NASA - Intern Regrets Overenthusiastic Tweet

A young woman known as Naomi H lost her internship at NASA after expressing her joy over landing a position at the space agency a bit too exuberantly in a vulgar tweet.

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Good riddance…can't have a furry in space.

James, johnny got Jim's email and he's making a big announcement tonight in Zig Forums


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I'm amped!!

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Feels fucking impactful.

This has been on the front page of reddit the last week. Good to see it's finally posted here.

If your second green text is true then that would explain why they kicked it out so quickly after something so small, sounds like they were looking for an excuse. Does someone have more info on what happened? I've seen the story around but it didn't mention the post in the OP, it mentioned a post along the lines of "suck my dick and balls" or something.


Can we not show fake photos of the planet from NASA? You all need to just accept the world is flat. No questions!

Ah now it all makes sense, I thought it was because of a few celebratory comments, though I guess if anything the furfaggots frienda fucked it over by screaming at the NASA employee. I guess it's true what they say, be careful of the company you keep.

looks like they weren't worth working for.

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anyone who is a furry or gay or a tranny would get discriminated to high hell by these people. if your one don't even try. you will just get fucked over.

oh hey nasa… nice ships that you used to have. see you in russia where they put cosmonauts in space.

idk. I wanna see a furry try to fuck a moon rock.

You forgot the rest of the posts OP

imma yiff that moon rock into a wide open crater. lul.

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enjoy your job of being around judgmental bastards while be surrounded by death 24/7.
i'm sure its a dream job having to shit and piss in
reduced gravity. i don't care how many times i watch star wars, that job would suck.

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I don't know if I should be happy that a furry tranny is gonna commit suicide or disgusted this this faggot almost got an internship at NASA

you can be two things you know? kinda like a chick with a dick. lul.

It's a fucking tranny, isn't it?