A Houston police officer asked a woman in a security guard uniform to help him arrest an unruly suspect in a gas station, but the woman chose to record the arrest on her phone rather than help the police officer.

The officer was attempting to arrest 17-year-old Davon Shavelle Miller, whom he pulled over because he was allegedly driving a car connected to an aggravated robbery and shooting, according to the Houston Police Department.

Miller got out of the car and tried to flee the scene before the officer chased him down and tackled him.

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thanks obama, for degrading trust in law enforcement with your lies.

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This. When the Parkland? shooting happened how many female teachers(the majority of teachers) risk their lives to help their students? None. How many male teachers(the minority of teachers) risk their lives and died helping their students?

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You going to post a video or should we just take your word on this?

yeah pretty sure no one has to assist a cop in arresting someone if they dont want to… if the guy got hurt and someone else recorded you helping the cop, you could be sued. only police have legal protection from litigation.

All that liberal shit wouldn't even get the chance to leave your lips if a real police officer shouts a command at you. It's law and order by any means necessary.

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Not only that, but men are shamed both for not risking their lives, and for needing aid in the first place, by women! It's almost like they want the men to which they are 'equal' to be invincible supermen!

A judge would immediately lecture the cop for that, dipshit, these people don't want their authoritarian image smudged at all.

I wonder what Stephanie Mohr has to say about that.

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Both are scum you degenerate. Cops and criminals are not "enemies", they are business partners. Both feed on the people, and both need each other to survive. Petty criminals would be slaughtered in the streets without the police to protect them e.g. ANTIFA, and cops need criminals as a bloody shirt to threaten the people with. More crime means more power and bigger budgets for police departments. Anyone with two functioning brain cells already knows all of this.

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"Security guards" typically have less training than the average cashier. They have no idea how to handle even minor conflict, with a few exceptions their job is almost always to call the cops and let them handle it. Cop would've been better asking a random civilian, at least they might have a gun like a good Texan unlike the "security guard" who almost certainly wouldn't for liability reasons.


This. They're often told never to engage criminals at all. Depending on what company you're with, you could even get in trouble for it.

It gets more results if someone knows they are supposed to do it. People are drones I guess.