Social Media Calls Out Eminem's "Kamikaze" Over Homophobic Slur

Social media users pointed out that Eminem's surprise album "Kamikaze" contains a homophobic slur used against another rapper called Tyler the Creator. The irony of this is deeper than the social justice warriors cared to see.

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It's Eminem. Have none of these fucks heard his early work? All of a sudden it's not okay? Fucking PC fags

lmao console peseant

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Fuck him for stealing the "License to ill" cover.

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He is the evidence that you Will become a nigger of you hang out with them

Eminem is himself gay so he cant be homophobic.
Please share this information to everyone.

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This right here. Oh, and don't forget he made a diss freestyle against Trump. It's not even that he was dissing Trump, it was like he all of a sudden sided with the same social and news media scumbags that he was raging against his entire fucking career.

I will always love his old shit, but post 2016 Eminem is not Eminem, it's some skinny mascara wearing GRIDS-infested-looking wigger that can't even come up with an original diss.

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next they will defend things like incest and pedophilia. its called picking a fight you dip shits.

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I know, just pirated the album yesterday
he has one song where he repeats "fag" like 100 times
the commies must be asshurt a lot

pc = political correctness in this context you retard.

This reply was good

So I guess you missed the joke

That was the worst "freestyle" I've ever heard. He just spoke lazily and occasionally said "fuck trump". What a faggot.

His debut album was the best thing he ever did.

sucks penis.

Lurk at least 30 years.

With the way these -phobic words have been thrown around the past couple of years, it'd make sense that they'd eventually be considered slurs.

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I liked the guy who snapped back against that bullshit and called out his hypocrisy. I wish I could remember his fuckin' name, though.

Where's the fucking racial slur?

He calls him a “faggot”. So nowhere.

His words were that the individual, in this case some Tyler the Creator calls himself a faggot, and then uses a punchline to say that he worships D12 balls as in he is on their nutsack that is not a homophobic slur that is saying that he is riding them next they're going to say dick riding is homophobic as a phrase oh, it's all so tiresome, he simply flips worships D12 balls into sack religious

Basically fun police butthurt about being butthurt

they will always eat themselves. best to cleanse them now.

< White America

Fuck him. He wants to be a liberal and bitch about Trump on twitter all day? He can be held to their standards.

In other news, water is wet.

They'll burn like the rest user

Ban wave, I guess.


he thought the left was on his side. guess he isn't so clever.