Trump Attacks 'Left-Wing' Google, White House Threatens Regulation

US President Donald Trump has widened his criticism of social media platforms to now also include Google, whom he says favors left-wing news.

Mr. Trump stated that “Google search results for “Trump News” show only the viewing/reporting of Fake News Media. In other words, they have it rigged, for me & others, so that almost all stories and news is bad. Fake CNN is prominent.”

“Republican/Conservative & Fair Media is shut out. Illegal? 96% of results on “Trump News” are from National Left-Wing Media, very dangerous. Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. They are controlling what we can & cannot see. This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!”

The US President believes that the Silicon Valley company prioritizes negative news stories about him from what he described as the "national left-wing media" whilst conservative reporting was being "suppressed".

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He is most certainly right, but the question is what will be done to prevent such manipulation when they say "muh algorith pure cohencedence"

Good such!

And these are the hypocritical asswipes who complain about election meddling by Russians and can't even prove it?

How is censoring your political opponents and banning them from entire internet networks NOT considered election meddling?

Alternatives To State-run Social Media: news/endtimes/res/34.html

Right-wingers complaining about the crappy and biased fuctioning of capitalist for-profit media/ universities/ whatever completely oblivious to the irony is the funniest shit.

If it isn't random, then there will be endless minutes of meetings available to anyone who has unfettered access to the internal comms of Google et al.

About time, we need something to kill Zig Forums off

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Regulating Jewgle would be the best thing for the internet since the fucking internet.

Hitler was good. I love holocaust. I hate jews

How is it possible the jewgle is not yet regulated? are our politicians corrupt?

I don't think 'Left-Wing' has to be put in quotes. Google is pretty obviously and self identified as left wing.

try yahoo, fucktards. google /= the internet

There is no irony. If it was ancaps yeah. Only because you are a Marxist commie would you think there's any irony. Just because we accept private property and markets doesn't mean we don't value other things and set limits.


but choose the news items with the most replies

Google has been censoring search results since the days of

How do capitalist businesses have a left-wing bias?

Left wing isn't just socialism. We aren't talking far left economics, but center-left corporate progressive bullshit on social issues.

Unless he plans on using anti-trust laws to break the company up it's meaningless rhetoric.

Easy they want all their employees to be retarded mutts.

I guess you haven't been following the news for the past 10 years.


Step 1: nationalize the media

Step 2: nationalize our monies

Step 3: ?

Step 4: profit

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Because Google has gotten a free pass since its a privatized service/business, but lately politicians have been arguing that Google/Twitter/Facebook/youtube are so ubiquitous in their function that they effectively are public spaces, and should therefore be held to first amendment standards. Usually legislation aimed at social media is to make them compliant into attempts to investigate what users post for thoughtcrime as in Europe, so its not entirely unprecedented for a government to use law to arbitrate on behalf of social media.
They've worked hard to push out competitors and establish monopoly, now its coming back to bite them in the ass.

left wingers acting as if they have a single working brain cell, and then trying to act like some sort of respected intellectuals is the true irony here

Why are they using scare quotes?

google is not infringing on free speech. how? they're giving voice to anyone on the internet. trump is the one who is complaining about the content of the speech and wants to silence it which IS a violation of the constitution. That's just one example, but he's consistently made and said things that run counter to his oath to protect the constitution, which is the definition of america. He's the most unamerican president since Bush Jr. and his patriot act.

Right now criticism of left wing people is heavily censored on Google.
I think Trump is pushing for less censorship of criticism of left wing people but if thats not possible then I guess lowering criticism of right wing politicians to match would be fair.

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Tech businesses have a left wing bias because they tend to be in super ultra mega left wing areas like California.
Also, large businesses put systems in place to influence government. So they want a large powerful active government that puts out a lot of regulations which they can influence to block out their compettitors who dont have the same government connections.


t. libshit commie

Google controls the flow of information. The big internet corporations have the power to redefine words and rewrite history. This is what Metal Gear Solid 2 warned us about.

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Now if only we had a Big Boss who could challenge the Patriots.

Kojima was right.

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He has to get rid of two other regulations first. I suggest desegregation and the 13th amendment.

so when obama sends the IRS after the tea party it's ok, but this isn't?