Canada rejoins talks to stay in NAFTA, deal possible this week

Canada’s top trade negotiator joins her Mexican and U.S. counterparts in Washington on Tuesday in a bid to remain part of a revamped trilateral North American trade pact, as U.S. officials expressed optimism a deal could be reached this week.

But Ottawa will be under pressure to accept new terms on auto trade and dispute settlement rules after the United States and Mexico agreed on Monday to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

U.S. President Donald Trump warned he could proceed with a deal with Mexico alone and levy tariffs on Canada if it does not come on board with the revised trade deal.

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real deal news bumparoo

That doesn't sound good.
Probably picked to be a negotiator just because she is a woman.

Leaf Status: Raked

Trudeau just can't stop being a cuck can he?

Trips confirm. Canada's gonna get fucked over.

Fucking why.

What we Canadians need to do is call his bluff and enter a trade war. A war The States can't win. Oh sure we will pay more for some stuff that passes through The States such as clothing, certain produce that we import in the winter etc, but we are already used to paying high prices for goods and services here. A few cents extra per item won't kill us. But the Americans? The States NEEDS our cheap oil, electricity and water just to survive. So let's see how the Northern States enjoy having their electricity, gas and water bills triple and see how fast they cave once half their country is freezing and L.A. and Vegas run out of water. This would also be a perfect time to build the oil refineries that NAFTA stops Canada from legally building and then we can refine our own oil without having to buy back the refined oil from The States. All in all it would be a win-win for Canadians.

Leaf you need professional help it's not healthy to be that delusional.

Uh false?
The US can be - if allowed some odd kike law prevents it - 100% self sustained in all areas of energy.

We don't want your leaf water.

The USA literally has the largest oil field on Earth



You have no idea. She literally broke into tears a couple years ago while trading with the EU.

dumb hicks don't even know that the country US imports oil from more than anyone is Canada. If Canada cut you off, Canada's economy would suffer, US would become a mad max wasteland.

Nigger the US only imports oil from Canada to help Canada the US doesn't need to import shit they can completely sustain themselves but we have all of these dumbass trade agreements to help other people because our government is corrupt as fuck.

I agree, I don't trust it if it's not on Goldwater
fucking Reuters

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Man you syrup niggers think to much of yourself.

Jesus dude, have you ever even SEEN supercuck Justin Turdeau? He's so anti-oil that even if NAFTA _demanded_ Canada build refineries he would refuse because it would kill the Manitoban Groundhog or something.

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Because I like to be pissed on.
If it's good enough for Our president and the owner of 8ch, it's good enough for me

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Enjoy not having public domain works for another five years, silly goy.

Damn that is pathetic.


women are absolutely worthless shit.

you're clueless

the us imports way more oil than it produces, because it HAS to. And the number one country that supplies you dumb hicks is Canada, over 40% of all the imported oil comes from there. Trudeau could just make a deal with China (which has been demanding more and more oil from Canada as they've grown) and cut of US and you would all be drowning in post apocalyptic levels of gun crime and kill yourselves off.

You're an idiot.
The only thing that is going to happen is that U.S. oil prices will increase because they will have to import from somewhere else.

NATFA was terminated!

The new deal has yet to be ratified though. The media can't get their shit straight because they are in such denial over this. NATFA IS GONE, TRUMP TERMINATED IT. NEW DEAL IS NOT NAFTA.

Canada alone can't destroy the US economy. It would take Canada + all other super powers including most of Europe as well. They'd have to become buddies (or least get used to accepting) Russia too. The US dollar is likely doomed anyway due to the increasing movement away from our reserve currency. If worse comes to worse we'll sell our oil and coal domestically and become energy independent on our own supplies - and the "globalists" would HATE THIS!

US and Mexico leaves NAFTA.
Canada tries to join.

This is why people all around the world laugh at that Trudeau chap.

Hey. It may be easy to laugh at him because he's not very bright and acts exactly like a little girl and is the laughingstock of the whole fucking world because he's so fucking awful but DUDE WEED

Turdeau will be polishing Trumps balls to a high gloss shine over the next few days. If you see the President wearing sunglasses at his Friday news conference you will know why.

God damnit, being a leaf is suffering. One minute he overplays his hand and the next he grovels like a bitch boy after causing damage. Can Trump just annex us already?

what part of the message you replied to did you not understand? The US has to import more oil (way more) than it can possibly produce themselves.
And yes, your number one exporter of oil could destroy the US economy just by cutting off the oil supply. No oil means people don't get around, go to work, or produce anything made of plastic. You can produce all the domestic goods you want, but no oil for trucks to move them around the country means no economy.

