Super Mario Creator Warns Gaming Industry: Don't Be Too Greedy

The legendary video-game designer who created Super Mario and Donkey Kong has a word of advice for today’s industry: stop nickel-and-diming users.

Shigeru Miyamoto, 65, said Nintendo Co. is exploring different ways of charging people for games, shunning the free-to-play model that’s become a moneymaker in the $140 billion gaming sector. Instead, he called on his peers to deliver titles at fixed prices without over-charging players, which will create more sustainable businesses over the long term.

“We’re lucky to have such a giant market, so our thinking is, if we can deliver games at reasonable prices to as many people as possible, we will see big profits,” Miyamoto said at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) on Wednesday in Yokohama, Japan.

Miyamoto’s criticism comes as the free-to-play model — including loot boxes and microtransactions — drives record profits. Instead of charging an up-front one-time fee, publishers are increasingly giving games away or selling them at discounted prices, and then nudging players to continually buy in-game products such as virtual outfits or encouraging them to bet money on winning rare items. The revenue model is especially common among mobile and personal-computer games.

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I dislike the whole in app model. The amount of poups begging you to buy fucking gems is annoying. It's often impossible to proceed without them. I'll be keeping my consoles and paying up front…

Says the guy practically running the one gaming company that fucked over their costumers and competition since the very beginning. Nintendo is pretty much responsible for all the kike shit that is murdering this hobby with greed and lack of creativity.

and then recommends everyone adopt the subscription model
what. the. fuck.

tbh this kike is right on this

Says the company shutting down rom sites, and fan made games.

Let me explain how it really work.
And by me, I mean let south-park explain.

Japan do one thing and say they do another. Nippon simps

right fuck chink emoto

And they wonder why we pirate the fuck out of older, better games.


Philip, three points I'd like to make:

1: I'm going to miss giving you a hard time, and before I go, I'd like to once again commend you on the tech-related stories

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Philip, you're not a bad guy, no matter what James & Jim say about you. I hope you never thought I was being serious when I gave you shit. I'm not lying when I say I think that you have the potential to actually save the sinking ship at the Goldwater… They need to take a hint from you and modify the content of their repetitive right-wing political bullshit, because it's a real turn-off for everybody, even for right wing idiots like them… It just gets old after a while…

It's been an honor working with you, sir…. Good luck in the future

The entire video game industry has become too greedy. Too much fucking DRM, always online checks even for single player games, layers of software on top of games just to control and restrict gamers, no more game demos for playing/testing before you buy, and suing and shutting down people that revived abandoned games. I want to play games from my hard drive not a cloud like system that will cease hosting games I paid for after an arbitrary amount of time—most of the time the old games are golden and the new games poz with SJW/feminism.

In all fairness, what Miyamoto says and what Nintendo do aren't the same thing.

Pretty sure he isn't able to control the full company people.

Miyamoto's got a dick like a Vienna sausage

He's a fucking bitch

I can't believe that this is a thing that ever took off - getting boys to play dress up with their video games.

Now buy those NES, SNES N64 games on our newest system for the 8th time. Emulators are of our abandoned systems are bad, k.

Games started to get gay when they did that "unlocking" and "rewards" bullshit. In the old days, you'd just select a difficulty level and play the game. It turned to shit when they started adding all that social crap to it.

nintendo should just have there own emulation site for people on or something similar. they could at least use there old games to draw attention to sell new stuff. they would get a lot of respect for it.

Way too late. They've already figured out they can go full kike on their customers and get away with it.

I thought this guy died.

And this is why I'm going for older games now. It has none of this kiked horseshit.

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says the guy who charged $50 for games that were worth 1/10th that price.

this era of video games is the best era. independent developers thrive, AAA has to compete with one guy in his room making the next cave story.