‘Nobody Says Anything’: Pastor Goes Off On Black-on-black Crime At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

Pastor Jasper Williams launched a scathing criticism of black-on-black violence on Friday at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, where he delivered the eulogy.

“It amazes me how it is when the police kills one of us, we are ready to protest, march destroy innocent property. We’re ready to loot, steel, whatever we want. But when we kill 100 of us, nobody says anything. Nobody does anything,” Williams said.

“Black on black crime, we’re all doing time. We are locked up in our minds. There’s got to be a better way. We must stop this today. Think down, look down, walk down, talk down, act down — most times we are low down. Where is your soul?” the pastor continued.

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Maybe, just maybe; it was white racism, oppression and violence that was keeping niggers from niggering each other all along.

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Typical racist nigger with their good old "Violence between blacks must stop ! Violence against whites is ok however…".
And what the hell did this have to do with Aretha Franklin ??? This sucker should have sing instead to pay her tribute : ♫ You better think, think ♪ think about what you're trying to do to me ♫ yeah think, think think, let your mind go, let yourself be free ♪

Homosexuality got widely accepted.

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This gave me a funny idea of what things would look like if niggers would be more bonobos than chimpanzees, instead of being violent they would assfuck eachover to resolve conflicts. However, I would sure never mess with any of them anymore ! ^^'

The destruction of the black nuclear family which started in around 1965. Now the destruction of all nuclear families is under way.


Before I agree, I'd like to add this sidenote: the nuclear family is an anglo oddity. Most cultures throughout history were organized around the extended family, in which multiple related families share a multigenerational household.

You are still right to point at the destruction of the black family, the black wedlock. Too many kids are born are raised without a father. Few things ruin someone worse than being raised without a positive authoritative masculine figure. That's how you get all those thugs and whores.

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live leak?
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Please…please tell me there's someone beatboxing while he says this.

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But that's what niggers idolize

Id add the hollywood glorification of thug ghetto and po boy culture as an additional attributation to this shit, had they been properly villidied at the beginning niggers would not see them as rolemodels but monsters who need to be put down.

Ariana Grande was sexually assaulted as well, then he apologized to the "hispanic" community. Le 56% appropriations

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Though the bitch was Italian? Are Hispanics crying like niggers now too along with every brown bitch is theirs?

I think MLK said something about black crime being a huge problem as well during his time iirc.

And saying that his people need to be better. He said this when there was actual oppression for his people funny enough.

I wonder how people will react to this man saying this.

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Hes a dum christian. Thats the reaction they will have.

Maybe you should try reading a book instead of sleeping under it, inbred. White people kill other white people more often than blacks do whites.

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Try harder

now adjust by population percentage.
Black people made up about 13% of the population in 2013 and this shows them committing nearly 50% of the murders.
Most other crime stats all follow that too

You're right, everything written in a book is necessarily real. Fiction, exaggeration, lies and propaganda don't exist.
You can't be serious, either you are joking or you are living in an imaginary world, or maybe you are just brainwashed by tv and you never go outside.

Anyway, my point was that preaching "no violence between blacks" only is different from preaching "no violence at all". How can anybody disagree on this ?

Which is what he was doing in pointing out their hypocrisy. Niggers come from nigger culture. Without nigger culture, niggers become civil and even noble. I've fucking seen it irl. How can you sit there and bitch about him wanting to bring down nigger culture from the inside?