McCain Funeral: Former Running Mate Sarah Palin Joins Trump On Banned List

The running mate of John McCain during his run for the presidency in 2008 was Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska. Despite this close political and likely personal tie, Palin has been excluded from McCain's funeral. Palin was not only denied an invitation but told through back channels in no uncertain terms to stay away from the ceremony.

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McCain really was a cunt wasn't he?

No sources, no quotes. This is BS.

This cunt was why I didn't vote for McCain. I'm a sexist misogynist. I have never voted for a woman. I didn't vote for that nigger neither.


This asshole was corrupt as hell. Not just talking his shady ISIS connections that tried to destabilize Syria and Iraq either, which there is that. McCain was HATED in Arizona during the 1990s scandle he was involved where he tried to land grab tens of thousands of acres from property owners over an international trade deal. Look it up. The land owners in Arizona took this son-of-a-traitorous-bitch to court and won the court case. The attempted land grab was declared unconstitutional, which McCain was pushing for WITHOUT ANY compensation to those land owners, btw. Oh and as being a POW? Boo hoo! He sung to the enemies like a fucking canary and even aided them. The only reason he wasn't punished for that is because his daddy had a big military background to help bail his ass out of trouble!

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took me two seconds to find a source, lazy millennial faggot

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so much for being classy. he's an utter piece of shit.

I don't even like Palin, but he chose her as his running mate.

Again, Trump (and now Palin) should still show up to that traitor's funeral and shit it up.

Why bother? 'Don't come to my funeral' isn't the punishment that Songbird McBitchboy seemed to think it is.

mccain refused release while he was a POW unless some other americans were released first. he was willing to go through years more torture to help his fellow soldiers. after the war he continued putting his country first and served for decades in politics. not a bad guy at all, but you don't want to believe that. you'd just rather post pictures with words on them as "proof" of what you want to believe.

1/10 bait. I replied

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sooo… your point is that he did indeed stay a POW unless other americans were released. thanks for confirming.

banned from McCain's funeral is a badge of honor

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Well he is known as "Songbird McCain" for a reason

So explain whey he sung like a canary.

Funny how fast McCain went from 'literally Hitler' for daring to run against King Nog to 'le based republican XD' when it was revealed he was a traitor to the US.

Going through internment in Vietnam would fucking suck. That doesn't necessarily make him a great guy. Though he sacrificed much more than most Americans for sure. But then he had to become a sanctamonious politician who thought his shit smelled like roses. He really had a similar personality to Obama. No wonder he liked him so much.

I really shouldn't be, but I'm genuinely surprised by this. I expected to see celebration all around the internet, yet people are coming out of the woodwork to defend the guy. So suddenly, he's a great hero, the only respectable republican, the only American politician worth a damn, a true patriot, a warrior against tyranny and oppression, a greater man than any of us could ever hope to be, and so much more. Where was his defense force when he was alive? personally, I say we bomb, bomb, bomb his funeral. Fuck him.

even FOX news didn't believe that bs. but trump doesn't like him, so you'll believe HIM, the greatest liar in history.

Really, nigger? The site whose "factchecking" is done by less than a handful of people, who all have left-leaning biases?

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you may not like snopes, but the facts are the facts. and that's why I brought up FOX news. so now you don't believe FOX news? but you'll believe "anonymous sources?" I thought trump was fighting against fake news?

the mccain "songbird accuser"

it's amazing how right wingers will literally pick and choose what's fake and what's real based not on facts, but on what they want to be true and fake. complete idiots.

I honestly don't give a shit one way or the other, I just find it suspicious that leftist authoritarians started flocking to throw support behind him after his death, and that a leftist factchecking website is also defending him, just like that self-same factchecking website tried to cast aspersions on LBJ's famous "niggers" comment.

In other words, it really makes me think.

this is now a Hot Palin thread

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Who gives a shit? Fuck MccStain. All this tribute for that monster is disgusting.

Even Kikepedia doesn't deny that he sang like a canary. They try to justify it by saying he was tortured which, according to his fellow POWs, he was not

Fox Jews was the original Fake News for the Neoconservative boomers i.e exactly the kind of person John McCain was.

My point is that he didn't have much of a choice, and it's very easy to stay a POW when they're treating you well. They even let John McCain go to the nice hospital which POWs weren't allowed to go to.