1. trump is a liar. in case you didn't know.
2. evidence of NAFTA is that well, all the same trade that was under NAFTA is still happening right now. Nobody's changed anything
3. no deal can be made without all 3 countries. sorry trump, you can't decide that.

1. As president he has the power to end NAFTA. Just like he did to the TPP, he ended it swiftly. Remember? So yes. Nafta - as it was - is off the table.

2. Trump may not get the deal ratified by the cuckservatives or libshit commie Congress. True. Know what he can do? He can impose sanctions on Canada if they don't comply. And he threatened to do just that if things don't smooth out.

well not sanctions, but tariffs (which still target them economically)

Hahaha! Just when I thought I had read it all.

no he doesn't. A TPP deal was never made. NAFTA was signed and has been going on for decades. It was originally drafted with the help of dozens of negotiators across the spectrum of industries of all 3 countries working together. The deal is ironclad and nothing trump does can undo it. I know you probably like to read pro trump blogs and conservative websites that are declaring "NAFTA is cancelled" and saying how awesome trump is, but it's simply not true. All of those spectrum of industries are still trading under the NAFTA rules same as they've been doing for the past twenty years. If it was suddenly "cancelled" just because trump said so, there would be chaos as those industries start making up their own rules and trying to enforce them alone, but that's not happening. trump barely has the power to form a coherent thought. he certainly doesn't have the power to do anything with NAFTA.

2. yeah, tariffs are great. if you're trump, who as usual, has no clue on how economics works.

A country can make or break any deals it wants. Esapecially a large powerful one like the US because who is going to punish them if they dont follow the rules?

For example the USA was bound by the Paris climate accord until Trump said they werent. Then they werent anymore.

There is a thing called "obligations" and "penalty" if a deal is not respected, i know that trump dosen't understand what it mean but they exist, always existed and won't stop existing because trump say so
Credibility is also at stake, if us stop unilaterally compiling with a deal it made, it will have difficulties having other nations respect any obligations towards them and making new deals, it's called "credibility", again a concept completely alien to trump

It's not so simple, trump undermined us credibility with that thing and it caused diplomatic issues that trump is utterly ignoring, same as the tariff, us cannot trade with itself at volume worldwide and cannot expect to remain isolated from the rest of the world and expect all other nations to simply accept it and comply, trump has undermined us credibility and this kind of thing end up costing you long run, next time us want to make any kind of deal all other nations will remember and simply say:
'Why should i accept it? Are you gonna unilaterally rescind it whatever?'

Trump words mean nothing now, and when your president credibility it's at an all time low diplomatically, things get problematic whatever you want to do something outside your own borders

Can you outline what these penalties would be?
The way I see it, nobody is in a position to penalise the US and anyone who tried would just be fucking their own people and economy over.

Countries are not like people. Countries have their own laws which they can decide on.
You cant send a country to jail if they dont do what you want.

MFW the new US mexico bilateral trade deal includes payments for a border wall

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The TPP deal was never made because Trump said "NO." And I hope you know trade deals - ANY TRADE DEALS - can be instantly sabotaged via tariffs IF the president chooses to do do. This means Nafta can easily be dismantled just by the used of tariffing goods. I'm not cheerleading for Trump either, just stating some facts. As far as reputation and obligations? Yes they are on the line, but what else can we do when our industries have been plundered over the last 40 fucking years?

Here, chew on this news:

Do they have walls?

Like NATO fees/costs?
Like UN fees/costs
Of the many countries in one of the two, how many do you think cover their obligations? It's one. One country covers not only it's (((obligation))) but also all of the others as well.
(((you))) knew that though

Not a thing you said explained how Trump couldn't do that with NAFTA. Also the US is 100% self sufficient if it is allowed to by kikes and tries to.
oil - self sufficient
water - self sufficient
food - self sufficient

The only reason the US trades is because kikes have force it to. Go look up the history of how much the US traded. For most of it's history the US was nearly completely isolationist.

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aluminum - completely dependent on canada where a single factory matches the entire US output

You both don't understand how trade and diplomacy work do you?
Well, let me link a funny but serious and informative video that explain why what trump is doing is incredibly stupid

Also no, us is NOT independent from oil imports, at least not yet

Sounds like they might have to stop spraying it in the sky