Latest: Mass Shooting At Jacksonville Video Game Competition, Multiple Fatalities (Video)

After a brief lapse in mass shootings, Americans received alerts Sunday morning that another had taken place in Jacksonville, Florida.

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There were like 15 mass shootings in Chimpcago last weekend. Why weren't those reported on - individually - rather than lumped into one group?

I bet Trump was behind this. If not, it's his fault either way. Not to forget incel manbabies toxic masculinity patriarchal tyranny. Yes! Hillary would have put an end to this if she were president. It was her time but Russia stole the election.

Stay in your trailer park boomer

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Fuck gamers.

just in time for the anniversary. really makes you think

False Flag. I cernovich’d this 2 weeks ago, except unlike his ‘predictions’ I was actually right. Shooter will turn out to be white, this was set up.

Gamers don't shoot up people. It must be a government operation with paid actors. I wonder what bills Congress want to pass without much resistance.

Something autists can't detect.
It's okay, everyone else laughs when a joke goes over a retard's head like that.

Madden is a nigger game, anons. This was gang violence.

It doesn't fit my personal narrative so obviously it was a false flag

It fits my narrative so it's a mass shooting (when only two people he probably knew and targeted were killed)

Lol it wasn't a mass anything it was a kissless virgin who was so sick of being alone that he took his gamer buddies with him to be an hero

WTF is up with this site thegoldwater? Damn near every thread is referencing on of their articles.

Zig Forums and pisswater are both owned by jim, he's using is in a pretty blatant scam to increase ad revenue

It fits my narrative, so I'm going to push for mass punishment of law abiding citizens while completely ignoring the fact my antics have done nothing but make things worse in places like Chicago, LA, or Detroit.

Kek. The guy was mad that he lost so he shot up the place.

Who is he? Can we see pics of him and see his gaming stats?

You fucking retarded nigger how does being fed up with the constant "false flag" shills mean I'm somehow anti-gun? Stop guzzling cum from alex jones's shemale fucking cock there are other explanations for an autistic robot going columbine than "the gubmint did it"

Incels will almost surely get blamed since it happened at a gaming event

another leftist mass murderer.

being a liberal should be made illegal. they are immoral people.