DICE: Battlefield V Demo was Running at “Rock Solid” 60fps in 1080p using NVIDIA’s RTX Ray Tracing T

The recent Battlefield V demo that was showcased at this year’s Gamescom event, was running in 1080p and 60fps using NVIDIA’s upcoming new RTX Ray tracing technology.

That’s what EA DICE’s technical director, Christian Holmquist, and DICE media editor Jonas Gammelholm have now confirmed.

“And we also saw some questions on the Internet before, reading some comments saying that ‘we are confused, the demo is running in slow-motion so how the game is running in real-time?’ And we are of course… it’s all fine. It’s 60fps, it’s rock solid”, the two said during a presentation of the game at Gamescom 2018.

NVIDIA and EA DICE announced that the shooter will use NVIDIA’s new RTX Ray tracing tech earlier this month.

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raytracing is nice but it would be good if they improved the physics, games still handle destruction of objects in an unrealistic way, if you destroy a wall the whole side of the building should collapse.

You can't really fix this with dedicated hardware. Nvidia already has dedicated physics cores (PhysX) but it just offloads standard physics engines from the CPU. We need more competent developers for that

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Raytracing is more like what 3DCG programs normally do. They draw lines of light, with multiple bounces and interaction characteristics. Right now, it's just kind of faked mathematically for the most part in games because it's way too fucking intensive.

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