At this point, and after Warren running off at the mouth, whether she was a leftist or not doesn't matter. This talking point is going to be used in attack ads for years to come. Come to think of it, here's a leftist politician casually dismissing the murder of someone on her side because "MUH IMMIGRANTS".

why dont illegal tresspassing criminals just "walk away"?
when trump won, why didn't the democrats just walk away?

Pocahantas was being groomed as a possible candidate in 2020. Looks like her chances became very small poxed

i find it more interesting that even though about 3 women per day are murdered by men, most american men get a pass by idiot channers because they didn't have to cross a border to do it. RTs reserve more outrage for one immigrant murderer than thousands of american-born ones, because I guess if you were born here it's aight!

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never visited reddit so I don't know why that's such an insult

maybe you should go there and never come back, they are much more favorable to misandrist feminazi cunts like yourself.

please describe how I'm a "feminazi cunt." it seems the only ones who act like butthurt nazis are you folks who seem to think that ever immigrant is out to get you, when the fact is the vast majority of them work harder than you and contrary to your belief, contribute billions of dollars more to government coffers than they ever take out after they've settled in.

Having your children kidnapped, raped, and murdered, is 'part and parcel' of living in America.

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Immigrant crimes don't affect the rich elites that love to virtue signal; they live in gated/insulated communities.

None of your information is correct. Far more than 3 women are killed per day, and Americans make up less than 1% of the murderers.

The reason why this matters isn't that an immigrant killed an american girl, obviously. The reason this matters is Fauxcahontas casually dismissed this particular murder / style of murder as "not a problem".

Since we all know murder IS a problem, the interpretation becomes that immigrant murders of citizens somehow doesn't bother Elizabeth Warren.

by your own admission here:

don't take my word for it. you admitted it yourself.

Is this your blog? Explain to me how an illegal immigrant contributes more than a citizen without breaking the law while they're 1) illegally residing in the country, 2) illegally working in the country, after they've 3) illegally crossed the border, and 4) they're committing identity fraud by using falsified or stolen information. On top of this, some of them are 5) driving on a fake, stolen or no license at all, and 6) are, much more frequently than a native citizen, lacking the mandatory insurance.

Their only effective contribution is not to America, but to the goal of multinational corporations seeking to make wages ever-lower. They'll be replaced with fresh new slaves by the corporate oligarchy when their utility is spent.

YOUR numbers are wrong. Sorry, you're saying that 99% of all murders of women in america are committed by people who are not american?
go back to school. lrn2read. look up facts and statistics. report back here with what you've learned.

Pocahontas herself ruled out a 2020 run. She's afraid of Trump

Hmmm, on one hand, we should celebrate the death of an anti-white thot.

On the other hand, we can use this to illustrate how the Heads of the Left don't care about those below them, no matter how fanatical those below them are.



And I believe that after the first generation has settled in, and the next generation comes along, they contribute over 50billion to the economy, so the contribution rises signficantly (which aside from the compassionate part, is the economic reason for DACA and letting kids that were born and raised as americans stay in the country, stay in college, etc. and just continue living their lives here)

I can't believe an adult actually believes this obvious bullshit.
Anybody with half a brain would realize that these numbers don't make sense.

Look at the sources used.
You're either being fucked with (most likely case, nobody comes here and squawks about how unpopular the site is without intending to get a bunch of (you)s), or you're dealing with one of the very few people who are unaware how incredibly biased those sites are.

So… the best way to make them realize the problem is to move these immigrants into their communities. That's fair.

Oh, I see.
Thanks for the heads up.

this is funny! facts are facts (not "alternative facts") it's just that you've been brainwashed to believe some insipid racist bs and now your brain just can't wrap itself around the fact that it's not true. "this doesn't make sense!"
indeed it doesn't, to someone who's been thinking the exact opposite their whole lives without evidence.

Clearly you're the only one