Germany - 800 Chemnitz Protesters Declare ‘Open Hunt’ On Refugees After Stabbing (Video)

Some 800 protesters took to the streets of the eastern German city of Chemnitz and small groups of them declared an ‘open hunt on migrants and refugees’ after anger over the stabbing of three German men by a group of 10 people of, according to the police report, ‘various nationalities’. One 35-year-old German man died and two others remain in hospital.

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germans autistically flailing from one way to the next

Their government was sucking migrant cock at the expense of their own citizens, but this pushed people too far. Now the people and their government are polarized against eachother.

First articles said over 1,000
Then just 1,000
No 800?

Get (((your))) shit together.
It's closer to 3,000 than 1,000.

They should hunter their elected leaders; they're the real cause of the problem.

No it didn't, this is just autistic screeching by people smart enough to know there is a problem but too stupid to change it with anything besides violence.


What other ways are there to deal with people being violent towards you?

There were, it was called becoming a politician instead of wasting your time on anime and video games.

yeah, nah, I know you want to suck your based black man cock but you're going on the rope crane too

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Like I said, you should've stayed in school and became a politician if you were so interested in politics. Unfortunately you wasted your life so now you spend your time reacting online to things you could not possibly affect alone.

If you want to change the Mafia, do you go learn how to become a criminal killer psychopath to go join the Mafia so that you can then change the Mafia from the inside? Why do you think that legal proceedings are so esoteric?

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Well I guess the Russians+Syrians should have joined ISIS and worked towards reaching a (((compromise))) regarding all the destroyed historical artifacts, conquered areas, genocided Yazidis and abducted children.
Politics in CY+3 are a fucking farce, nothing ever gets done beyond fat kike loving fucks with no sense of standards or aesthetics getting rich off of sodomizing their own people at the behest of Yids.
I hope to dog that WW3 finally kicks off for real at some point, the subhumans need to suffer at the hands of their creations.
Maybe the next Burger missile fest in Syria will accidentally a Russian warship?

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It's just a typical terrified neocuck who wants it's status quo persevered so it can keep watching niggercollide and drinking itself to death, desperately trying to stop the radicalizing goyim from realizing that dedicating 60 years of their life to try and overturn a law or two is a lot less effective than shooting lawmakers in the head.

If you would have stayed in school those concepts wouldn't be so baffling to you you equate them with magic.

I didn't say violence never solves anything. I said it wouldn't in this particular situation.

Go shoot one then, oh wait even you have too much to lose.

holy fuck this is getting sad CIA-kun
when we come, you won't know till your door is being kicked down in the night

It can if enough citizens are willing to go Seung-Hui Cho on the politicians.

Imagine if just dedicated 800 people went rampaging every day through the city beating the shit out of foreigners. It's as simple as that to cause big things to happen and a domino effect. This is exactly how a bunch of niggers have caused nationwide riots in this country for 100 years long before mass communication. Monkey see, monkey do.

this is actually true integration, they speak the same language of migrants and reason like migrants now.

if the leadership had done its duty, this would not have happened.
Friendly reminder that the EU was about open borders AMONG MEMBERS. EU failed them. GER failed them. I hate the vigilante approach because it is against personal responsibility, deeply unjust. But he who kills with sword…

fucking global pogrom yesterday faggots, we should've been beating migrants outta our towns & countries years ago

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why cant you make up your kike mind.PNG

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The rule of law has failed, repeatedly. When the law is unjust, the people are left with no recourse but that which we always fall back on when those who claim to defend us betray us time after time.


Well you could suck their dick for one.

nigger hunt?
Keep up the good reporting goldwater and you have aa future

your's sincerly, David Duke

Escalation is EXACTLY why I have this boner right now. You can't stop this train faggot. All you can do is watch as the flame of true nationalism reignites after 70 years of repression. Remember, the more the government uses force against the native populace, the more it will alienate itself as an enemy of the European peoples. The only way to destroy the European spirit is to conquer it from the inside. The zionists plan falls apart as soon as the people wake up.


PR consequences are they didn't harm enough

The actual numbers were probably closer to 500.

what happens when you invade a country that allowed you in, take advantage of their hospitality, commit more violence than they have ever seen, and then insist you are the victims of racism.

you officially justify hate. you normalize it, so that people no longer fear it. once that happens, you have to realize one thing: you only exist because they allow it.

Anybody got the vid of the kike politicans in some multicultural meeting scurrying around like rats in response to this?

800 on Sunday, 2,000 on Monday. 2 days of protests.

BTW, it's called "reading comprehension" you should try it sometime.

Oh (((you))).
Ignore the videos much where there are clearly over 2k people in the streets?

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What is 10,000+

Xenophobes! Racists! Islamophobes! Stop it goys! Stop it right now!

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Ah, i see the next genocide is coming along smoothly.

It's almost like some people just don't see it coming…

This kind of reaction was an inevitable consequence of prioritizing migrants over your own people. It was bound to happen

These kikes.
There is no political solution, not for rapefugees and not for kikes.